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Sunday, 14 January 2018

They do not listen. ( Psalm 95 v 7 - 8 )

I met a lady at a supermarket cafeteria ,she introduced herself and it took me a while before I recognised her ,it was a good few years since I last saw her. She attended a local church and I asked her if she was attending anywhere, she was not because she became disillusioned,mentioned a few reasons .I sought to say something to her,but there was not to much time,but afterwards I  thought she was not listening to me.,it appeared that her mind was fixed.Consider Pharaoh king of Egypt. he was faced with a prophet called Moses  ,and Aaron his brother, who spoke to him Gods word, and witnessed the power of God,in the plagues, yet he never really listened. We all have heard of wives who say to their husbands ,'you don't listen to me', she is not saying he does not hear her speaking, but that  he does not let it sink in,what she says. We may listen when we it is important   ,even then we may not,I believe God is speaking to us every day,Christian or otherwise.I cannot help think of Christmas and how many people hear the carols,see the nativity scene, and don't hear God speaking. The cry of God to mankind goes on the whole unheeded, I wear a little cross as a witness, but for the many who wear crosses it is nothing more than a fashion accessory,strange accessory, considering what it really means  .                                                                                                                                                                                         I spoke and they did not listen                                                                                                                   I healed the sick and they did not listen,                                                                                                   I raised the dead and they did not listen                                                                                                     I promised them freedom and forgiveness
                                                         and still they did not listen.                                                                                                                       I died for their sins and still they did not listen.
                                                         I rose from the grave but still they did not listen.                                                                                           

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