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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Finger pointing. [ Micah 6 v 8]

The problem with pointing out others failures,is, we loose sight of our own, just yesterday a friend , pointed out something wrong that a professing Christian had done. I found myself saying, judge not ,of course it does not help when Christians act wrongly, it causes a stumbling block, to those who are Christians, and those who are not. Again that is something I am very conscious of ,I am known as a Christian, in work , and in many places, if I sin and do something wrong, my testimony,is ruined, and it will effect so many people. When one throws a stone into water,it has a ripple effect, that is damaging in so many ways,most of all God is dishonoured. So today instead of pointing out others faults ,let us take heed to ourselves,the word of God tells us,/Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. [ 1 Corinthians 10 v12 ] [ Dear God help those Christians who have sinned, to repent and seek forgiveness, and help us all ,to not judge others, and keep us all from letting You down , in Jesus name Amen ]

Friday, 30 July 2010

Old and wrong patterns of thought. [ Romans 12 v2 ]

Here I go again worrying about my future, inspite of all the answers to prayer, all my experence as a Christian, I am sure ,I am not on my own in this, all of us can slip into old and wrong patterns of thought. So what are we to do?. Well we must go to Jesus ,and talk to Him, there is an old chorus cames to mind, I quote from memory, it goes,/ All your anxieties all your cares bring to the mercy seat leave them there , never a burden He cannot bear , never a friend like Jesus/. Next we need to turn to Gods word afresh, to remind ourselves what God says, words like,/ Casting all our care upon Him , for He careth for you [1 Peter 5 v7], or Philippians 4 v19,which assures us that God will meet all our needs ,through His Son. In doing this we will begin to overcome our worries as we let faith arise, and we begin to focus on the One who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think[ Ephesians 3 v20 ] [ Dear Lord forgive us for worrying, help us to overcome, our natural thinking, help us to focus on You, our great Saviour Amen]

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Leave it with God. [ Philippians 4 v 6-7 ]

Leaving things with God is very important, if we have prayed about something, trust the Lord to sort it out, let us not fret or worry, God is big enough to resolve any difficulties, all He asks is that we trust Him, be it a financial need, a problem with our children, our wives or husbands. When we pray about something, we are doing what is most important we are placing it in Gods hands,for Him to act for us. If He wants us to do something , He will let us know, and then we must trust and obey,but often we can do nothing, other than trust . If one reads the Psalms , time after time the writer pleads for God to work on his behalf,what could Joseph do when ,he was accused wrongly, and put into prison ,Genesis 39v20, but we have these words in v21, /But the Lord was with Joseph/. Eventually God moved on his behalf, and brought him out of prison, God did this, so let us trust God to work on our behalf, He will not fail us. [ Father in Heaven help us to trust You to work on our behalf, we leave all our problems in Your hands, undertake for us in Jesus name Amen ]

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It will happen. [ Romans 4 v 16 -22]

In Acts 23v 11 Paul is told he would bear witness in Rome, so the word came, but it must have been at least two or three years before that happened, and in that time Paul was attacked, imprisoned,and shipwrecked.When God gives us a word, what He promised may not happen immediately,and we will possible be tested, in some way, Paul was. The word God gives us ,is for our encouragement, it is for us to stand on by faith, when everything is saying it will not happen. Today let us hold on to that promise God has given, look at the difficulties, look satan in the eye,and declare ,/ I believe God, that it shall be even as He told me[ Acts 27v 25 ]/. [Father ,I believe Your word,I believe what You have promised me will happen ,inspite of difficulties,inspite of satan, in Jesus name Amen ]

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Go again. [ James 5 v 18 ]

Go again seven times, so reads the words of 1Kings 18v43, words spoken by Elijah to his servant, seven I am told speaks of perfection, in this case it also spoke of completness. As the servant obeyed and the prophet prayed, God answered prayer,there will be answers, when we obey, that means ,going again and again, to God in prayer. In this going again and again, we wil come to that point ,when God will grant an answer, remember there is a process that God is accomplishing in all this, will we be obedient? , will we persevere?, so today, go again.[ Dear God help us to obey You, to not give up, to not give into despair, to pray and persevere , in Jesus name Amen ]

Monday, 26 July 2010

Gods time table. [ 2 Peter 3 ]

I was thinking, [yes sometimes I do] about Gods timing, between the fall of man and Christs coming,was thousands of years, Israel was 400 yrs in Egypt ,before they were delivered. Abraham had to wait a long time before he had Isaac, if one thinks about it ,God keeps to His own timetable, and that often involves a waiting time, for His people. We see this continually in the scriptures, Gods timetable ,people waiting, for the waiting people, it involves patience [Psalm 40 v1],and most important faith. God gives a promise to us, before it is hatched, we will have to sit on it, to exercise both patience, and faith,until its fulfillment, it will happen . [ Dear God I ask that You will grant me the patience and faith I need in relation to those promises that You have given me in Jesus name Amen ]

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Well done. [Matthew 25 v 14-30 ]

I spent the whole of yesterday decorating and laying a carpet, I thought I would complete the decorating quickly, but it was not to be, it took hours papering one wall, at one stage I felt like giving up. The problem being the wallpaper was so difficult to do, but in the end I completed the task, then I had to lay a carpet, thankfully we managed this. Before we begun all this we had clear the room, and then when we had finished ,bring all the stuff back again,we finished everything about 10pm. I then had a shower and went to bed exhausted, during the night, I woke up with cramps in my legs. This morning my dear wife said thank you ,for what you did, [she had helped, plus another], this reminds me of a coming day when as Chriatians,when all our service for the Lord is finished ,our Saviour will say ,well done, to hear that well done will make everything we have done for Him worth while. [ Dear God help us not to give up in following our Saviour, no matter how difficult things may be,help us to be faithful, until that day we hear from the lips of our Saviour ,well done, in His name we ask this Amen ]

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The big challenge [ Romans 5 v 5]

Love one another, so said our Saviour, in fact He said this was an evidence that we are His disciples [John 13 v34-35 ],Im sure some fellow Christians find it hard to love me, and if I am honest there are some Christians whom I find it hard to love, yet the challenge is to love.It is John the apostle who writes most on love,Gods love for the world [John 3v 16 ], about loving not the world [1 John 2 v15][ Here the loving ,not the world ,is related to the wrong things in the world wrong attitudes, wrong emphases ,cp v16], loving God[1 John 2v5], loving God and keeping His word[John 14v23 ]. We started of on the importance of loving our fellow Christians,and it has led us to consider other aspects of love, the Christian life is founded in love, evidenced in love, manifested in love, this love does not compromise on truth or holiness. This love is beyond our natural selves, it can only be with the help and aid of Gods Holy Spirit, is it possible to love in the way we should.[ Dear God we acknowledge are total weakness to love as we should, we ask that You fill us with Your Holy Spirit right now , so that we can love, in Jesus name Amen ]

Friday, 23 July 2010

Overload. [ Galations 5 v16 -26 ]

Sometimes our minds gets filled with so much, we go into overload, so today let us stop being driven, and be led by the Spirit of God. Consider the pressures our dear Saviour was under, the sick who wanted healing, the religous Taliban who were out to get Him, and so many other pressures. Yet in spite of all the pressures He was under, He maintained His calm, and was not driven but led, His mind was focused on one thing, the will of God, and the glory of God[ John 17]. Today let us be like Jesus, let us be led not driven, let us be filled with the Spirit, not filled with anxiety, let us march to heavens beat, not the worlds, let us be still and know that He is God. [ Dear God as I face this day help me to be like Jesus, help me to experience Your peace and presence in all things in Jesus name Amen ]

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Unclean language. [ Isaiah 6 v 5-7 ]

To speak or not to speak that is the question ,recently I attended a training course, the men who took the course were nice guys, and what they taught was great, but their language at times was inappropriate. Being a Christian one is conscious of bad words, but should one challenge this practice?, I am sure there is a place of pointing out the wrongness of certain language, but in doing so, one may come over as a holier than them person, I know that I am not perfect,even the prophet Isaiah acknowledged, that he was a man of unclean lips,[ filthy lips nlt]. I did not say anything to those men, I have prayed for them, and for my own speech, that nothing unclean may pass from my lips.[ Dear God help us to be holy in speech, in Jesus name Amen ]

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Jacob experience. [ 1 Timothy 4 v 8 nlt]

It was Jacob who said, all these things are against me [ Genesis 42v36], words of despair, as he considered his situation, he felt overwhelmed. We can be like Jacob, we are in situations that are very difficult, there appears no light at the end of the tunnel,no matter what we try nothing appears to change.Lets call it the Jacob experience,its not nice , but it happens, we cannot see a way out, we have prayed continually,but the situation continues. In this situation you feel like giving up,you say whats the use of going on, nothing is going to change. Ah ,but you are wrong you are changing, and hopefully for the better, it is Henrietta Mears who wrote,/Trials and suffering are not always for our punishment but sometimes for our education and training/. If we are going to be used by God, then He must train us, educate us, we are in Gods school, He is the headmaster, and He is preparing us for a life of service, so let us buckle down and learn. [Dear God help us to be teachable ,in Jesus name Amen ]

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Empty hands. [ Galations 3v11]

Just recently this thought came to me, /that all men/women are not equally evil but all need Christ/.Our Saviour had to continually contend with the very religious,these people prayed,attended religious services,sought to live by rules and regulations. They considered, as long as they fulfilled all the do,s and donts they would be accepted by God. I am reminded of Martin Luther who became a monk,it was during a thunderstorm he became so terrified of dying unprepared,that he made his vow to become a monk. As a monk he prayed and fasted ,did penance, but he had no assurance of salvation, until he read the word of God,and the words,/The just shall live by faith [Galations 3 v11]/. So Martin a sinner put his faith in Jesus to save him, which he did, and the rest is history.Toplady wrote,/ Not the labours of my hands ,Can fulfil Thy laws demands. Could my zeal no respite know. Could my tears for ever flow. All for sin could not atone ,Thou must save , and Thou alone. Nothing in my hands I bring , Simply to Thy cross I cling./ [ Dear God we come to You with empty hands,trusting only in Jesus to save us Amen]

Monday, 19 July 2010

Look up.[ Psalm 121 av ]

Another thought on Psalms 42/43, and this aspect of hoping in God, now the context of the Psalms, David is feeling cast down, many things were against him. Lets consider the following. [1] The inward look ,he was cast down,dark depression had engulfed his mind,and he was continually crying[2] .Next the outward look ,this is why he was cast down, things looked bad, people where against him, he felt isolated ,could not get to church.[3] Next the backward look , v4, I remember the good times, I used to have, and this only increased his pain so all is despair and gloom. [4] But then he has the upward look,Hope thou in God, he declares, or as the NLT puts it,I will put my hope in God. Today you may be facing many difficulties,you may be shedding many tears, you feel alone and isolated, look up ,your help comes from the Lord , He has not forsaken you, and He will come to you aid, so look up. [ Dear God help me to look up to You , and come to my aid ,in Jesus name Amen ]

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hope in God. [ Psalm 42/43 av ]

David who wrote Psalm 42/43, was finding life difficult, in fact the difficulties were overwhelming[42v 7 ],he is cast down, feels that God has forgotten him, he ask the question why, a number of times. Even the great men of God struggle, but he holds on, tells himself off, and declares to himself, / Hope in God/,the question is ,what was the bases of that hope ?. His relationship with God, the Lord was his shepherd[Psalm23v1],so he could hope,if we are a Christian, then God is our loving heavenly Father. That relationship guarantees that God will care for us, no matter how difficult the circumstances,we can hope in God to undertake for us. /Be not dismayed whatere befall God will take care of you, under His wings of love abide ,God will take care of you./ [ Dear loving heavenly Father we rejoice that we are Your children,and are confident that You will take care of us , in Jesus name Amen ]

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The difference [ Isaiah 40 v28- 31 ]

I will share with you the following by an unknown author,/ I got up early one morning and rushed right into the day, I had so much to accomplish that I didnt take time to pray. Problems just tumbled about me and heavier came each task. Why doesnt God help me? I wondered, He answered, You didnt ask. I wanted to see joy and beauty, but the day toiled on, grey and bleak, I wondered why God didnt show me. He said you didnt seek. I tried to come into Gods presence, I used all my keys at the lock. God gently and lovingly chided, My child you didnt knock. I woke up early this morning, and paused before entering the day, I had so much to accomplish that I had to take time to pray./[Father in heaven help to see the importance of seeking You in Jesus name Amen ]

Friday, 16 July 2010

Doctrine. [2 Timothy 3 v16-17 ]

In Proverbs 4v2[av] we read,/For I give you good doctrine,forsake ye not my law/.When it comes to doctrine, many dont appreciate its importance, and yet it is vital, it defines what we believe, and what we believe is vital.Let no one tell you doctrine is not important, for if we believe the wrong things, we can go to hell, we can lead others astray, and we may begin to do things that are sinful. Doctrine is not just for spiritual eggheads , no, it is for all believers, to consider what they believe. God has given us good doctrine in His word, any doctrine that is not in keeping with Gods word must be rejected. Biblical doctrine reveals Christ to us,it reveals His person, His work of salvation,it reveals that through Him ,we can be forgiven,and recieve eternal life. It tell us, that we cannot be saved by good works of any description,it tells us that we sinners, can be reconciled to God.[ Dear God thank You that You have given us good doctrine, Your truth, revealed to us in Your word,help us by faith to embrace all of your truth, and to proclaim it and to live by it, in Jesus name Amen.]

Thursday, 15 July 2010

All things. [Romans 8 v28 ]

Something happened yesterday which threw me, I fortunately did not loose my cool, but it did upset me, I was not a happy bunny. Life can throw up the unexpected, many people are experiencing this at this time, some of the things are good,others not so good,but some can be awful. Because I am a Christian I know that my times are in Gods hands [Psalm 31 v15 ],yes even the times when the unexpected happens. He has allowed it to happen, I refer you to the life of Joseph,a man who experienced so many unexpected things to happen, [ Genesis 37/39-41]. God was with Joseph ,and overruled for his and others good. When the unexpected things happen retreat to God, and trust His perfect will for our lives, He is still on the throne , still in control, and watching over His children. The words of an old Gospel songs comes to me,/ Be not dismayed whatere betide God will take care of you, under His wings of love abide God will take care of you./ [ Dear God we rejoice that You are in control of our lives, and will work all things for our good, even the unexpected things, help us to rest inYour loving care, in Jesus name ]

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Is it time to have a bonfire? [ Hebrews 12 v1-12 ]

In Ulster where I was born ,every year on the 11th July bonfires would be lit, in rememberance of 1690, when Catholic forces were defeated by king Williams protestant forces. Bonfires are good for a number of things, it is in the book of Acts we read of a bonfire at a place called Ephesus,many people had become Christians, this is what we read. Many who became believers confessed their sinful practices. A number of them who had been practicing sorcery brought their incantation books and burned them at a public bonfire. The value of the books was several million dollars. [Acts 19 v18-19]. My study Bible says, / You cannot be a believer and hold on to the occult, black magic, or sorcery/ [C P. Deuteronomy 18v9-13 ] [ Dear God help us to get rid of all those things that are contrary to Your word and will , regardless of the cost in Jesus name Amen ]

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Showers of blessing. [ Ezekiel 34 v26 ]

We are just experiencing a bit of rain, it has been very dry, the grass is yellow not green, in some parts of our country, there is a hose pipe ban, so we are grateful for the rain, for without it things die, or dry up.In Ezekiel 34 v26, we have God promising, showers of blessing, as I look at our land, I see a land that is spiritually dry and dead. I see a land where the people are dying for lack of the truth of the gospel, and from the depths of my heart I cry out, Lord send the showers of blessing, for only that can meet the deepest need of the human heart.From the showers of blessing, spiritual life will spring up,hearts will refreshed,mulitudes will be saved.[ Oh merciful God you see the condition of our land, you see the deadness and the dryness, oh Lord send the showers of blessing in Jesus name Amen ]

Monday, 12 July 2010

One day at a time. [ Matthew 6 v 25-34 ]

I noticed that this my thousandth post, how on earth did I do that many? its a good question,well the answer is simple one at a time. How have I come this far in my Christian life? one day at a time, I cannot live tomorrow, it has not arrived yet, I cannot live yesterday ,it is gone, but I can live today. One day at a time, that is all God asks of us , thats a big enough burden for any of us to carry, according to our Saviour.[Matthew 6 v34 ] Gods grace is for today, not for tomorrow,when tomorrow comes you will receive the neccessary grace you need, so today dont think about old age,or the burdensome future, trust the Lord for today.[Father the burdens of tomorrow often overwhelm me,help me to simply live one day at a time, in Jesus name Amen ]

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Strange choice. [ Matthew 27 v15-26 ]

While travelling recently on holiday ,I saw a sign for Robin Hood airport, Robin was a robber, yet He is honoured by having an airport named after him. It is strange how the baddies are honoured, Jessie James, Billy the kid, Ned Kelly, they have become folk heroes. One of the saddest aspect of our Lords sham trial was , the choice the people made,Pilate who wanted to free Jesus gave them a choice. There was a custom that a prisoner could be set free at that time,so he put it to them Barabbas who was a murderer or Jesus, and amazingly they choose Barabbas. Because of sin our judgement can becomes so destorted that we make the most bizarre , and strangest of choices,especially when it comes to Jesus, we will choose, drink,money, and a multitude of things, rather than choose Him. The result of these wrong choices ,mulitudes are condemned to a lost eternity, such a poor choice. [ Dear God help people to make the right choice when it comes to Jesus, Amen ]

Friday, 9 July 2010

You must . [ John 10 ]

I left one line out of that chorus yesterday, it reads, /you must come in at the door/, very important , for it reminds us of a number of things.[1] Many are trying to get to heaven apart from Christ who is the only door into heaven. [2] Many are seeking to come to God each day apart from Christ, many even hate Christ,Jesus said ,/I am the Way ,the Truth, and the Life , no man cometh unto the Father but by Me. [3] There is only one way to God , and to heaven, this is what the word of God teaches, clearly and distinctly.[4] You may not like this but its makes no matter,you must come in at the Door.[Jesus /John 10 v9 ]. [ Dear God help me to see the truth that Jesus is the only way I can come to You,help me to accept Him as my Saviour Amen ]

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jesus love.[ Isaiah 53 ]

Jesus love is very wonderful. Jesus love is very wonderful , Jesus love is very wonderful .Oh wonderful love. So high you cant get over it , So low you cant get under it. So wide you cant get round it. Oh wonderful love. So goes the little chorus, and it is very , very true, for those who know that love,it is mindblowing, transforming,and empowering. It is John who writes, /Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us [1 John 3 v1 ]/ It is a love thats indescribable, I read these words in the message,/ Have you ever come on anything like this[Romans 11v33]/, and the answer is no, the love of Jesus is unique and unequaled, how do I know this ?. Well I will let the hymn writer Isaac Watts answer this question. When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died. My richest gain I count but loss, And pour contempt on all my pride...... Love so amazing so divine, Demands my soul, my life , my all.[ Dear God we thank You for the Love of Jesus Your Son, when we stop and think about it , it staggers us ,in its beauty, power, and grace,a love that saves and changes us, again we we say thank You Amen ]

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Remembering. [Proverbs 18 v22 nlt]

Remembering, this is the anniversary of my first marriage to Eileen,I remember it with great joy, she was a lovely, beautiful woman of God.She was not one for fashion, but she had an inner grace which shone out,our life verse was Romans 8 v28, that day in which we got married was the beginning of an unknown journey. We had no savings, but we did have a faith in our God to provide all our needs, which He did, we were not the perfect couple,but we had a God who would perfect that which concerneth us. On our journey we would make friends, and loose friends, but we never stopped being friends, and we were both conscious of the one who was our dearest friend, even Jesus. I look back on our wedding day with thankfulness and joy, I praise God for it, the memory of it will never fade.[ Dear God we thank You for those dear people who have made a difference to our lives, in Jesus name Amen ]

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wisdom from above. [James 3 v13- 18 ]

The book of proverbs is a wonderful helpful book,it was written by Solomon king of Israel, he tells us why he wrote this book, in chapter 1. To teach people wisdom,this wisdom is different from all other wisdom,it comes from God, and it is vital for the Christian to have.James in his letter tells us that we can recieve this wisdom by asking God [1v5]. This wisdom is not just about making decisions,it also has a quality to it, James 3v17,reads ,/The wisdom from above is first pure.It is also peace loving,gentle at all times,and willing to yield to others.It is full of mercy and good deeds.It shows shows no favoritism and is always sincere./ This is godly wisdom ,are we manifesting that wisdom in our lives? we should be, let us ask God to grant unto us, the wisdom that is from above, ask and we will recieve.[ Dear God grant unto us the wisdom that is from above in Jesus name Amen ]

Monday, 5 July 2010

The unwanted present. [Romans 6 v23 ]

Recently while doing a bit of decorating ,my wife and I were clearing the room and we were faced with a decision,it involved a present that we had been given,one which my wife does not like, should we keep it or get rid of it, this unwanted present. I am sure we have all been faced with this dilemma, one usually keeps it, incase the giver may ask one about it, how would one answer them,if it had been thrown out. It is in Romans 6v 23 we read,that the gift of God is eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ, for the majority of people it seems that He is an unwanted present,and most dont give a thought as to the offence they are giving God. They fail to appreciate the cost and worth of that gift,and that in a coming day they will be asked, what did they do with Jesus?, and if they have rejected Him, He will reject them, with the solemn words, depart from me[ Matthew 7v23][ Dear God we thank You for the gift of Your Son, we pray that today, many will accept Him ,Amen ]

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Feet of clay. [Romans 3 v23/6 v23 ]

One of my all time favourite radio programs is ,Desert Island Disc, I usually listen to it in my car, it is often very revealing, as to those who appear on it. The latest one I heard had a famous footballer ,sharing his favourite music, and his personal history, I really admired his honesty. This footballer had played for a top football club, and his country, humanly speaking he had it made, I am sure he was the idol of many, yet he admitted to feeling very insecure, and afraid all his life, he was a recovering alcoholic, been sent to prison for drunk driving. The fact of the matter is, those people who are rich and famous ,are but people, with feet of clay,whether we are rich and famous, or poor and a so called nobody we all have the same need ,Jesus. [Father help us not to put anybody on a pedestal,to see them as they really are flawed human beings, they are as we are, sinners, Amen]

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Am I a prisoner?. [ John 8 v 32-36 ]

While on holiday we visited York,and I noticed outside the cathedral, a cage with two young men in it,my curiosity drew me to it,the two young men were staying in their cage to emphasize,that people are prisoners,and that they need to be set free from their sin, by Jesus. The prophet Isaiah wrote of Jesus as one who would,/Open the blind eyes, bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house[42v7]/ The world is continually crying out about freedom, from poverty, freedom of speech, the list goes on, these are all reminders that man for all his advancements, is far from free.Our Saviour has come to bring true freedom, a freedom that sets people free from their sin, and its consequences,let us make no mistake ,the best of us, are slaves to our sinful natures,and there is only one remedy,the Lord Jesus. William Sleeper wrote the following words,/Out of my bondage ,sorrow and night, Jesus I come, Jesus I come. Into Thy freedom , gladness and night,Jesus I come to Thee/. [ Dear God thank You that through Your Son we can know true freedom, Amen ]