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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Poor in spirit.. [ Psalm 86 ]

I continue to read the Psalms with great profit,Psalm 86 was written by David,it is a prayer,in this prayer he starts by acknowledging his state and desire to be helped,he describes himself as poor and needy. Our Saviour
taught ,blessed are the poor in spirit,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
[Matthew 5 v3 ].There is so much one could say about these words,consider
David the one who killed a lion,bear,and a giant,the one who led the armies
of Israel,the one anointed by God to be king,who would become their greatest king.A great man among men,but before God he declares himself to be poor and needy,poor in spirit.Thomas Watson writes,/He who is poor in spirit is much in prayer,he sees how short he is of the standard of holiness,therefore begs for more grace,more faith, more conformity to Christ./
                                     A  prayer
                            Just as I am ,without one plea.
                            But that Thy blood was shed for me,
                             And that Thou bidst me come to Thee,
                            O Lamb of God I come.

                              Just as I am , Thou wilt receive
                              Wilt welcome,pardon, cleanse,releave,
                               Because Thy promise I believe,
                               O lamb of God ,I come.

                              Just as I am-Thy love unknown
                              Has broken every barrier down;
                               Now to be Thine,yea, Thine alone.
                              O Lamb of God I come

Monday, 29 June 2015

The church. [ Hebrews 10 v 23- 25]

Recently we met together in our fellowship the Pastor showed us a leaflet,that one would give to someone whose is interested in our church.
He pointed to the photo of our church building on the leaflet,and reminded us that the church is not the building,the church is the people.The building
is where the church meets,he then asked us to go outside where he would
take a photo, and have it put on a new leaflet,this we did,and duly had our photo's taken.It is important as individuals we see ourselves as part of the church. Now the church is made up of individuals,and as individuals we trust Christ to be our Saviour.[Have you did this?],but we must not as one
writer wrote, be seduced by the modern cult of individualism. How many
times, I  have heard people say to me,I do not  have to go to church
to pray,that is absolutely right,but if you are a Christian [are you?],then we are called to meet with other Christians,to pray with, and for them.The fellowship of other believers is vital for all of us if we are going to grow
spiritually,we all need each other. We read in Ephesians 5 v24, Christ also loved the church and give Himself for it,so get in the picture.
                                        A   prayer.
Dear God thank you that You love all of us as individuals,but  You also love us as a vital part of your church,help us to be part of it,for Jesus sake Amen

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pilgrmage [Hebrews 11 v 13-16 ]

It was a common thing in times past to go on pilgrimages ,Luther  went on a pilgrimage to Rome but what he saw there was not helpful.Often  the pilgrim would want to go to some so called saints shrine,like Thomas a Becket,whose shrine was at Canterbury,the road to that shrine was called the Pilgrims Way.I must confess I do not see the purpose of such pilgrimages.These pilgrimages where focused on people ,and places,so called holy places. One could point to the OT where people made pilgrimages to Jerusalem where the temple was,Psalm 84 was written for such a pilgrimage,yes it stresses the house of God,but as M. Wilcock writes
/The pilgrim loves the house only because of the one whose house it is,he is crying out for the living God. He goes on to write ,/Gods house is anywhere that Gods people congregate in His presence.The pilgrimage need mean
nothing more exotic, than regular church going,a determination not to give up meeting together, as some are the habit of doing,seduced by the modern cult of individualism,leisure, mobility,and lack of commitment/ This is one aspect of pilgrimage, which takes on the larger picture of that pilgrimage every believer is on, that pilgrimage  that Christian was on in Pilgrims Progress,that Celestial city.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God help us,on our pilgrimage to Heaven,to be faithful,keeping our
eyes fixed on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, Amen.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

God speaking. [ Revelation 1 v8]

As one surveys the scene of the far east,in the Land where Islam holds sway
, there could easily be a feeling of despair ,filling our hearts,the church is under tremendous pressure, to capitulate.Whats the use of taking stand IS to powerful.Even this morning I read of another attack on Christians in Nigeria ,85 at last where killed in a village.the writer describes the scene in the following way,/The entire village is like a killing field,with
the stench of blood everywhere/.This is not an isolated case,it is happening
in many countries now I am not seeking to inflame hatred against Islam,no
as a Christian,I am seeking to encourage that prayer be made on behalf of
our Christian family. Plus I want us all to lift our sights beyond earthly
powers, be it poltical,or religious ,to our Sovereign God. He has not forsaken His people,He is on the throne,even when He is most invisible.
Yes He is on the throne,how is that you say?,because His word tells me so,
our God reigns. Evil will have its day,but God will have the last and final say.Christ is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end,we often use the term' humanally speaking',as Christians we must move beyond  that,to
God speaking,the one who reigns over all,and all things.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus ,You who have been given all power in heaven and upon earth,have mercy upon your dear children,who are being persecuted,grant
them grace to endure,and in all things to glorify You. Amen.

Friday, 26 June 2015

My desire. [John 12 v 24 ]

When I came to live in England I met a lady a Mrs Barber,she was a lovely
Christian.I was a minister and visited her for the first time over 30yrs ago,but I remember her quoting words from an old hymn,should I be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease.She experienced a divorce from her unfaithful husband,and later on ,one her sons died,he was a young man.She had brought her four children up on her own,in later life she and one of her daughters returned to her native land, the West Indies.That must have been
about 12 years ago,and then I heard that she had died,I prayed for the family
Then to my surprise I met her daughter,from the West Indies,I spoke to her and she told me that two people where saved at her mothers funeral.I honour that dear lady,and I hope that when I die God will save people at my funeral.But it is also  a challenge and a reminder that we can live such a Godly life that it will speak to the unsaved even when we die,but I am not satisfied with that,I want,yes I want to see people been saved while I am still alive.
                                        A  prayer.
Dear God thank You for Mrs Barber a godly child of yours,and that at her funeral two people got saved.Lord help us to live ,such lives ,that even when we die,our lives will leave,a powerful witness,but we ask for more,we ask that while we still are living You will use us to be fishers of men,in your name Lord Jesus we ask this Amen.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ye fearful saints. [Habakkuk 3 v 16 -19]

Sunday was the longest day in the year,as to where we live in the world,and so it was still light late evening,and instead of seeing the stars,I saw the clouds,and it looked to me that we were going to have rain.As I viewed them , the words of the poet came to mind ,/Ye fearful saints fresh courage take, the clouds ye so much dread,are filled with mercies and will break with blessing on your head[W . Cowper]/ I am reading the Psalms at this
time,and of course I love them for their honesty,those who wrote  them
 felt despair,when they focused on their enemies,and circumstances.
Which led them to think very negatively, take  Psalm 77,we have a man in the depths,humanally speaking with good reason,he feels rejected by God,God's unfailing love appears to have failed,for all time,He questions God,as regards to  His mercy,and to withholding His compassion.Here we have self focus, We then come to v10, which one calls the hinge of the Psalm,for now we have to then end of the Psalm, the God focus.Verse ten commences,Then I thought,what did he think ?,He thought on God and how
He had acted in a miraculous way for His people,He thought on His power,and his miraculous works. In shifting the focus from self, and to focus on God,and His  word , He as M  Wilcock writes,/is equipped to
cope with the most desperate circumstances/
                                     A prayer
Dear God help us to keep our focus on You,instead of self,in Jesus name Amen.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

His way. [ ISAIAH 55 v 8 - 9 ]

In Isaiah 55v 9, we read /For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are
my ways your ways,saith the Lord.  Michael Wilcock in his book on the Psalms ,writing on Psalm76,which he believes  may have been written to
celebrate the deliverance of Jerusalem from Assyria[2Kings 18-19/Isaiah
36-37] /It is human nature for us to  tell God how to help us,it is divine wisdom to recognize that He may well achieve the same ends by quite different means/ Israel often, wrongly looked to other nation for help,but in the case of deliverance from the massive army of Assyria ,God would send His angel to put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian army/This is a theme throughout scripture,He saves Israel by a young lad[ 1Samuel 17]He uses ravens to supply Elijah the prophet with food, and then He also uses a poor widow  to do the same [1 Kings 17], He uses a young lads lunch to feed 5,000, plus[ John 6 ].We are called to trust God to do for us,in ways that He see's fit,and most important, where He will receive all the glory.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God we acknowledge that we presume to ask you to answer our prayers in our way,forgave us Lord,answer our prayers in ways that give you all the glory, in Jesus name Amen .

Monday, 22 June 2015

Parables [ Mark 4 v1-20]

In Mark 4, Jesus speaks the parable of the sower,when He had finished His disciples came to Him and asked Him to explain the meaning.He tells them
that they where permitted to understand these parables,but to those who were not His disciples,they would only have the parables,and then He quoited a scripture from Isaiah 6v9-10,which reads,/ that they be ever seeing but never perceiving and ever hearing but never understanding,
otherwise they might turn and be forgiven/ What is He saying?does that mean He does not want them to be saved?.Of course not,for God  our Saviour wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth
[1 Timothy 2 v4].M .Wilcock writes/ His hearers have to have a willing spirit,the parables would only make sense to the teachable but remained riddles to the self-willed./He quotes words from a hymn by ,Sir Henry
Baker'Who recount the treasure,by Thy word implanted ,to the simple -
hearted'.Any teacher would bear witness to the fact,that there are children
who do not want to be taught,the teacher is willing to teach them,but they just do not want to be taught,and so condemn themselves,of an education.
                                     A  prayer.
Dear God help us to be of the simple hearted,teachable, in Jesus Amen.

Kept. [Psalm121]

Before we go out in the car I usually pray,for there is such dangers on the roads,from other drivers,but also from oneself,I am not the perfect driver.A
number of years ago my wife and I where driving home,when I decided to overtake a lorry,when I realised that I was in trouble,as a car was heading towards us,we just about made it,it was a very scary moment.Later I wrote
in a journal I was keeping at the time,how God keeps us safe more than we realise,that does not only apply to our driving but to all evil, the evil tendencies of our own hearts. In 1 Peter 5 v5,we read, /Kept by the power of God/another translation puts it,/protected by the power of God through faith/.We are not to act irresponsible,but the fact is we are often in situations that could cause us harm,physically,materially,and spiritually. So go prayerfully not fearfully but trusting in your Lord to keep you from dangers within and dangers without.
                                          A  prayer.
Dear Lord we praise for  You for your saving and keeping power ,and ask in faith that You will watch over us this day. Amen

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Injustice [ Romans 8 v28]

God in His word speaks out against injustice,the Bible society a few years ago brought out a Bible that highlighted those passages concerning injustice
There is a lot of injustice in this world,we have it daily mentioned on the TV or in the papers, a lot of its frightening ,none of it is nice,the poor being exploited,people being taken advantage of.The list is endless ,I think of dear Joseph,treated so unfairly treated by his brothers,then being unjustly imprisoned. Also David being hunted by king Saul,and David's adulteress
affair ,and his wicked treatment of Uriah. Think of the unjust treatment involved in adultery,how the children suffer,consider the treatment of the unborn child that is aborted.Also the treatment many supermarket chains
commit against their suppliers,as I buy very cheap milk,I wonder how much the diary farmers are receiving ,often they are receiving less than it takes to produce it. I am just touching the tip of the iceberg. Often not much can be done,though that does not mean we should not try. I know someone
who is being overlooked as regards promotion,he is a Christian,and I reminded  him  that God is sovereign,that man rules but God overrules,He is in control.This truth is something we must hold unto,when as children of God we experience injustice,we must rest in Gods sovereign rule.
                                               A  prayer.
Sovereign God help us to rest in the truth that You reign,and are in control,
especially in the lives of Your dear children in Jesus name we ask this Amen .

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hurry Lord [Psalm 70]

I know from experience that often we have to wait on God answering our
prayers,often we are reminded that God will answer according to His time table.Waiting patiently upon God is an important exercise in our spiritual development,but that does not mean that we will always have to wait,years for God to answer. There are situations  when we need an answer now,such was the prayer of David in Psalm 70, verse one reads ,/Hasten O
God,to save me;O Lord come quickly to help me/and he ends his prayer with similar words ,verse 5 reads,/Here I am poor and needy, come quickly
to me,O God. You are my help and my deliverer,O Lord,do not delay/
M . Henry,comments on Isaiah 65v24 which reads, /And it shall come to pass,that  before they call , I will answer,and while they are yet speaking I will hear./'God will anticipate our prayer,with the blessings of goodness before the prodigal arrived home the Father ran to meet him'. So if  you like the Psalmist are facing an immediate crises,pray with the Psalmist,/O Lord come quickly to help me/,pray it in faith .
                                            A  prayer.
Dear Father God, come to the aid speedily of your children whose needs
and circumstances need your urgent help,in Jesus name Amen.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Confused. [ John 8 v12 ]

The strange behaviour of  Rachel Dolezal, and the questions it raises, as one who has worked with mentally ill people,I ask the question is she mentally ill. She is a young white lady,who lives in America,who disguised herself,darkening her skin,and styling her hair to  the appearance that she was black.and got a position, working for the,National Association for the advancement of coloured people although she has white parents yet she even asked a black person to admit to being her father. One of the questions being asked is she suffering racially confusion like some people  who suffer from gender confusion.I think the key word in all this, is confusion,for a number of reasons people latch unto confused thought patterns. I have worked with people who had very confused thoughts,they claimed to be you name it,and although it sounds crazy as to what they believe,no amount of reasoning can change that. The confused  way of thinking becomes a obsession and nothing can change it. Now what I am saying may not apply to Rachel ,but it may,time may tell us to as to why she has acted in such a confused way.In 2 Corinthians 10v5 we read casting down imaginations/ if we live according to our own flawed reasoning we can easily ,fall into confusion,be it sex gender,or racial gender or whatever,think of the awful nonsense that the Nazi party believed,and multitudes blindly followed,and the consequences for the world.
                                      A  prayer.
Dear God have mercy upon the confused multitudes of this world who  are blind to reality,preserve us all, and help us to stay close to you,in Jesus name Amen.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

An avalanche. [ Hebrews 13 v 3]

I read this recently,/In the first century ,an avalanche of suffering and
discouragement threatened the Christian community[M . Williams]Things have not changed for a vast amount of Christians in the 21st century.These
words could apply to believers in Iran,Eritrea,North Korea,Northern Nigeria ,Pakistan,Burma,China,Vietnam,Cuba, and many other places. I have never suffered for being a Christian,but my heart goes out to those who are suffering,they are my brothers and sisters.One thing I do is pray daily for them,I receive most of the information ,through CSW,and Barnabas aid agency.CSW site is WWW.CSW.ORG.UK.and Barnabas  / to get informed as regards the suffering of Gods family,and pray.The apostle Paul experienced tremendous suffering for Christ ,read about his suffering in 2 Corinthians 11,he lists all of his suffering ,and then he adds,/Beside everything else,I face daily the pressure  of my concern for all the churches v23/We as Christians have many concerns ,but like Paul let us not forget our Christian family who are experiencing an avalanche of suffering, and discouragement.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God in your great mercy uphold your dear people in those lands where they are facing an avalanche of suffering,and discouragement, In Jesus name, Amen.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Unconditional surrender [ Romans 12 v1-2 ]

I  wonder would the war against the Nazis have ended sooner if the allies had not insisted upon unconditional surrender?. We will never know,I personally believe, unconditional surrender was the only option ,it meant
that the Nazis would not be resurrected.Unconditional surrender means you have no bargaining power,one would have to except whatever terms that was offered. If one is to be saved ,it is important, to realise there is no bargaining with God,we must come to Him on His terms,in fact you are
declaring that you are dying to self. This does not only apply to when one comes to Christ it applies throughout ones Christian life,as Paul declared,
I  die daily[ 1  Corinthians 15 v 31.] I was aware of this recently when we
sung an old hymn at our church,titled ,/I surrender all/.it is so easy to sing the words,but not really take in what they mean.I surrender all,Abraham ,
said God,take now thy so,thine only son,whom thy lovest......and offer him
...for a burnt offering.[Genesis 22v2 ].I surrender all ,what if he asks me to,
well you can fill in the rest,but that's the choice as Christians we have to make. As a Christian I have no bargaining power with God,all I can do
is obey,better to surrender than live in rebellion against God.
                                           A prayer.
Dear God help us to stop bargaining with You, and help to mean what we say or sing ,in Jesus name Amen .

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nature [ Hebrews 2 v 6- 10 ]

Recently many people were upset when on a nature program,a mother owl
tore up one its chicks,and fed it to the other chicks. Should we call in the
the society for the cruelty to animals and have it charged with infanticide?.
Of course not,its an animal,yes a real animal,it has not got a part in the next
Walt Disney movie.  That cuddly bear is not a teddy bear[and by the way I have one and he is called Tyrone],he sees a human being as a meal on two legs,as does a lion,tiger,leopard,shark,etc. Cruelty to animals is wrong,but they are still animals,putting an animal to sleep is an act of mercy,putting a human to sleep now that's a different story. Animals do not go to heaven or hell,when they die that's it,animals are not accountable like us humans.Now of course animals give us much pleasure,but they are still animals,with a nature that's different from ours. Mankind has being given by God a position of power over creation,and we will be held accountable as to how we exercise that authority. In fact we will be held accountable for all our sinful actions,for there is coming a day in which God will judge the world
in righteousness by Jesus .[Acts 17 v31]
                                               A prayer.
Dear God we thank You for your creation,but most of all we thank You for your salvation in Jesus Amen.

Monday, 15 June 2015

They bite [Romans 6 v23 ]

 Two plants I did not want,the cactus and roses,I jokingly say, because
they bite [I am referring to their thorns],but gradually I have changed my mind about roses,and I  now have three bushes in my garden. The reason being ,they have lovely flowers,one can say the allure of their flowers have
won me over. I know there are times they will still bite me but I love the
flowers, as I thought of the advert,naughty but nice,as regards eating cream cakes. Human nature is so often attracted to things that appear nice,and are blinded to the fact that the very thing we are attracted to will not only bite us,but actually destroy us,we could call such an attraction,fatal attraction.
We see the pleasure the thing gives us and are blind to the consequences,the word of God speaks of the pleasures of sin,yes adultery can give us pleasure
,but my, the consequences,to ourselves. Continually I am reading and hearing of people who are involved in perverse viewing on the Internet,
watching little children being abused.There are so many things that we  can become involved in, that can enslave us,yes attractive things,these
can blind ,and enslave us.It does not end there, for sin has not only consequences for time but also for eternity.The good news is Jesus forgives,and frees us when we trust Him as our Saviour,plus we are given
the free gift of eternal life.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God we praise You for sending Jesus to save us,we ask that by your grace we may trust Him  Amen.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Proff [1Corinthians 15]

I have given enough proff of my devotion to the French people,thus spoke
Napoleon.The apostle Paul's apostolic position was under attack,and so he writes to the church in Corinth,to refute false apostles, who were attacking him. He wrote how he lived among them,he did not sponge of them,he
points to the suffering he had experience in the service of Christ. [ 1Cor 11]
It was vital that his calling as an apostle was not undermined,if it was ,then  the word of God could have been . You want proff of my calling consider the following,my life ,my suffering,are they not evidence.When Jesus was being attacked as He often was,He said believe on the evidence of My miracles  [ John 14 v11].The crowning proff of who Jesus was,was His resurrection,if He had not risen from the dead, He would have been seen as a fraud.[1 Corinthians 15 v 17]. After His resurrection He was seen by hundreds of people [1 Cor 15v6]is that not proff enough, as to who He really was?.From that vantage point we can look back ,and see the OT scriptures totally fulfilled ,in His birth,ministry,and His suffering.
                                A  prayer.
Dear God open our minds and our hearts to believe in Christ,who by His
works,His life,His death, and resurrection, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt ,that He was and is the Saviour of the world,we ask this in His name.Amen.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Danger. [ Daniel 12 v4 ]

One small step,read the words ,followed by,the epic race to build a humanoid robot.I have no objections to robots .As a Christian I just become concerned when they equate a machine with a human being,let me stress
,I have no objections  to robots.We live in momentous times, mankind is advancing more and more in so many areas of life.As I look around my home  I see so many amazing things, I have a kindle which will hold thousands of books, likewise there are gadgets that hold vast amount of music,my camera can hold thousands of photos. There are  cars with navigational systems ,blue tooth, radios, cars that do not need a driver.All
these things have come in,in a very short time ,I am 71 years of age, I have witnessed so many changes,many of them for the good,the only problem is
with mankind's knowledge ,one becomes concerned as to the potential for
for evil.Mankind's advance can lead us into so many paths,were moral restraint can be thrown aside, if ones leaves God out,then one can be assured,perceived dangers will become realities.As a young lad the Lord graciously,brought me to Himself,through Jesus,and as I look back I rejoice
how I have been preserved ,and kept from so much potential evil.
                                                    A  prayer.
Dear God,in our pursuit of knowledge,help us to see our need of  your controlling,and restrain power, in Jesus name we ask this Amen .

Friday, 12 June 2015

God can. [ Ephesians 3 v20]

I like Jim Reeves singing,I recently purchased a CD of him singing hymns,
the words of one  touched me,,/He can open up a doorway you never thought was there/.It reminds me of another Christian song,/He can
make a way where there appears to be no way/,are you in difficulties today
not knowing which way to turn?, you need a job,need money,yes even need healing. Remember the people in the Bible were just like you and I,often
they found themselves in desperate situations.In 1 Kings 17,we read of a  widow  ,she and her son, were at the point of starvation.The country was suffering from a famine,they like the people in the condemned cell were
about to have their last meal. It was then God spoke to Elijah the prophet to
go to this lady,she told him all she had to eat was a little flour,and a little
oil,the prophet answered.for this is what the Lord ......says.The jar of flour
will not be used up ,and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord
gives rain on the land.The Israelites were trapped the Egyptian army were breathing down their necks,many would be killed and the rest would taken back to Egypt as slaves,no way out humanly speaking,but God made a way.Moses spoke these words,/Fear ye not,stand still and see the salvation
of the Lord,and God made a way.[Exodus 14]
                                               A  prayer.
Dear God we thank You,that You have not changed,You still work in wonderful ways,You can meet our needs,and make a way were there appears to be no way,help us to believe this in whatever situation
we are facing,in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Mistakes . [ Isaiah 1 v18 ]

We all make mistakes,well I made a mistake recently,I was given the responsibility of measuring our windows for new net curtains,after buying
them we brought them home,only to discover that the measurements I
had made were wrong.Initially this upset us and my wee wife was not to
pleased,but then bless her,she took charge ,made good my mistake,we
now have nice curtains hanging in our window.Some mistakes can be
be righted,some cannot,Judas made a terrible mistake when he betrayed His
master Jesus,the rich young ruler made a terrible mistake,when he choose
his temporal wealth,instead of eternal life [Matthew 19. v16-22],the very thing he wanted,or thought he wanted most of all.Samson the strong weak man made a mistake,when he choose the wrong partner Delilah [Judges 16 v4ff].He ended up blind,bound,and in bondage,yet God I believe restored
him and used him to destroy the enemies of His people.Samson in our eyes
was a very imperfect human being,but do not make the mistake of thinking
we are better,we are all imperfect,as M Wilcock writes,no one is free from
the infection of sin,not even one. That is why Christ came, He the perfect one would die for us the imperfect ones,that our sins, no matter how bad they are can be forgiven.The biggest mistake anyone can make is to ignore
this,and to live and die without Christ,to do that is to commit a mistake
that cannot be remedy.
                                     A prayer.
Dear God we praise You for your saving mercy,that through Jesus we can be forgiven all our sins,no matter how bad,in Jesus name we thank You. Amen

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

He is up to his old tricks again.[ Matthew 4 v1 -11 ]

I read this in an old devotional, /The Devil has two masterful tricks.The first is to tempt us to become discouraged, for then we are defeated  and of no service to others,at least for a while.The other is to tempt us to doubt therefore breaking the bond of faith that unites us with the Father. So watch out,do not be tricked either way[G.E.M]/ It does not take much to discourage us,are you discouraged today,what can you do,well you can look
back and remember how God has helped in the past,He has not changed,He
is still the same loving and caring God. As to doubt,well this is nothing new
,the disciples had times when they doubted,the Devil works on our weak-
ness,He tempted Jesus ,after He had fasted for 40 days,he is aware of when you we most vulnerable and is quick to move against us. Let us recognise
our enemy for what he is, a liar whose only purpose is to destroy us,to cause us to doubt,and to act in ways that can cause us great harm. We have a choice to make ,either we believe what the Devil says or believe what Gods word says,the choice is ours,let us choose wisely.
                                            A prayer.
Dear Lord ,You where tempted in all ways as we are,help us in all our weakness, and vulnerability , Amen.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The glories of heaven. [Psalm 49]

M. Wilcock in the first vol of his book on the Psalms,wrote the following,/
God's people do not sing much about the glories of heaven,More's the pity.
Once upon a time they did.He goes on to quote a C . Wesley hymn,though he points out ,one may need a dictionary  for the sense,/
                         How weak the thoughts,and vain,
                          Of self-deluding men,
                         Men who,fix'd to earth alone.
                          Think their houses shall endure,
                           Fondly call their lands there own,
                           To their distant heirs secure.
Consider the suffering of present day saints who are experiencing terrible
afflictions,many will die,yea have died,slain by their enemies.How awful,
they have lost everything,they have witnessed their loved ones suffer.So what has helped then to endure?,thoughts on heaven.Likewise our blessed Saviour,who for the joy that was set before Him,endured the cross,
despising the shame,and is now set down at the right hand of the throne
of God.[Hebrews 12 v2]The black slaves in America were helped to
endure their slavery,as they sang spirituals about heaven.I used to speak at a
particular church,where it was said, they sang with a far away look on their faces,that far away place was their homeland heaven.What did the rich man leave when God took him in death,? the answer is everything.[Luke 12 v20]Dear believer think much upon heaven,dear unbeliever think much about hell.
                                               A  prayer.
Dear God we thank You for the hope of glory we have in Christ,oh Lord help us not to become to comfortable here,in Jesus name Amen.

Monday, 8 June 2015

The blessedness of being little. [Philippians 2 v 5-11]

W  Shakespeare wrote of the ,/blessedness of being little/,I am sure many who find fame ,wish that they had not,because of the intrusiveness it brings.
The prophet Samuel spoke these words to king  Saul ,/When thou was little in thine own eyes, [1 Samuel5 v17] /unfortunately, Saul lost his littleness,for we read in v12,that he set up in a certain place a monument
to himself.This is what dictators do they have monuments erected  of themselves,they do not come under the blessedness of being little,they begin
to have grand ideas about themselves. I recently watched an interview of a very famous actor ,who has being knighted by the queen,when he is addressed ,he is no longer a plain mister,he is to be addressed as Sir.but this great actor preferred the sir to be dropped. Is there a blessedness in being little ?,titles,and wealth blind us, to our common humanity . The Christ event is mind blowing,most nights I look up at the stars,in the hope of seeing a star filled sky ,and yet in doing this I am reminded of the one who created the universe,became a little babe and grew to be a man, who stood among us as one who served,He made himself of no reputation,was made in the likeness of man,humbled himself,and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.
                                      A prayer.
Dear God forgive us for the sin of pride,because of birth,class,wealth, race,
power,education,forgive,help us to see the blessedness of being little,in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Who did sin? [John 9 v 1-3 ]

In John 9 the disciples in seeing a blind man, asked Jesus ,who did sin ,this
man,or his parents.It does appear that they believed that his blindness was
caused by some sin he had commited,or because of some sin his parents had
committed. M Wilcock,/Jesus teaches on two occasions that suffering is not
necessarily a consequence of sin,/but it may be/[ Luke 13 v1-5/John 9 v1-3]
Because Israel had a terrible history,of continually rebelling against God
and, suffering for it,at the hand of God,they had developed a one sided doctrine,and so they failed to see,as in the case of Job,that there are different reasons for suffering.My wife did not die because of any sin she had done,
she was a very godly person.The reason the man was born blind was that God would be glorified,in his being healed. Job was allowed to suffer,
to see whither he would curse God,he questioned God ,argued with God,
but he  never cursed God. I pray for people everyday,who are suffering all
sorts of terrible things,they are not suffering because of sin,but for righteousness sake.What I am writing is a brief explanation,as regards
suffering ,Whatever you may be suffering,I leave you with what M. Wilcock,writes as regards this aspect of suffering,that bad things do happen
to us not as a result of our sin,/It is not that God has made a mistake,He really is in control.It is simply that unaccountable things do happen in this world,and either He will not give,or else we could not grasp,the explanation
of them./
                                      A prayer.
Dear loving heavenly Father grant us grace to cope with whatever we may be suffering,and that we trust in You at all times in Jesus name Amen .

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Not perfect. [ Mark 12 v 41-44]

Let me say this ,I edit my thought for the day,but I rarely look at the published article,I had trouble publishing yesterday,but managed to view
what I had published.I was surprised how it was shown  ,and I noticed mistakes. This all causes me a bit of annoyance, I will have to ask my son to see if I can improve things. All I can say is I do my best,and hope and pray that in spite of my limited computer skills,what I have written will bless someone.I am reminded that God uses the weak things,well that's the reality
,but I am not going to give up,I will try to improve,we should always aim for excellence. I will just leave this thought with you,do your best,even though your best may be imperfect, God will accept  it , like any  loving parent who takes pleasure when  their infant offers them their scribbled drawing.
                                           A prayer.
Dear God You who love the imperfect,we offer you our imperfect gifts and talents, in Jesus name Amen.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Friendship is important. [ Proverbs 17 v17 ]

Friendship is important we all need friends, in Proverbs 17 v17,we read,/A  friend loveth at all times/.I remember a lady I worked with how important friends where to her,yet one day I heard her and her friend having a 
disagreement,and that was the end of that friendship. In Psalm41 the writer,
David ,speaks of one was a close friend,turning against him.[v9],these words applied to David ,but also to our Lord[cp John 13v18].Judas who was one the 12 disciples ,one of His friends,turned against Him,and for 30 pieces of silver ,betrayed Him,this resulted in Him being arrested,and crucified. Friendship is very important ,I am reminded that God has granted me a wife who is my friend,I value that friendship,she can criticise,and remind me when I am in the wrong,she also advises me,cautions me,and above all else she loves me.In Proverbs 18v 22,we read, /He that finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the Lord/. If you are married treasure that relationship,pray about it,do not betray it,be faithful,
and above all else love the one God has brought into your life.
                                    A  prayer.
Dear God help us to value friendship,Your friendship,and those friends
 you have brought into our lives,especially the one we are married to,in Jesus name who is our Saviour and friend, we ask this. Amen .

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Our main aim. [Matthew 5 v16]

It is said that once a young soldier,lying in pain in a hospital,said to Florence Nightingale as she bent over to tend him,'You are the Christ to me'
Certain Greeks asked a disciple of Jesus ,Sir we would see Jesus. Jesus said to all who are His,/You are the light of the world [Matthew 5v14] and then He said,[v16] Let your light so shine before men ,that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven./ Our Saviour who is the light of the world ,has gone to heaven,so He has placed us here to shine,to show His love by what we do and say.The aim and purpose  is to glorify our Father in heaven,as we end each day can we look back and say
 ,have I glorified my Father in heaven?. Our chief purpose is to glorify our God and Father,in all we do,if I was a sportsman I may have won a medal,but the more important question is ,have I brought glory to God?.
                                     A  prayer.
Dear God help us to glorify You today, in the name of Jesus we ask this. Amen.


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

He is the only way. [John 14 v6]

 At a particular church I attended,the visiting preacher,said we were not to judge,in heaven,there will be Muslims,atheists,Hindu's,and others.I was stunned to hear him say this,and after the service I spoke to him as to what he said,his explanation was unclear.As I walked away I heard him say the following,you cannot please everyone.I returned to him and said,we are not meant to please everyone,we are to declare the truth,his rely was I will pray for you,as if that solved everything.Now what is wrong with what he said?of course Muslin's,atheists,Hindu's,will be in heaven if they have trusted Jesus,but he did not say this. The fact of the matter is we need to be clear as to how one gets to heaven,hope that is not based on Gods word, is a false hope. This is what Jesus said,[not what I am saying],/I the way,the truth,the life,no man cometh unto the Father but by Me[John 14v6].He is the only
way we can be saved from Hell,and go to heaven, only through Him can our sins be forgiven.Yes praise God through Jesus and only through Him ,we can be saved,we must not by pass this truth, ignore it  or rationalise it  away.
                                           A prayer
Dear God we praise you that You so loved the world that You give Your only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. Amen.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Value in not knowing [ 2 Corinthians v1 -10]

Recently I read the following words,there is value in not knowing,this was written about Paul's thorn in the flesh.[2 Corinthians 12v7] There are many who speculate as what that thorn in the flesh was,but it is only speculation.
In this case there is value in not knowing ,for as M Wilcock,writes,/the value in not knowing means we can put ourselves in that position ,and to say 'That could be me'. That means like Paul we are not excluded from the
grace we need ,to help us cope,and yes even to serve our Saviour.Consider the source of  this thorn in the flesh,Paul calls it a messenger of Satan. The same being that afflicted Job,yes he is still around,and will continue to be around,until that moment in the future when he will finally be dealt with
CP Revelation 20 v10.But as in Jobs case ,in Paul's case,and in every  dear
child of God whom he is attacking,God is in control, CP Job 1v12/2v8.
God in both these verses commands Satan,thus far and no further,let none
of us not loose sight of the sovereignty of God,over world events,and over
what comes into the child of Gods life.Both Job and Paul's suffering was severe,the Amplified Version,uses the following as regards Paul's affliction,
that racking,,buffeting and harassing.It was something that was on going
,but here is the good thing the grace of God was ongoing,and would be sufficient for Paul to cope with. There are things we have to bear that do not go a way,our sovereign Lord permits it to remain,for reasons that are best for us,and like Paul we are given the grace ,that is sufficient for us.
                                  A  prayer.
Dear God we bow to Your will for our lives,we thank You that You are in control of all things,help us in our utter weakness,to trust You,grant us the grace we need,that You may be glorified,in Jesus name Amen.