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Friday, 31 January 2014

To God be the glory. [ Jeremiah 9 v 23-24 ]

I spoke at a hospice recently,the patients are in private rooms,the little service we took,was at the end of the ward ,I never actually saw any of the patients.Our church group sang a few hymns ,I prayed,read the word of God,and then give a short  word,I don't even know if the patients heard the word.I suppose  one could ask if no one appeared to  hear the word  ,was there any point in preaching. One could say that about so many times one has preached ,no one apparently seemed to listen. I believe I am called to be faithful,even though I want to see people trust Christ,and it does not happen. Secondly only eternity will reveal the worth of our witness,I am sure that on that day when I stand before God, there will be people saved who heard my ministry.Let us all remember that salvation is of the Lord,to Him be the glory,we are but the means,or the channels He uses,Paul spoke of earthen vessels,the more I go on the more aware I am,that I am but an earthern vessel.When the greatest evangelist stands before God they will not be able to take credit, they will only praise God that He sought to use them,it will always be to God be the glory ,great things He hath done.
A  prayer....../ Dear God help us to glorify You in all things in Jesus name Amen /

Monday, 27 January 2014

You are precious. [ Romans 8 v31]

I remember years ago my oldest brother dealing with a boy who was picking on me,a lot of movies especially westerns have as their theme the weak being rescued by a strong hero.The old movie Shane has the theme of the reformed gunslinger taking on the strong landowner who was oppressing the weak.When  our country and indeed the world was in danger of being threatened by the monsters who called themselves Nazi es,the USA intervened,the world owes a great debt to the USA,even after the war,they helped Europe recover financially,with the Marshall plan. When Israel came out of Egypt they had many enemies to face,the promised land was their goal,but they were not trained soldiers,often they lost heart[CP Exodus 14 v 10-12]. It was at that point God spoke through Moses,here is what He said,/The Lord shall fight for you,and ye shall hold your peace/[Ex 14 v14].Are you being threatened?, are you afraid?,well here is the word of God for you,the Lord shall fight for you,my big brother is not around anymore,but my loving heavenly Father is,He is more than able to deal with those who are threatening us.So hold your peace,don't panic,just trust in Him,stand still and see the salvation of the Lord,remember you are to precious ,for God to let your enemies hurt you.
A prayer....../Dear God protect us from our enemies, in Jesus Name Amen /
/I will return to my blog on Friday, God bless you/

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Gods purpose and power. [ Isaiah 55v 8-11]

I must confess there are situations and difficulties and I wonder if they will ever change,I pray and pray and nothing appears to be happening,and then God nudges me,and reminds me of His purposes and His power.First of all His purposes are being worked out in different ways,I read of a person who loved reading mystery stories,she said she would always read the end  first.The fact is when it comes to lifes situations and events ,be it on a world stage or in an individual life,we don't know the end of a matter,we cannot skip to the end.Often  God does reassure us by giving us a promise ,to simple trust Him.That is part of our development as a Christian ,God is in the business of changing us from trusting self to trusting in Him. Next He also reminds us of His power,this morning I read this verse,/The Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot save[Isaiah 59v1].I unfortunately need reminders of Gods power,that with  God all things are possible,there is no one God cannot save,there is no need God cannot supply,there is no problem He cannot solve.
A prayer.../Dear God as we travel to glory help us to trust You ,as to your mysterious purposes,and also to believe in Your power in Jesus name Amen /

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Severe remedy [ Isaiah 53]

In spite of the fact that mankind, having intelligence beyond any other created being,we appear to be intent on destroying each other.As I read history of accounts of the second world war,the cruelty of the nations on those they considered inferior.Even in this the 21st century, I read of the awful cruelties being perpetrated by political powers now,it is unbelievable,but sad to to say it is true.It all reminds me that human intelligence does not guarantee ,nations and individuals from acting in the most awful way.A parent abuses or kills their child,it appears that they act in the most unintelligent way,it does not make sense,what is the answer? A man was being very critical of the sacrifice of Christ,he asked a question, was it really necessary for Christ to die such an extreme death?.The answer is yes ,because man's condition is critical,man's dilemma is so terrible, ,so much so that the only answer God could come up with,was the sacrifice of His son on the altar of Calvary.Severe conditions often demand severe remedies, let none of us make light of sin,or the gravity of man's condition,God doesn't.
A  prayer..../Holy God we acknowledge our sinfulness,,and praise You for providing the answer through Your son Jesus, and His sacrificial death Amen /

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What's it to be? [ 1 John 5v4 ]

A person  speaking on  the terrible  violence in a state in Africa,spoke about a valley of fear,for so many people there is so much to fear,so much so ,that they appear to be be living in a valley of fear.When one reads the Bible we see many of Gods children in valley's of fear,how did they cope?,it seems to me that the answer is found in Hebrews 11,where we have these words repeated over and over again,/by faith/.The sure and certain way to cope and to triumph is to turn your valley of fear into a valley of faith,we see this in Hebrews 11 v33,we read,/ Who through faith ......stopped the mouths of lions/. Here we are reminded of dear beloved Daniel who because he prayed,was thrown into a den of lions[Daniel 6],remember the enemy does not like to see you praying. So Daniel found himself surround by wild ravenous beasts ,how did he survive,how did he defeat the enemies of his soul?, by faith.The life of the child of God must be ,has to be, a life of faith, this is  the victory that overcometh the world,even our faith[1 John 5 v4 ] Valley of fear or valley of faith,what is it going to be?
A  prayer....../Dear God grant us grace that we will be enabled to turn valley's of fear into valley's of faith,in Jesus name Amen /

Little is much if. [ Jeremiah 32 v 17]

The prophet Elijah was sent by God to a widow woman who had a son,with the words,I have commanded this widow to sustain thee[1 Kings 17v9]. When Elijah met up with this widow woman,she was practically destitute. I wonder what you and I would think if you were in Elijah's place?it does not appear that this caused him any problem. As he arrived at his destination,he didn't have to go searching for this lady,he was guided right to her,as you look at this day,God will guide you through it,if you have a need He will guide you to the one He has chosen to meet Your need,it may even be a widow woman. I remember years ago a friend who was in difficulties,and her need was met by a widow woman.Likewise when I lived by faith how on a number of occasions widow women met my need.Let us not limit God as to whom He will choose to help us,or as the widow discovered the means He will use.All the lady had was a little oil and a little flour,remember the miracles of the five thousand,plus.Remember little is much if God is in it,when God blesses the little it will go a long way.
A  prayer......./ Dear God bless the little we may have to live on, bless the little service we gave,bless us little people, in  Jesus name Amen/

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tell them that are fathers lied. [ 2 Timothy 4 v1-4]

Rudyard Kipling the famous poet ,and author,lost a son in the first world war,he wrote the following,/If you ask me why we died,tell them our fathers lied/.The lost of his son must have hurt him very deeply. He must have wondered why his son had to die,that war to end all wars,that war they said would be over by Christmas..They where told that they were fighting for a better world, mybe all those things they were told,sounded like a hollow lie. The grave responsibility for everyone is to tell the truth,not to bend it,or distort it,and especially if one is a minister,I am accountable to this generation before God,to tell them the truth of the word of God.I am called to be a watchman, to warn the people [Ezekiel 3 v17] No one likes preaching about Hell, about sin and its consequences,but the truth is the truth,and it is the truth that sets people free,  it is the truth that warns people,of the danger they are in. I wonder, will there come a time when the lost will point to ministers ,and say, if you ask me why I am lost,its because you told me a lie,and I, a blind fool believed you. It is not for me to rationalise the truth,it is for me to be faithful to the truth,to preach it,and witness to it,I sincerely hope and pray that none will say of me,if you ask me why I am  lost ,it was because I lied. There used to be a rug in my pulpit with these words on it, preach the word,those words were a constant reminder to everyone who stood in that pulpit ,that they had a responsibility to preach the truth,the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
A  prayer...../Dear God have mercy upon the many who are deceived by false ministers,causing them to go to a lost eternity, in Jesus name Amen /

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ready to die. [John 11 v25]

In a very popular movie the hero says,/I am ready to die/,the very important question that we have to ask ourselves is are we ready to die?. First of all let me state the obvious,we are all going to die,the only people who will escape death,will be those who are alive when Jesus comes back again, that is those who know Him as Saviour. Until that happens the undertaker will not go out of business,there will still be a need for gravediggers.The soldier facing certain death on the battle field may not be willing to die,and the patient who has cancer may not want to die,but the fact is even though this may cause you pain as you read this,we all without exception,are going to die. The most important question one should ask, in the light of the inevitable,are we ready to die?. The Bible deals with the question of death ,and it tells us,that death is not the end,it speaks of after death,and that every human being will not cease to exists after death. The absolute vital question that needs to be faced is where will we spend eternity?,will be in heaven,or hell?,now as to the latter it is not an invention of mine,or any man. Hell is a reality that is declared in the word of God,we may not like to hear about it,but like death it is a fact that will not change. Heaven is also a reality  that will not change,the good news is that you can go to heaven,by accepting Jesus as your saviour,if you do then you are ready to die.
A  prayer..../ Dear God we thank You that You so loved the world that you gave Jesus and that through believing in Him we will not perish but will have eternal life Amen /

Monday, 20 January 2014

Vital ommissions. [Matthew 23 v23 ]

When our Saviour ministered ,Israel was a deeply religious nation,ruled by Rome,but also their religious leaders,we don't read to much the rule of Rome,but it was feared and deeply resented.Our Saviour never became involved in any conflict with the Roman authorities,the religious  leaders sought to ensnare Him,making him an enemy of Rome,and of the Jewish people,but where unsuccessful[ CP Matthew22 v15ff].Religion can be a mask in which the true self,can hide behind,in Matthew  23, our Lord deals with this,He points out that what the religious taught ,was but a front,the reality was this,they oppressed the people,they craved and wanted to be glorified,to be called master,to be thought as Fathers ,over the people,They exploited their position for material gain,taking advantage,of the vulnerable,in many things they were motivated by money,and pride.Our Saviour sums up their great failures [v23] ,they ignored the most important parts of the law, justice,mercy,and faith.It is to the church of Corinth that the apostle Paul wrote to,reminding them that religious activity if it lacks love it is of absolutely of no worth.
A  prayer..../Dear God forgive us if we have omitted the gold for the dross in Jesus name Amen/

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The distance between [2 Corinthians 3 v18]

Today I have been thinking of the distance between what I would desire to be, and what I am,can the gap be closed?. It is just a thought that has crossed my mind,who is the man I want to be?,a more sacrificial man,a man of great spiritual gifts,of great spiritual knowledge,of great faith,that could remove a mountain. I wonder could I be trusted with those things?,even though I may want them.Say I had the gift of healing could I cope with the demands that would bring?.What if suddenly souls started to be saved under my ministry?all these things have an attraction about them,but it does not close the gap between what I should be ,and what I am?. Possible I may always be conscious of that gap,is that a bad thing?,or a good thing?.One day a group of young people in their enthusiasm spoke to D.L.Moody the great evangelist of their achievements,they had spent hours in prayer,and he said, Moses wist not that the skin of  his face shone [Exodus 34 v29]. Could it be what we, in all sincerity call greatness,or see as greatness in spiritual growth,is but a deluded self promotion, a self-aggrandisement?.Whereas true spiritual growth has about it a true lack of self promotion,like Moses we will be unaware of the gap closing.
A  prayer....../ Dear God close the gap between what we are, and what we should be ,and don't tell us,in Jesus name Amen/

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lets call her hope. [ Psalm 42 v11]

In one of G.K.Chesterton books, a doctors and his young wife have experienced a lot of trouble,it ends with the doctor finding out his young wife was pregnant. They look at each other filled with joy at the forthcoming event,and they ask each other,what are we going to call the baby,if it is a girl?. The doctor replies,/Lets call her hope/,yes indeed what a lovely name,hope,and it made me thing of the many who must be despairing,because there appears no hope. In Acts 27 we read of a boat in a storm,and how it came to the point that the sailors lost hope [v20].Life for so many is tragic,we read of so many children being harmed by beast of men,for them there appears little hope,we read of murders,rapes,and so many awful things happening,that can so easily squeeze the hope out of us. Again so many people have hope solely relating to this world. Now life on planet  earth will only  give us a limited time scale ,that is why Paul writes,if in this life only we hope in Christ,we are of all men most miserable,[1 Corinthians 15 v19]. Many ,yes even Christians,can loose hope,because they have their eye's fixed on this life,and  the things of this life ,as a Christian, we have Christ in us the hope of Glory.In Psalm 71v5 we read,You are my hope,O Lord God,if that is so, no matter what our situation is,we need not despair,as to time or eternity.
A prayer ...../Dear God thank You that in Jesus we have for time and for eternity, hope. Amen/

Friday, 17 January 2014

Gods word.[ Psalm 119v11]

In Psalm 119v11, we read,/Thy word have I hid in mine heart,that I might not sin against Thee/. Consider first of all ,we are talking about Gods word,not mans,we must continually remind ourselves the importance of Gods word in our lives.I, like many Christians read the bible everyday,if I don't I am starving my soul.Next the writer speaks of hiding Gods word in his heart ,if you where to ask me my mobile number,I could not tell you,likewise my car reg number,the reason being I have not consciously made the effort to memorise them. So it is we can read Gods,without really thinking about it,or memorising it,but the writer of this Psalm stresses the importance of hiding Gods word in his heart,  the ancient Israelites where told to remember all the commandments of the Lord[Numbers 15v39] The writer then tells us that he puts to good use ,that word, which he has hid in his heart,the answer that he may not sin against God.Our Saviour used the word God when tempted by Satan [Matthew 4].The ungodly will do all sorts of wrong things,in relation to sex,in relation to money,because Gods word has no influence on them,but the child of God must not run with the crowd,or the flavour of the month,the Christian is called to live according to Gods word.
A  prayer...../ Dear God ,help us to really listen to Your word,to hide it in our hearts,and to be guided at all times by it, in Jesus Name Amen/

Thursday, 16 January 2014

God does speak [ 1 Samuel 3 ]

Does God speak to us?,and of course we would say yes,He speaks to all humanity through creation, cp Psalm 19,so much so, that they are without excuse,cp Romans1 v20.The guro scientists in their blindness ,have accumulated a world of followers whom it could be said that they have blinded with science. Yes God does speak,not only through creation, but through His word,the Bible,this word is the only true revelation from God,that can bring us to know God.The central message of this book,is mans sinfulness,and Gods remedy,the sacrifice of His son Jesus,for mankinds sin. It appears stange that for a great deal of the time ,those who represented the church kept the word of God hidden from millions of people. In recent history many political powers have suppressed, and banned the word of God, why?,a good question. I am privileaged with many others to have the Bible,but of course having the Bible,is not enough,we must embrace its message,of salvation through Christ alone,and having done that,to get to know Him through that book.As a Christian God does speak to me,when I am afraid,He tells me to fear not,when I am dismayed,He reminds me, that He is my God,and ,He will strengthen me,He will help me, He will uphold me[Isaiah 41 v10]. Yes God does speak,if we are prepared to listen.
A  prayer......./Dear God have mercy upon us,make Thyself  known to us through Christ,and us the grace to listen when You speak in Jesus name  Amen /

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This poor man cried. [ Psalm 34 ]

I winder have you every felt like Jacob,to the point where you cry out all these things are against me[Genesis42v36],may be you feel like this right now.Why did Jacob say such a thing? should we judge him?no, judging is Gods role,what should we do?we can pray for that person.Jacob was suffering from a deep sorrow,he had lost a son,some things are hard to recover from,it is possible,but people have died of a broken heart. Yet it appears to be possible,Job suffered so much,the words of Jacob could be applied so easily to him,yet if we read the end of Jobs life ,we see how he appeared to recover.David experienced a great deal of suffering , and out of that suffering prayed to God,and wrote his prayers down,they are known as Psalms,that would put to music, and sung, by Gods people. A man  experienced a great loss,it effected him so much ,that he left home,and became one of the homeless people.One day he wandered into a great cathedral,he felt no one cared,yes he was hungry,dirty,but the burden on his heart was greater that his bodily needs,so he slipped into a pew. As he sat there the choir where practicing and they where singing a Psalm,as he listened ,light shone into the deep recesses of his heart. They where singing the 34th Psalm ,it was v6 that touched him,/This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him,and saved him out of all his troubles/.So that poor  man cried unto the Lord,and the Lord heard,and healed his wounded broken spirit.
A prayer..../ Dear God  we thank You that you do not close Your heart, to those who need You, You lift the heavy burden, and heal the broken in heart ,through Jesus Your Son Amen/

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The value of a person. [ Genesis 1 v 27]

I read this recently,what is Nigella Lawson worth?,think about this question,what is she worth?,now of course what they are really asking is, how rich is she?.If we were to ask her children what she is worth?,what would their answer be,to them she is priceless,and it has nothing to do with how rich she is.The same could be said of her parents,their daughter is everything to them,and that has nothing to do with her riches. To often, sad to say people are evaluated,according their possessions,or their standing in society. I remember saying to a local lord mayors wife, that I had never met a lord mayor, and she replied ,oh we are just normal human beings,well of course I knew this,I was just saying that I had never met a lord mayor before, It is unfortunate that our values can become so distorted,our worth ,meaning how rich we are,how powerful we are,or how gifted we are.Our Saviour never took into account a persons riches,or position,he was basically concerned about the person. The sad thing about history is,Napoleon,Hitler,Stalin,and the like,.never really cared for people,likewise the bankers,and the rich. The story in Luke16 v19ff is a very telling story,as to the attitude of the rich in this world,they look at people,without really caring.
A  prayer...../Dear God  help us to see people as You see them,to not be blinded by false set of values, in Jesus name Amen/

Monday, 13 January 2014

Shine [ Matthew 5v14 ]

I looked out on my garden,while it was still dark,now we have many solar lights,but only one was shining. Only one , but it shone in the dark,the word of God declares,that the whole world lieth in darkness[1 John 5v19].  As I read history I soon become  aware how truly dark things can become,likewise if I read a paper,there is a darkness,  darkness in banking in politics,the sad commentary of the human situation we love,yes love darkness rather than light.[John 3 v19] One can feel so overwhelmed by the darkness,what can be do?,very simple we can shine,as lights in a dark place.That is the challenge,to shine by our good works,to shine in being holy. Yes be holy,William Gurnall wrote,/ The people who will not love you because you are holy, cannot help but respect and fear you for the same reason/.Let us remember light can be an influence for good,a lighthouse will be the means of saving many lives,so we can be like a lighthouse ,by simply shining,God can use us to bring sinners into the light,to know Him who is the light of the world,even Jesus.Shine wherever God has placed you,that is why He has placed you there,stop looking at other places,shine today,in the place you are at.
A  prayer...../Dear God a simple request help us to shine in Jesus Name Amen /

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Consumerism .[ Luke 12 v 15]

I have been thinking about consumerism, the preoccupation of society with acquiring goods[ dictionary meaning], how should we view it, if we are Christians?.We are all part of it ,to some extent,should we feel guilty?,should we buy when we don't need to buy?.I like shopping ,I am always looking for that reasonable priced article that takes my fancy,my wife tells me often that I do not need another  shirt,I answer back,I am not buying it because I need it, but because I like it and want it. Is it wrong to want something,even though one does not need it.?I suppose the test for me as a Christian is would I be willing to give up,my life style,with all my earthly goods,do the goods have me,or do I have the goods?. Jesus said to Peter,do you love me more than these ? [John 21v15], it is a very important question,it goes back to the commandments,/ Thou shalt have no other gods before me/[ Exodus 20v3].Jesus said that love for him must even come before our  family,[Matthew 10 v37],and that the greatest commandment,was to love  the Lord thy God,with all our hearts,and with all our souls,and with all our mind,and to love our neighbour[others] as ourselves.[Matthew 22v 37-38]  Enjoy what God has blessed you with ,don't live with guilt[ 1 Timothy 6 v 17], but don't hold unto them ,to the damage of your relationship with God.
A  prayer....../ Dear God help us as consumers, not to lose sight of You in Jesus name Amen /

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Someone to watch over me. [ Isaiah 46 v 4]

There is an old song by George Gershwin called ,/ Someone to watch over me/, which I like, the songs theme expresses a desire for someone to watch over them. As I listened to those words I thought ,I have someone watching over me,my loving heavenly Father,  He has watched over me, He has preserved me when I was drowning,He has assured me from an early age ,that He was my Father,when I did not have a father,[my mother left my father when I was very young].As I look back  I  can clearly see that God was watching over me, early in my Christan life I read the lives of people like Hudson Taylor,George Mullier,  these Christians proved Gods faithfullness,in providing, protecting,and leading, likewise Gods servants in the Bible .A Christian who had experienced a lot of trouble in his life was asked what he treasured most in those times,he thought for a moment and he replied,He was there for me. As I look back in my life when times were hard,times when I felt misunderstood,times when there was no else, He was there for me, He was that someone who was watching over me.
A  prayer......./ Dear God we praise You for watching over us Your children, in Jesus name Amen /

Friday, 10 January 2014

The cross. [ Galations 6 v14]

Let us consider the Cross of Christ,the cross must never be by passed,there are many who profess to be Christians who have never been to the cross..The Christ and the cross can never be separated,the cross was the altar on which Christ became a sacrifice for sin.A cross less Christ is of no value to sinners who need their sins forgiven,and our greatest need is the forgiveness of our sins. In Galations 6v14, the apostle points us to the cross of our Lord Jesus,and tells us that is only thing he will glory in,not his religion,not his standing in the community,not his birth nor family[ Philippians 3 v1ff]. To modern man ,as to ancient man the cross may appear meaningless and foolish,we must not be intimidated by this,we must never compromise, we must proclaim a Christ crucified. One of the things Stalin and Hitler had in common was that their armies  should never retreat,they should hold their ground,this strategy was criticised, but in relation to the cross we can never retreat, it is the only strategy. I have a cross in my home and I took hold of it and started to sing that old hymn by F.J. Crosby,/ Jesus keep me keep me the cross,there a precious fountain,free to all a healing stream,flows from Calvary's mountain.In the cross,  In the cross,be my glory ever.Till my raptured soul shall find rest beyond the river./
A  prayer...../ Dear God we praise You for Jesus who died on a cross,so that our sins could be forgiven ,Amen /

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Is it possible? [Genesis 16v 13]

Consider  the words spoken by Hagar in Genesis16v13, /Thou God seest me/, I wonder  do you doubt this?,as one consider the vastness of the universe,how is it possible God see's you and me. Even as one considers the population of earth, billions of people ,and getting bigger every day,can we with  say,Thou God seest me.Then consider all God has to do, keeping things going,the universe is vast,the population of this world is great,yes that is true.Let us consider not the vastness of the universe,the population of this world and consider the Greatness of God.He is greater than His creation,they do not dwarf Him,or are to much for Him to cope with,no He is God. He is not a man,with all man's limitation,our thoughts as regards God are so often narrow so limited.In that great chapter in Isaiah 40,we have the greatness of God declared,we see the ,smallness of humanity,and the smallness of the nations. There is no one equal to God,and yet this chapter ends with,words of encouragement, God seeks to, help his people to  get their eye's of  the universe,and the nations. The fact of the matter is our vision is to earthbound,God is great,but He is very personal, it was Augustine who said,/God loves each of us, as if there were only one of us,yes in spite of the vastness of the universe,God  see's us, and loves us.
A  prayer..../ Dear God we thank You that You not only see us,but You also love us through Jesus Amen

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christian. [ Revelation 3 v1]

Jacob is an interesting person,according to D. Kidner his name meant,/May God be your rearguard/,but says Kidner,through his behaviour he devalued his name,and it became a synonym for treachery.It was Alexander the Great who told someone who was called Alexander, but had a bad reputation,to change his name or his behaviour. When one trusts Christ, one receives a new name Christian,I am known as a Christian,but Iike Jacob my behaviour, may not live up to my name.As the nations of Islam look on what they believe to be Christian nations they thank their god that they are Muslins. It used to be said that we are a Christian nation,but how little we live up to our name,I was talking to a friend who has boy friend,who lives at a distance from her,and she spoke that hopefully they might begin to live with each other,she would believe that she is a Christian. Yet as I write this I am conscious that I myself like Jacob, could act in a way that would devalue that name that I  rejoice in . When we call ourselves Christian we are not just taking on a label , but a life,a life that should glorify Christ in all that we do.
A prayer..../ Dear God help us to live up to the name we bear as Christians,for Jesus sake Amen./

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

There is hope. [ Ephesians 2 ]

Is it wrong to doubt?,the brain has a skull to protect it,we also use other things to protect our head, but what about the mind?,for it seems to me ,that our mind is continually coming under attack That attack comes from the world,the flesh and the devil,we should never be surprised ,yet we are  surprised.What chance does the unsaved have ?,the answer is very little,they are in love with darkness[ John 3v19], ,Jesus who is both light and holy ,was not only rejected,but crucified,that is how dark the human mind is,and John adds, because there deeds are evil.  Yet there is hope,as long as it is the day of grace there will always be hope,I love that old Wesley hymn,where he writes,/ Long my imprisoned spirit lay,fast bound in nature's night. Thine eye diffused a quickening ray, I woke, the dungeon flamed with light. My chains fell off,my heart was free,I rose, went forth, and followed Thee/. Where sin abounds,let us remember grace can much more abound,one of the most telling passages in the NT is Ephesians 2 ,the apostle Paul paints a dark picture of his readers former condition,they were dead in trespasses in sin,they were wordly,following Satans dark ways,they were children of disobedience,they were caught up and involved in the lusts of the flesh,there nature is described as that of a child of wrath.But a wonderful thing happened,a merciful,gracious, and loving God intervened.The result was they put their trust in Jesus who can save to the uttermost, from the gutter most.
A prayer..../ We rejoice God that with You there is always hope,because of Jesus Amen /

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The cross the gatsway to glory. [ Hebrew 12 v2 ]

In Scotland there are clans,and one is called the Ferguson clan ,each clan has there own particular kilt design,and there own particular motto. The Ferguson motto is,Dulcius ex asperis,or sweeter after difficulties, sweeter after difficulties,it is a very meaning motto.We live in time when many want instant success especially in the entertainment industry,Susan Boyle became an instant success,but she had her difficulties to cope with, to achieve certain goals,often means overcoming difficulties.The dreams we have,do not come about  without effort,often sacrifice,often we covet others success,or are envious of their success,and we fail to appreciate the difficulties they have had to contend with.Instead we just want their success,we want the glory,but we are not willing to pay the pay cheque.This motto sweeter after difficulties reminds me of Hebrews 12 v1,/Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith,who for the joy that was set before Him,endured the cross,despising the shame,and is sat down at the right hand of the throne of God/.As Stephen was about to be martyred ,he had a vision of heaven [Acts 7 v56],our Saviour and Stephen both experienced drinking from a bitter cup,but now they are enjoying the sweetness of glory, /for them the cross was the gateway to glory./ [Hughes]
A  prayer.... /Dear God grant unto Your children the grace to persevere under difficulties,help them s to see that the cross is the gateway to glory, in Jesus name Amen /

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The gift too wonderful for words.[ 2 Corinthians 9 v15 ]

I received a number of gifts at Christmas,a camera,telephone,books,man bag,sweets,clothes,shoes,and other things,I do have five sons. Receiving all these gifts reminded me of a verse in the Bible in 2 Corinthians 9 v15.Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift. The apostle is lost for words in relations to Gods gift to us of Jesus,consider the greatness of that gift,the cost of that gift ,the wonder of that gift.How truly blest we are as Christians,in reminding us how blest we are by Gods giving, Paul is challenging us  to respond, by being generous in our giving,we have received so much more than the things of time.W Barclay writes a number of things that are worth considering,/ It does something for others.a gift in a time of need is something which brings not only our love, but also God's love into the lives of others/Our giving should be for the glory of God,J. Piper writes/Every good work should be a revelation of the glory of God/ I believe Christians are very generous in their giving and that is the way it should be,our Saviour taught that it is more blessed to give than receive.[Acts 20 v35].
A  prayer..../ Dear God thank You for Jesus ,Your indescribable gift, help us to respond by being generous to others in Jesus name Amen/

Gone [Jeremiah 31 v 31-34 ]

I am amazed as I watch TV quiz programes of the knowledge  that many people have,and how they remember the things they do.I am a person who reads,but many of the things I read,I will not remember.  The other day I spoke to a lady who seemingly worked with me,or in the team I worked in,and I could not remember her. I was speaking to my younger brother ,on the phone,he mentioned the principal of the school we attended,who remembered me,I remember him and liked him,even though he caned me and another for smoking.I remember part of my very early childhood ,a little about my father,and school as  an infant,about fallen asleep in class and being very abruptly awakened by the awful teacher.There are many things I remember ,a lot of things I don't remember and there are things I don't want to remember.One of the great blessings of the salvation that we come into when we trust Jesus as Saviour is forgiveness of sins,and with that forgiveness comes the wonderful promise from God, who declares,/I will forgive their iniquity,and I will remember their sin no more[Jeremiah 31 v34] As far as Gods concerns when are sins are gone they are gone,He will not cast them up at us, he will not judge us by our forgiven past.Buried in the deepest yes that's good enough for me,I shall live eternally,praise God my sins are gone.
A  Prayer....../Dear God we praise Your name for forgiving our sins,and choosing to never remember them anymore in Jesus name Amen /

Friday, 3 January 2014

The praying non religiuos person. [Acts 17v 23ff ]

I was listening to the radio, and I heard a doctor being interviewed,he sounded a very genuine man,he had just returned from Syria,and he spoke of the awful things that where going on. He spoke how many dear civilians are being killed,and that no one government was doing anything to stop it,he himself had tried to get people to listen,but they didn't, and so the slaughter continues.The person who was interviewing him,asked him a personal question, was he a religious person,?,as he had mentioned prayer. The doctor said he wasn't, but there where times ,he suddenly tuned into another wave length,and would pray. He said that he did not pray all the time, and that he did not need God all the time,but when he did pray God was always there to help. I must confess I found it a bit of a strange thing to say, I wonder what you think of it ?. It appears to me that he was saying a number of  things,that in fact , he was religious,and he believed in prayer,it may surprise us if we knew the many people who pray,who do not appear religious. Secondly he bears out the truth that there are no athiests in a foxhole,now while this doctor was a religious praying man,he did not appear to know Jesus as his saviour,if he did then he would realise how prayer is the Christians vital breath,not just for emergencies.
A prayer...../Dear God have mercy upon so many who have confused ideas as regards You,and yet they pray,in Jesus name Amen/

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Come [ Matthew 22 v37]]

In our town we have what is known as food banks,where people who are struggling to meet there needs, can go and receive help,I do not know who started this up,but many churches are involved.As it was Christmas it was decided to put on a Christmas dinner,our church allowed the use of our cooking vacillates,and premises.It was reckoned that about fifty people would come,imagine their disappointment when only six turned up. Our Saviour tells of  a man who prepared a great feast and invited many,and none of them turned up,[ Luke 14 v15]. The story He told  related to the many who receive the gospel invitation,for various reasons ,and do not accept Christ.I am sure those who were involved in the food bank are disappointed, but consider Christs disappointment,He came unto His own, and they did not receive Him.CP. His lament in Matthew 22v37,how often would I have gathered thy children together,.....and ye would not. How often I have preached the gospel,how often I have witnessed to people,and how few have come to Christ,Such is the fallen blind nature of mankind,,for this is the condemnation,that light has come into the world, and men loved darkness, rather than light,because their deeds were evil[John 3 v19].
A prayer...... Dear Lord help us to overcome our sense of disappointment when people reject our acts of kindness ,yet help us to see how You feel as You offer Your son ,and He is rejected,and help us not to give up,knowing the work we do for you is never in vain,we shall reap if we faint not Amen/

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 [ Psalm 27]

We have left 2013 behind,and are now moving into 2014,we have experienced blessing, God has been faithful in 2013,but perhaps you have experienced pain,failure,a word for all of us,let us not be held a prisoner of the past. The apostle Paul wrote forgetting those things which are behind,and let us press on towards Glory,onward and upward. As to 2014 we do not know what lies ahead, but we have one who is with us who changeth not,His love will not change,His care for us will not change.In 1939 King George the 6th made a broadcast to the nation and the empire,we as a nation where on the brink of war, he read a poem by L. Haskins,
                I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year,give me a light that I may tread
                 safely into the unknown, and he replied.
                 Go into the darkness and put your had into the hand of God,that shall be to you,
                 Better than the light,and safer than the known way.
A  prayer...... Dear God we thank You that You are with us,that Your love and care will not change,that we are not alone,come what may,and so we put our hand into your land,as a child does with its father,trusting You our loving heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen /