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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Creations voice. [ Psalm 19 ]

I wish I could see more stars in the sky but living in a town with its natural light ,one can see very few stars. In Psalm 19 we read that ,/ The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth His handywork/, this Psalm tells us that the natural creation is Gods voice to mankind, one writer,H Lockyer,writes,/ We learn from David that God has two sorts of books- The book of His creations , a commonplace book for all to read, 19 v16.The other volume is scripture 19v7-8/.Evolution seeks to undermine the first book, and many blindly embrace this error ,and in so doing silence the voice of God. Today God is speaking to all mankind through His creation, so as Paul writes ,/They are without excuse/. [Romans 1 v20 ]/As we look at creation let us praise God, and pray that people will hear Him speaking to them, and might begin to seek Him.[ Dear God I thank You for Your creation, help me to hold fast to the truth of creation, and to proclaim it, in Jesus name, Amen ]

Monday, 30 August 2010

I am not alone. [ Isaiah 41 v10 ]

The world can be a lonely place, even as a Christian we can feel alone, even in a crowd we can feel alone, but of course we are not alone,we may feel alone. The hymn writer wrote, / Im not alone while walking lifes pathway, I have a friend who walks along with me, Im not alone although Im often lonely, My Lord divine is by me constantly./ Those words appear to be contradictory, but they are not, for they stress two aspects of our Christian life that we will always have to contend with, Feelings and Faith. Our feelings can crush us, even destroy us if we let them, it is faith ,that can enable us to rise above our feelings, so today if we are feeling lonely, acknowledge it to God, and by faith, rest on His promise, that He is with us always [Matthew 28 v20 ] [ Dear God help me to grasp by faith that I am not alone, that you are with me today and every day, in Jesus name Amen ]

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Being angry. [ Ephesians 4 v26 ]

Sometimes I get angry, is anger wrong?, not always, there is a righteous anger, the Bible speaks of the Lords anger, in many places,but of course we are not the Lord, and often our anger is far from righteous.There are things in the world that are evil, child abuse, and so many other things that we should be angry about, but we need to be careful,that we dont overstep the mark. We are all inperfect, those who manifest so called road rage, forget the the fact that they are imperfect drivers. Because God has revealed ,to me that I am a sinner, and has forgiven me,so I must treat people as He has treated me, I must channel my feelings into an attitude of love, and pray, let God deal with the wrongs,yes be angry but dont let it be sinful anger.[ Dear God help me as regards being angry, fill me with Your Spirit, and enable me to control my anger in Jesus name Amen ]

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Thank You for Your Word.[ 2 Timothy 3 v 15-17 ]

As a Christian I give thanks ,for the word of God, and the Spirit of God, these are Gods gift to us, I do understand peoples preference for particular translations. I love the AV,not because it is the best translation , I am not qualified to say, but because it was the translation I used for most of my Christian life, so I have a strong emotional attachment to it, but I love different translations,and I appreciate paraphrases,I love the word of God, I treasure it, I read it everyday ,study it continually, and am blessed . When the enemy of my soul attacks me, I use the word of God to refute him, when I am feeling down, I recieve words that lift my spirit up, when I am faced with problems , I hold unto the promises of God,trusting Him to fulfill those promises, yes I give thanks for Gods word. [Dear God thank You for Your word, that brings me the message of life,that feeds and strengthens my soul, help me to treasure it always in Jesus name Amen ]

Friday, 27 August 2010

Hidden resources.[ Exodus 6 v 1-8 ]

The words of a hymn come to mind ,they go,/when we reach the end of our hidden resources/,these words remind me , that for all our trying,our resources, there are so many things we cannot change.Think of the parents who have children ,who are out of control,of broken personalities,broken lives, the list goes on and on,and we discover that all our human resources , nothing changes.I remember years ago a dear brother in the Lord, faced with an unresolvable problem,and he recieved this word from God, /Now shalt thou see what I will do[ Exodus 6 v1 ]/,God did act on his behalf and delivered him. Sometimes the problems of life are so great, that no human resource can change them ,and we cry unto God in despair, and we have nothing left, we have reached the end of our human resources,it is then, we will see what God will do. [Help me dear God with the difficulties I am faced with, I have tried to solve them, but I have failed, I have reached the end of my hidden resources, come my God to my aid and help me in Jesus name Amen ]

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nothing between. [ 2 Corinthians 10 v 4-5 ]

It was a great day when the Berlin wall came down, I suppose we thought it would never come down, but it did . I am sure many people in Germany prayed that it would come down, and so eventually it happened. I am not a brick layer,I have never attempted to build a wall, but I believe many of us have built walls, not with brick and mortor, but emotional walls, mybe we have been hurt,or treated unfairly ,so we build a wall to protect us, to keep the hurts at bay. What do walls do ? they keep people out, and often they keep God out,oh yes many of us talk to God,with the wall between Him and us,because we dont want Him or others,to get to near us. I remember reading about a lovely Christian , who was nearing death and she said of her relationship with God, that there was nothing between, in other words no walls. [ Dear God I ask that You would break down those brick walls that I have built between You and me in Jesus name Amen ]

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Doers of the word. [ Matthew 7 v24 -27 ]

The Bible tells us to be doers of the word,not hearers only,it says if we are hearers only, then we are decieving ourselves[ James 1v22]. Consider how many sermons have you listened to,and ask yourself how many times have you done what you heard?. How many daily readings ,and Bible readings ,have you read, and not done what you read?. Revelation 1v3 declares,/Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy[AV], many dear Christians appear to stop there,and then go into the game of spectulating about the end times,they remind me of those in ancient Athens ,who spent their time in nothing else, but discussing the latest ideas[ Acts 17v21]. But the verse in Revelation goes on to say,/ and obey what it says[ NLT]. When I was bringing my children up I expected them to listen to what I said, but I also expected them to obey what I said. God is no different He really expects us to do what He tells us,to forgive others, to love others,to give, to go that extra mile, in the words of Mary,/Whatsoever He saith unto you do it/[ John 2 v 5]. [ Dear Lord forgive me for not doing what You asked me to do, help me today, to be a doer of Your word ,in Your name we ask this Amen ]

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Telling others about Jesus. [2 Timothy 4 v1-6]

Life has its seasons, young ,middle and old age, the years have their seasons, spring ,summer,autumn, and winter, and even sport has it seasons. In 2Timothy 4v2 ,we read,/Preach the word, be instant in season,out of season/, these words were written to a minister of the Gospel, but they are words for all of us who love Jesus. William Barclay, writes on this,/ The Christian must count every time an opportunity to speak for Christ,[A quote by a Theodore of Mospeuestia]he goes on to say,/This does not mean that we will not choose our time to speak, for there is a courtesy in evangelism as there is in every human contact, but it does mean that it may well be that we are far to shy in speaking to others about Jesus Christ./[ Dear God help me to tell others about Jesus, help me to overcome my shyness, or whatever is holding me back, for Christ sake we ask this Amen]

Monday, 23 August 2010

Help me.[Philippians 4 v13 ]

Help me are the two words I use when I pray , help me to be holy, help me with a given task, help me not to worry, help me to trust, help me to forgive, help me physical. These two words indicate a dependance on God to help , and rightly so,because I know that I am weak, and I need His help. People want to be independant, especially young people,they resent their parents authority,the story of the prodigal son [ Luke 15], shows the worse example, of a young man, who wanted to be independant, free to do what he wanted, what a mess he made of it. As Christians we need to be dependant on God, we need His help, if we are foolish enough to throw of our dependance on God, and reject His help, we need not be surprised, if things eventually go pear shaped. Let the words of Annie Sherwood be our prayer today.[ I need Thee every hour, most gracious Lord,no tender voice like thine can peace afford. I need thee , O I need Thee, every hour I need Thee. O bless me now my Saviour, I come to Thee. Amen ]

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Investing. [ Matthew 6 v 24-34]

There is a term called the south sea bubble, it originated in the 18th century, a company called ,the South Sea Company was formed, and people invested in it heavily, expectations grew. Kenneth Morgan writes in his illustrated history of Britain./The bubble grew steadily ,encouaging still more fraudulent bubbles in even more implausible projects as it grew.When confidence eventually failed and the bubble burst the consequences were catastrophic/. All to firmilar story,mankind never appears to learn from their past mistakes, Jesus spoke of investing, in the bank heaven, this is what He taught,/Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth,.......... But lay up treasures in heaven [Matthew 6 v19 - 20 ]. Let us remember our security is in God,who on a coming day will reward us for all we have invested in His kingdom, Martin Luther said we are saved by faith alone , but the faith that saves us is never alone.So today let us all invest in our Saviours Kingdom, with our time, talents and money.[ Dear God help me to invest in Your Kingdom ,for the sake of Jesus my Saviour Amen ]

Saturday, 21 August 2010

My forever Friend.[ Hebrews 13 v 5 ]

I went to the cinema last night to see Toy Story 3 I must confess I was tired and felt like leaving half way through, but I didnt, I stayed and watched the whole movie. I will share with you what I got from this movie , not a lot, but there was a point in the movie when, Andy the owner of the Toys is leaving to go to College, and so he decides to give his toys to a young girl. Well he is handing over his toys, and when he comes to hand over his favourite toy Woody, he says to the young girl, /The thing about Woody is he never gives up on you, and he is with you no matter what./ Now he was speaking of his favourite toy, but you know there is someone I know who of course is not a toy, but a real person, I have known Him a long time, and He has never given up on me, and He has stayed with me, no matter what, His name is Jesus, He is as the Gospel hymn says my forever friend, I wonder do you know Him ?. [ Dear God we thank for Jesus who can become my forever friend Amen ]

Friday, 20 August 2010

Grow up.[1 Corinthians 13 v11]

When I was a child I loved going to the cinema, it was a place of escape for me, I remember , Flash Gordon, Hopalong Cassidy,and many others ,I still like going to the cinema occasionally. Also from an early age I loved to read, I remember reading ,Huck finn, and the adventures of Tom Sawyer, all these things entertained, like going to the circus, or the fun fair,they played a big part in my growing up. When we become Christians we are babes in Christ but of course we are meant to grow up, to move on , to become more mature, in our thoughts and manner. In writing to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul challenges the Christians to grow up, they where still acting like children in their behaviour, he speaks of them , being riddled with envy,strife and divisions, as being carnal.[ 1 Corinthians 3 v2-3]. In 2 Peter 3 v18 we are exhorted to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. [ Dear God help me to grow up spiritually,to keep growing until You take me home to glory, in Jesus name Amen ]

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Guidance. [ Psalm 48v 14 ]

I wonder what you think about guidance?, as I look at my life history, being guided by God has been to the forefront of my life. Even now I am faced with a situation and I am praying for God to guide me,now of course God has promised to guide His children. How does God guide?, His word,His Spirit, seems simple, but often it isnt,one thing we can say about guidance is, we must ask God to guide. On reflection,one way God guided me was by shutting doors,so many times I have sought to move forward, and the way was closed to me, I want to stress that shut doors ,are just as much Gods guidance as open doors.[Acts 16v7]. The shut door may cause one pain, but best to accept it, and move on, I have no pat answers as to guidance, one think for sure God will not lead us to do anything that contravenes ,His word, but He does expect us to obey His word, and do His will.[ Dear God please guide me in all things, in Jesus name Amen ]

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Total harmony. [ Romans 12 v1-2]

Jesus never stepped outside the Fathers will, never once did He speak outside what God wanted Him to speak,never once did He not do, what God wanted Him to do. His life was in total harmony with the Fathers,and so everything He spoke and did ,pleased His Father.[Matthew 3v 17] Jesus says to those who are His, follow Me, and that is the challenge of the Christian life, to live a life of perfect harmony with God, always speaking what He wants us to speak, always doing what He wants us to do.In a hymn by Clara Scott, each verse reads,/Open my eyes,Open my ears,Open my mouth, Open my mind,she wants every aspect of her being to be in harmony with God. In this world ,that is in rebellion to God ,to live in total harmony with our God and Saviour is to open ourselves up to being misunderstood, they put Jesus on a cross. In the last verse of the Hymn Clara realizing what it may mean, responds by saying,/what shall I fear while yet Thou dost lead/.Lets be honest we all have fears especially if something is going to cost us ,when we take up our cross daily and follow Jesus, there will be a cost, yet if He is leading, we have nothing to fear.[ Silently now I wait for Thee, ready my God, Thy will to see, open my eyes , illumine me, Spirit divine. Amen ]

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My desire.[ Psalm 42 ]

Break Thou the bread of life, dear Lord to me. As Thou didst break the bread beside the sea. Beyond the sacred page, I seek Thee , Lord. My Spirit yearns for Thee , Thou living Word, so wrote Mary Lathbury. We need to feed our bodies, but we need also to feed our souls, we cannot exsist on the soaps, or cream buns, no, those things will not help us to live for Jesus. Mary wrote ,my spirit yearns for thee, can that be said of us?,is there a hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Jesus said, I am the bread of life [John 6v34], today may we feast on Him, for only in Him will we be satisfied, only in Him will we be strong, only in Him will be secure.A modern chorus goes, As the deer pants for the water, So my soul longs after You. You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship You. [ Dear Lord grant unto me a deeper desire for You Amen ]

Monday, 16 August 2010

The mercies.[ Lamentations 3 v22-23 ]

I never blogged on Saturday because we decided to go to our sons ,on Friday, we did this to avoid any possible hold ups ,the traffic was not to bad. On Saturday we transported our son to pick up a car which he had purchased for his wife, the journey should have taken two hours, it took up to four hours. The reason being, the amount of traffic on the road was horrendous,there was an accident no one appeared to be hurt, then there was road works. As I consider all the events, I could be totally negative,but I am not going to be, I believe we should look for the mercies of God in every difficulty,or trial. [1]The decision we made to travel on Friday helped. [2 ] We did not have any accidents when travelling, or breakdowns [3 ] My son got the car, so we achieved our objective.[ 4] When we returned to our home, we used our sat-nav ,which enabled my wife and I to drive home a different route, so avoiding more hold ups .Today we may find ourselves facing,difficulties,let us look for the mercies of God, they are there if we only but look.[ Dear God help me to see your mercies in every trial in Jesus name Amen ]

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A wake up call. [ Psalm 46 ]

Continually we are challenged as to where are security lies, things happened so quickly, they can make you feel very insecure. Just recently I have been taken by surprise by something, that has shaken me, but this also reminded me ,that my security lies in my God and Saviour. We Sing on Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand,but often in reality we have taken our eyes of Him. I could list a whole load of things that can cause us to lose sight of our Rock, but its only when those things whatever they are ,are threatened do we often get the message, and wake up to the reality that we have lost sight of where are security trully lies. Consider Job, Joseph, Jeremiah, men who lost everything, yet learned that only in God were they secure. We rejoice in the doctrine of eternal security, but many of us feel very insecure as to the here and now, today let us bring to our God all we feel threatened with, and trust in God to undertake,He will not fail us. [Father in Heaven in the midst of a changing world, we ask that You will help us, to trust only in You,to realize afresh that our security is in You and You alone, in Jesus name we ask this Amen]

Friday, 13 August 2010

The law of love.[ Matthew 22 v34-40 ]

I was struck with a reading from the Message in Romans 13v8ff/ Dont run up debts, except for the huge dept of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along. The law code- dont sleep with another person,s spouse, dont take someone,s life,dont take what isnt yours,dont always be wanting what you dont have, and any other dont, you can think of- finally adds up to this. Love other people as well as you do yourself. You cant go wrong when you love others. When you add up everything in the law code, the sum total is love./ [Dear God help me to grasp more and more what it means to love, and help me to put it into practice in Jesus name Amen ]

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Feel like flying away?. [Psalm 55 ]

I was born in Belfast, Belfast was bombed in the second world war, it was a time of fear, when the sirens sounded ,warning of an airraid ,people ran for cover. I remember being told how my family ran to what was known as the Castlereagh hills for safety, I was not born then, but one can appreciate the panic and fear that, gripped the people. David the Psalmist was not immune from fear sometimes it took over, and he prayed,/Oh that I had wings like a dove,for then I would fly away, and be at rest[ Psalm 55v6] . David expresses deep feelings in this Psalm ,we read words like, terror, fearfulness,trembling,and horror,and his desire was to flee, and if only I had wings I would fly away, he cries. Well who can blame him, or judge him , not me, for I know only to well how easy it is to feel what David felt at least in part . As we precede down the Psalm, we see David gradually changing his focus to God to undertake, he asks that God would deal with those who are threatening him. Then He declares words of comfort and assurance,/ Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee, He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.[v21] Whatever difficulties we may be facing,let us express our feelings honestly to God,look to Him,and leave it to Him to undertake with the difficulties, cast everything upon Him,and be assured He shall sustain us. [Dear God I must confess that so often I feel like running away, because of problems and difficulties,right now I cast everything on You, and ask that You would sustain me ,in Jesus name Amen ]

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Our most precioue possession. [ Mark 8 v34-38]

I wonder what you consider your most precious possession? well I believe the most precious possession we have is our soul. Consider what Jesus said,/ For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul [Mark 8 v36].Imagine ,if it was possible for you or I, to possess all the gold,silver,diamonds, money,oil, food etc, to be wealthier than Bill Gates, to see winnning the lottery as chicken feed. to be sitting on this mountain of possession, you have it all,you have your dream house, your dream wife / husband, you can satisfy every whim, and fancy. Jesus said if you have all that, and you lose your soul,its of no value because your soul is the most precious thing you possess, to lose it, means an eternity in Hell, to be shut out fr0m the presence of God, to be in that place where there is no reprieve, no early release.What we need if our soul is going to be saved and not lost is first of all to recognise our great need of Jesus ,to embrace Him as Saviour , to value Him more than anything else .[ Dear Lord Jesus forgive my blindness in not valuing my soul, as you value it,I ask that You would save my never dying soul Amen ]

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Withheld from sinning. [ Matthew 6 v13 ]

In Genesis 20v6, we read,I also withheld thee from sinning, words spoken to God to a king, these words remind us how God can preserve us from sinning, although spoken to an heathen king, they have meaning to us who are following Jesus.In 2 Thessaloians 3v3 the apostle writes,/But the Lord is faithful, who shall etablish you, and keep you from evil/,in these word we are again reminded how God is preserving the way of His saints.[ Proverbs 2v8]We are all very weak and vulnerable, only God and His power can keep us ,the devil is active,the flesh our fallen nature is so prone to folly, and the world appears so alluring, who is sufficent?. The great apostle wrote,/ Not that we are sufficent of ourselves,.... but our sufficieny is of God/, yes he was the great apostle, but he also was chief of sinners,who ever we are, it matters not,as to our standing, we are not sufficent of ourselves to overcome all the evil temptations,that besets us . Our responsibility is to put our trust in God, to cry unto Him continually,and if we do He shall preserve us from all evil. [ Father be Thou ever near me to , keep me from sinning, preserve my way this day in Jesus name Amen ]

Monday, 9 August 2010

Chastening. [ Hebrews 12 v 5 - 13 ]

In revelation 3v19 we read ,/As many as I love , I rebuke and chasten/,no child likes the rod, no Christian enjoys being disciplined, and yet right throughout the scripture, we have the truth, of a loving heavenly Father,that chastises His Children. Why does God chasten us His children? because we need it, in Christ we are accepted by God,but there so many things in our personality, in our nature ,that are not acceptable.We all without exception have those bad habits, and tendencies that ,we cannot see,or refuse to see, but God see,s, so God deals with them.Jacob had his cheating, Moses had His temper,David had his lack of control, Peter had his rashness. Like them we all have something, no matter who we are, so God our Father, in love will chasten us, simply because we need it. [Dear Father, I admit I dont like being chastened, so today help me to accept the truth that ,that I need You to chasten me, because You love me, I ask this in Jesus name Amen ]

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Trying or trusting. [ Romans 6 v23 ]

I try to edit my blog, but I find I usually miss something, it annoys me for I want to do it perfectly, and I realize it can be off-putting to my readers.I assembled a chest of drawers yesterday and did it perfectly,I also papered a bedroom, not totally pleased with the result. I also study for every sermon I preach, and when I preach it I am very conscience, when I make mistakes, I try for excellence continually, but fall short of it ,so often, but I will keep on trying.The Bible reminds us that no one lives a perfect life, no matter how much they try, and there are many who do try,there are even some ,who feel they do live a perfect life, but they dont. The word of God tells us clearly, that all,[ yes all ,that means you ,and me] have sinned and come short of the glory of God .[Romans 3 v23 ]. This is why Jesus came, He did live a perfect life,and His sacrificial death is what saves us, we can only be accepted by God, when we trust Him, and stop our futile efforts in trying to save ourselves, its not trying its trusting.[ Dear Lord Jesus,I give up my vain efforts to save myself, and trust you completly to save me, Amen ]

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Willing. [ Luke 22 v 39 -46 ]

Words from the past come to me, am I willing to be willing?, it is a very important question, for so often there is a reluctance to be willing. In 2 Corinthians 8 v12, we read,/For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to what he hath not/. There is a church I know , and a friend and I offered to talk to them on personal evangelisim, they were not happy with that,they were not willing to be willing. Churches, and individual Christian so often are not willing to be willing, and its only if we are willing to be willing , will we move on , in our Christian life,if we dont the result will be, we will become like a stagnant pool. The Christian is meant to be ever moving on, growing in their relationship with their Lord, this will never happen if they are not willing to be willing, so today are you willing to be willing?. [Dear Lord so often I fear the changes, and the challenges of the Christian life, not only fear them but resent them, help me to be willing to be willing, to accept Your will for my life, Amen ]

Friday, 6 August 2010

Leadership [ James 3 v 1 ]

I was having a conversation with some Christians from Africa ,they were telling me about those in leadership who exploited people, these so called ministers of Christ. They preached a so called prosperity gospel, now I believe God does prosper His people,but it is not by exploiting the vunerable ,and lining ones own pocket.One of the qualifications for leadership, is not being a lover of money [1 Timothy 3v3], it is so easy to exploit the role of Christian leadership, and to take advantage of the vunerable, and many are doing this. The challenge of Christian leadship is to feed the flock of God, not to starve it,to care for it ,not to wound it, to sacrifice for it ,not to exploit it.There is coming a day in which those Christian leaders, who have exploited their position, will stand before Jesus,[ as we all will] and they will address Him as Lord,only to hear the solemn words from Him,/ I never new you, depart from me, ye that work iniquity[ Matthew 7 v23 ] [ Dear God we ask that you would raise up leaders in your church,who will not exploit your dear chidren, in Jesus name we ask this Amen ]

Thursday, 5 August 2010

An overcomer. [1 Corinthians 15 v57 ]

I found myself singing when I was praying, /For the Lion of Judah shall break every chain , and give us the victory again and again. For the Lion of Judah shall break every chain and give us the victory again and again/. The Lion of Judah is of course Jesus, when one thinks of a lion we are reminded of strength, today we may be feeling our weakness, feeling the hot breath of sinful passion,feeling the pull of the world,experiencing the onslaught of the enemy of our souls.Let us remind ourselves where our strength lies ,in Jesus the Lion of Judah, in His strength we can know the victory, again and again, so let us lean upon Him , rely upon Him, He will not fail us, He shall give us the victory , again and again. [In the mighty name of Jesus the Lion of Judah, we ask Father that you would grant me to be an overcomer, Amen ]

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Faltering. [ Hebrews 11 ]

There are circumstances ,difficulties, problems, that we can be faced with, which one prays about, and you seek a word from God, and you recieve one. So you have that word as regards that particular thing, and you bring it to God , and claim it,again and again. There will be times when the difficulties do not appear to be changing,and you feel its impossible, it cant happen, you feel this ,even though you have this word from God, and then you hear another word, / With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible [Matthew 19 v26 ]/. The word of God will always be fulfilled , nothing can stop its fulfilment ,nothing, Isaiah 55 v11 ,declares,/ So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it/. [Almighty God all things are possible with Thee, we ask for the grace ,to not falter in believing this wonderful truth, in Jesus name Amen ]

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Such Love. [ Romans 5 v 1-8 ]

It is John the apostle of love who wrote, in 1 John 3v1/ Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us , that we should be called the sons of God/. What kind of love was it,it was sacrificial love,we all admire sacrificial love, it is usually manifested out of love of country, family, friends, the difference in Gods love was, it was manifested for His enemies,[ Romans 5v10], strange but true. The purpose of that love,to shower upon us the greatest of blessing, to make us His children, no greater, privilege, or honour could God bestow upon us,a little chorus comes to mind./ Wide wide as the ocean , high as the heavens above. Deep, deep as the deepest sea is my Saviours love.I ,am so unworthy,still Im a child of His love, For His word teaches me,that His love reaches me everywhere/[ Dear God thanks for loving me, I ,who was once Your enemy, I, who was lost and going to Hell,I ,who was bound by sin and Satan,thank You for making me Your child, through Jesus Your Son Amen ]

Monday, 2 August 2010

The grace of God.[ 2 Corinthians 12 v 9 ]

Jesus said follow Me , He said it a number of times in the gospels,and to people day by day, He keeps saying it ,those who are not saved, and to those of us who are saved, what does it mean to follow Jesus?. Yesterday we sang a hymn about following Jesus, the chorus reads,/ I,ll follow Thee O life the giver. I,ll follow Thee suffering redeemer. Ill follow Thee deney Thee never. By Thy grace I,ll follow Thee./ The challenge is this are we willing to follow Him,have we started to follow Him? are we continuing to follow Him?, The fact of the matter it will involve a cost, yes it will, there will be challenges, and it will be ongoing,well here is how we will do it,/ By Thy grace I,ll follow Thee/. It is only by the grace of God can we hope to face the challenge of following Jesus, so today rely not upon yourself but on His amazing grace. [ Dear God help me by Your grace to follow Jesus . Amen ]

Sunday, 1 August 2010

More than conquerors. [ Romans 8 v37 ]

Today my wife and I are going to a service of commissioning, a couple we know are being commmissioned to be Christian ministers. What a challenge for that couple, yet God who has called them , will be with them, to help them in all they have to do. God does not give us a task and leave us to get on with it, no, He remains with us to help us, that applies to us all, not just that couple today. If God is calling you today to some particular task,dont be overawed, dont look at your weakness, look to God, He will be with you, to help, strengthen and guide, be assured He will not fail you. Dont worry, God says that to me so often, dont worry, for He knows I do worry, so today, remember ,God is with you, and all will be well. [ Father we are weak, but You are strong, so this day help us, to realize that through Christ Your Son we can be more than conquerors, Amen]