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Friday, 17 November 2017

The glory . ( Luke 24 v 13 - 32 )

                As I was out walking ,an old gospel song I used to sing, came to mind, its called
                The glory of His presence'', by Oswald. J. Smith.

                                                      I have walked alone with Jesus,
                                                      In a fellowship divine.
                                                      Never more can earth allure me,
                                                      I am His, and  He is mine.

                                                      On the mountain I have seen Him,
                                                      Christ my comforter and friend.
                                                      And the glory of  His presence,
                                                      Will be with me to the end.

                                                      I have seen Him, I  have known Him,
                                                      And He deigns to walk with me,
                                                      And the  glory of His presence will
                                                      Be mine eternally.

                                                      Oh the glory of His presence,
                                                      Oh the beauty of His face,
                                                       I am His, and His forever,
                                                      He has saved me by His grace.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

His name not mentioned ( John 4 v 21 - 24 )

                       When you come to read the Bible, in every book, you would expect Gods name to
                       be mentioned ,but  it is absent in the book of Esther. Yet it is pointed out by M.
                       Wilcock, ''Esther's  story shows His hand unmistakably at work behind the scenes''
                       This is one of the major aspects of God and  His kingdom ,just before our Saviour
                       died ,He said something that many Christians have not grasped ,'' My Kingdom is
                       not of this world.If it were ,my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews.
                       but now my Kingdom is from another place''.During the Commonwealth under Olive
                       Cromwell there were those who felt ,that Gods earthly kingdom was being set up.
                       But they were wrong ,many of the Jews even among  Christ's follower's expected
                       Him be the Messiah ,who would overthrow all the powers of earth and rule over
                       them,but they were wrong.The Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom,totally
                       different from the kingdoms of this would.Davids kingdom is gone ,the Holy Roman
                       Empire is gone.So it will always be , when we pray Thy kingdom come, what do we
                       expect? for the Christians to take power, it will not happen.But Christs Kingdom
                       will continue and continue to grow in the hearts men and women .Nobody and
                       nothing can stop the growth of Gods kingdom ,many have tried,many are still trying
                       but they cannot stop it, for the one who said My kingdom is not of this world also
                       said, ''I will build my Church,,and that nothing can stop it happening ( Matthew 16 v
                       18 )

                                                        My thoughts are not  your thoughts
                                                        neither are your ways my ways,
                                                        says the Lord..
                                                                    ( Isaiah 55 v 8 )

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Against You ...... ( Psalm 51 )

                   Humanity is  made up of nice people, not so nice people,cruel people ,kind people,
                   rich people, poor people ,white people,black people.So we could on describing the
                   contrasting differences of the human race,but every human being has one thing in
                   common ,we all without exception are sinners. That will never change ,never,no
                   matter how much we try, sooner or later , it manifests itself. Be it a king or a queen,
                   a minister,Sunday school teacher ,boy scout,girl guide,doctor ,nurse. We casually say
                   no one is perfect ,yes we would all agree on that, but God goes further,He says we are
                   all sinners,that means, we cannot relate our wrong doings,wrong attitudes, wrong words,
                   as something between us humans,no sin in the final analysis , involves us and a
                   holy God.When King David committed adultery, followed by murder , he prayed this
                   to God,  ''Against you, you only have I sinned , and done what is evil in your sight.
                   (Psalm 51 v 4 ).A person may murder or rob someone,and do time in prison,when
                   released, they may say I have paid my debt to society.But their sinful actions remains
                   unforgiven   ,and if there is no repentance,no seeking forgiveness, then there is still a
                   price to pay, That price involves judgement by God ,heaven is shut, and Hell beckons.

                                              For the wages of sin is death, but the gift
                                              of God  is eternal life ,in Christ Jesus our
                                                             ( Romans 6 v 23 )

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The source of evil ( Jeremiah 17 v 9 )

                Our Saviour knew the source of evil, the people who opposed Him, where very
                religious,they observed all the religious feast.They prayed,  read Gods word
                kept the Sabbath,kept the food laws,etc,etc,etc.They also laid great store at being
                children of Abraham,true blue Jews,yet Jesus knew the source of evil. Do you?
                This is what He said out of the heart,yes out of the heart,the source of our being
                out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murder, adultery,sexual immorality, theft,
                false testimony,slander.Yes He knows us better than we know ourselves ,why do I
                pray everyday,Lord create in me a clean heart,yes a clean heart ,?, because although I
                am a Christian, I have evil thoughts, evil desires,and I know how they can so easy
                take over. We are told let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he falls( 1
                Corinthians 10 v 12 ) . In Proverbs  4 v 23 )we read ,' Above all else, guard your
                guard'.Wise words,what are you putting into your heart? what am I putting into my
                heart?.  In  Proverbs  23 v 26  ,we read  'My Son (Daughter) give  me your heart,
                will you ?, I remember a little prayer children would pray when they trusted
                Jesus as Saviour,why don't you pray it, right now.

                                                     Come into my heart Lord Jesus.
                                                     come into day, come into stay
                                                     come into my heart Lord Jesus.


Monday, 13 November 2017

Redemption ( Job 19 v 25 )

                            I was playing a game of indoor bowls, and  one of the players had a poor
                            game,but next game he played better,and someone was heard to say ,'you
                            redeemed yourself'. The word redeemed in the context of a game, means's
                            to make up for a bad performance.The word redeemed appears a lot of times
                            in the Bible,there the word means's  to buy back,to pay a price.It
                            has with  it the meaning of delivering and bringing someone out of bondage.
                            It is applied to our Salvation .Humanity is seen by God as being in slavery,
                            as our Saviour said, everyone who sins is a slave to sin (   John 8 v 34 ),
                            Solomon also said ,there is no man that does not sin ( 1 Kings  8 v  46)
                            Because of this we are alienated from a holy God , a slave to our sinful
                            impulses,lost and undone,we are truly on the road to Hell. Unlike a game
                            we personally cannot redeem ourselves, because everything we could offer
                            would be tainted by sin.So God in His awesome  mercy did something
                            He would send a redeemer into the world who would pay the price of our
                            redemption ,as the Psalmist wrote ,'God would redeem ,( 49 v 15 ) And
                            so He ,who was truly God and truly man, came and paid the price of our
                            redemption.,not with perishable things such as silver or  gold ..............
                            but with  His  precious blood   (1 Peter 1 v 18-19 ) So it is when we
                            trust Jesus as our Saviour, God accepts us on the bases of  the price Jesus
                            paid on the cross.

                                                             Not the labours of my hands
                                                             Can fulfil thy law's demands;
                                                             Could my zeal  no respite know,
                                                             Could mt tears for ever flow,
                                                             All for sin could not atone;
                                                             Thou must save, and Thou alone.

                                                               ( Words by A M Toplady )

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Confident ( John 8 v 12 )

                        Martin Luther wrote ,'Nothing is more familiar or characteristic among
                        Christians than assertion. Take away assertions, and you take away
                        Christianity'. Assertion means confidence,certainty, We know that our
                        Redeemer lives , (19 V 23 )we know that Christ rose from read, ( 1 Corinthians
                        15 ) We know that Christ has forgiven us our sins ( 1 John 2 v 12 ). The
                        The Christian hes received eternal life [ 1 John 5 v 13 ). In a world that so
                        often appears in crises,confused, the Christian has a powerful message,that
                        comes  from that wonderful relationship they have with God. It all come about
                        when Christ become ones Saviour,He declared that He was the light of the
                        world ,and that those who follow Him, would not walk in darkness ,but will
                        have the light of  life. (John 8 v 12 ) Children are afraid of the dark ,but many
                        people who are not children, are afraid, darkness has engulfed them,are you one
                        of them ?,Look to Jesus, trust Him,follow Him, you will not walk in darkness.

                                         ' When Jesus comes the tempter's power is broken,
                                           When Jesus comes the tears are wiped away.
                                           He takes the gloom and fills the life with glory
                                           For all is changed when Jesus comes to stay.

                                                      ( Words by Dr, Smith )


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Heaven (Romans 8 v 31 - 39 )

                    Heaven is the place where pretence is never needed; where we live in freedom
                    from judgement; where we will never need to pretend or assume an unreal
                    posture or claim an inappropriate credit.  It will be a place where we can live for
                    the first time in all our lives in freedom from judgement- the judgement of others
                    and the self- judgements which in this life so regularly cripple and enslave us.We
                    will live in the freedom of the judgement of God. We will have accepted His just
                    judgement on our lives, be utterly one with Him  is the embodied righteousness
                    of God., and be renewed in the image of the Righteous One. We will be righteous
                    and pursue righteousness. We will at last, and for ever, do mercy, and
                    walk humbly with( our ) God. ( Mic 6 v 8 av )
                                  (  From Bruce Milne's book ,Heaven and Hell )

Friday, 10 November 2017

''Cutting off'' ( Romans 13 v 14 )

                              In  Matthew 18 v 1 - 9, Jesus speaks very sternly  to those who cause
                              others to sin ,we can think of many who do that,they come under great
                              condemnation,and will suffer severe judgement.Child abusers will suffer
                              those who trap people into prostitution,.Many dear people have been lured
                              into evil practise's,those who do will suffer, for God is just. .He goes unto
                              speak , to 'cutting  off' a member of the body, rather than giving into sin.
                              Origen  took these words literally, and was castrated.This is what John Stott
                              ''The command to get rid of troublesome eyes,hands and feet is an example
                                of our Lord's use of dramatic figures of speech. What He was advocating
                               was not a literal self maiming, but  a ruthless moral self denial. Not
                               mutilation but mortification was the path to holiness He taught.  If  your eye
                               causes  you to sin because temptation comes  to you through  the eyes( objects
                               you see), then pluck out your eyes. That is, don' t look, Behave as though
                               you had actually plucked out your eyes and flung them away and were now
                               blind and could not see the objects which previously caused you to sin''

                                                        ''Let us stop pampering ourselves''

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Temptation. ( Hebrews 4 v 14 - 16 )

                     It  was H R. Palmer who wrote that old hymn ,' Yield not to temptation,
                     many years ago,we  seldom hear it song  these days ,and yet its message is
                     relevant to every generation. Every day  everyone one of us face temptation
                     it is told that this hymn stopped a riot in a women's prison,again many years
                     ago.Sing Sing, had a women's section. One Sunday the women were gathered
                     together,for a religious service, the prison officer in charge, gave which caused
                     an uproar .A women's riot was harder to deal with than a riot by men,the situation
                     was getting out of hand, when someone started to sing the following.,
                                             Yield not to temptation, for yielding is sin,
                                              Each victory will help you, some other to win.
                                              Fight manfully onward ,dark passions sudue
                                              Look ever to Jesus He will carry you through.
                      Very soon all the lady prisoners joined in and  then quietly went back to their cells.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hell ( Luke 16 v 22 - 23 )

               I received a phone call from a friend ,he is the  brother of  Raymond who was my best
               friend up until I was 20,and then we went our separate ways. I had just come back  to
               Lord, he did not know the Lord, nor wanted to follow Him. It was years later that I
               found out that Raymond's brother had become a Christian, since then we have stayed in
               contact with each other. He is a fine Christian man ,he witnesses to many people ,I
               never thought he would become a Christian ,yet he did,for those who decry the preaching
               of Hell, it was that very thing that caused my friend to trust Jesus. He told me  that it as
               at the funeral of his father, the reality of Hell came upon him .Many ministers will not
                preach on Hell, they must have their reasons,but then we are not to lean upon our own
               understanding.Hell is not an outdated truth,  sadly to say ,untold millions will end up in
                                        On the golden streets of heaven
                                        All men hope to walk some day.
                                        Yet so many are not will to accept
                                        living way.

                                        Some will  tell that God's mercy
                                        is their only hope and plea.
                                        But I read that my dear Saviour
                                        Died for sinners just like me.
                                        Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I'm
                                        depending on the blood.
                                           ( Words by John Oatman.Jr.  )


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jabez ( 1 Chronicles 4 v 9 - 10 )

                      Whats in a name ?,well the seven dwarfs in the story of Snowhite,  reflected
                      their name,Snezzey,sneezed,Dopey was not to bright,Grumpy well he was crumby.
                      We call someone who is miserable all the time, misery guts,the children's writer
                       Roger Hargreaves was on a winner when he wrote the Mister Men books,Mister
                       Tickle,Mr Greedy, and many others.What's in a name? a lot or nothing,in Bible
                       times names meant something,Jacob means twister,in other words someone you
                       cannot trust.We read of a man in Chronicles called Jabez, which means pain.,
                       his mother experienced much pain in giving birth to him,so she called  him pain.
                       He desired to be free  from pain ,and God    granted his request.You may not be
                       Jabez but you have reputation that causes you pain. Could be ,you had a father who
                       was not up to much,you do not want to have a reputation like him, or even your
                       family.God heard the prayer of Jabez and granted his request. When we think of
                       Jabez we remember a man of prayer a man who was changed by the power of God.

                                     With Christ we are new creations,we need no longer live
                                      under fear and a dark cloud,

Monday, 6 November 2017

Do not forget your roots. ( 1 John 3 v 1 - 3 )

                 I am reading and studying  Chronicles,  at this time ,one of the things that would
                 put one of reading this book,is the first 9 chapters  are mainly names. One must
                study these two books,and begin to understand why these list of names are there.
                I am using a study guide from one the the Bible speaks today series and am finding
                it helpful.It was written to a people who had been taken into exile in Babylon.Now
                it was Jeremiah the prophet who wrote a letter to those in exile,( Jer 29 )he reminds
                them why they were in exile,also that it was not permeate ,in 70 years God would
                bring them back to their own land.In the mean while they were to settle down and
                lead a normal life, even pray for the  place they were in. The greater part of Israel
                had been taken captive into Assyria, years before.So they were as a people scattered.
                the writer of Chronicles was moved by God to remind them of who they are,a special
                people ,rooted in God,the first 9 chapters remind them of their roots. As with Israel
                of old so it is that many us who are the present Israel,made up of Jew and non- Jews,
                 need to be reminded of our roots, that in Christ we are children of God ,be we refugees
                exiles or whatever ,yes live a normal life pray for where you live, but let us be careful,
                to not forget our roots.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Changeless grace. ( 2 Corinthians 12 v 7 - 10 )

                    I read these words, ''Changeless grace in changing circumstances ''. What a
                    wonderful truth.A friend of mine and his wife who has been going through
                    a difficult time for a number of years, said how much God has upheld them.
                    I recently spoke at a church,a dear Christian brother came to me after I had
                    spoke. He said how the word preached help him.The previous week his wife
                    had died from cancer , he mentioned  how difficult he had found it, as
                    the pain killers had little effect. I can only imagine how difficult it must have
                    been.I read recently of a dear brother in China arrested ,was experiencing
                    being tortured.How can they cope with such things?,the answer is Gods
                    changeless grace in their changing circumstances.

                                                                God  said

                                                    My grace is sufficient for you.

                                                          ( 2 Corinthians 12 v 9 )


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Free at last . ( John 8 v 34 - 36 )

                             Recently it was my wife's birthday, so we had a celebration for
                            her and so the family went out for a meal. There on the table
                            where balloons  filled with gas,  that float in the air.
                            they have ribbons attached to them , that is attached to a weight.
                            the question is ,what does one do with the balloons when the party
                            is over.? Well I took them and cut the ribbon attached to the weight,
                            all of a sudden they were free,to zoom up into the heavens ,and it
                            was if I could hear them say,' Free ,free at last'.

                                                     ''If the Son sets you free
                                                      you will be free indeed.
                                                          (John 8 v 36 )

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Change. ( Malachi 3 v 6 )

                               I  am looking at a photo of a young man in a magazine ,he is dressed in
                               casual clothes,I think I will send him a few pound to buy a pair of  trousers
                              for the poor lad's trousers are torn in both knees. Yes ,although I am 73 ,I
                              know that this is the fashion,when I was young it was a sign of poverty.
                              How things change ,the newspapers are no longer large, and unmanageable,
                              I know some still are, I wonder why.?. The thing is,things change,somethings
                              don't, we change physically, my hair has turned blond,although my wife keeps
                              telling me its grey, what does she know.?. I used to be a sweet lovely young
                              man but now I  am a member of the old men's grumpy club.The fact is we are
                             finite beings, that means we will change,it is inevitable, but here is an important
                             thing ,God does not change, in His being,and in his attributes.people do try to
                             change him, even Christians,they find it hard to accept aspects of  God ,like
                             the fact that He judges people,and will judge all mankind,oh no they say, we
                             do not want that sort of God.Then  others who think it is wrong to say there
                             is only one God, and only one way to God,so they try to change it.Then there
                             are other people like the Jews who refuse their Messiah,because of what it
                             would mean, change.
                                                         We cannot change God,but He can
                                                                           change us.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Pray . ( Luke 18 v 1 )

                             In East Africa many are suffering,this is caused by a lack of rain
                             do pray.
                             In Yemen thousands of people are suffering from the worst cholera
                             outbreak in history.
                            Spain is experiencing political turmoil, which could easily break out
                            serious violence.
                            I could go on, this world is full of so much pain, many millions of people
                            have been affected by violence,
                           Millions of people have become refugees,living in camps, that are poorly
                                                   PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.

Monday, 30 October 2017

The story is not over. ( John 3 v 16 )

                    One of the most godly kings of Israel was  Josiah ( 2 Kings 22- 23 ), he sought
                    to turn the people back to God, but it was all in vain ,for after his death, the nation
                    went back to their old ways. Israel the nation had its times of  spiritual life,but so
                    often they kept running away from God.. God loved them, but oh so often they
                   rejected His love,in spite of all He had done for them. Even when they became very
                   religious in our Lords time, their religion was hard and unloving. They had the plain
                   teaching of scripture,but failed to understand, the true character and purpose of the
                   promised Messiah.Instead of seeing the importance of a spiritual rebirth, they leaned
                   heavenly on their privileged  position of being children of Abraham. To them the
                   physical  ,the outward religious acts,overshadowed everything, Instead of welcoming
                   their Messiah with open arms,and embracing Him as their saviour, they saw Him as
                   a threat to their position. In the end they came to the conclusion he would have to die.
                   and so they schemed and planned to destroy him.  It is a very dark and tragic picture
                   I paint ,but it is a true picture,but of course the story is not over,in time God will bring
                   into His kingdom,a people from Israel ,which will be made up of all mankind,of Jews
                   and non-Jews, for Gods purposes are greater than a nation state. One day all those
                  who have come to know Christ, a people from every tribe and language ,,and
                  nation will gathered unto God and will sing the praises of  Him who loved them,
                  Jesus the Lamb of God who took  away their sins

                                                      'For the earth will be full
                                                      of the knowledge of the
                                                      Lord, as the waters cover
                                                      the sea.'
                                                               ( Isaiah 11 v 9 )

Sunday, 29 October 2017

God is not a Tyrant ( Jonah 4 ]

                         The story of Jonah is interesting and instructive , a prophet running away
                         when told  by God to proclaim  Gods word to Nineveh capital of Assyria..
                         a major world power, who conquered nearly all before them.,they were religious
                        believing in many gods. When they conquered a nation they believed  they were
                        defeating that nations god., They were noted for their cruelty, when they defeated a
                        nation they would humiliate  that nations ruler,by pulling them with ropes attached
                        by lips and the jaw. They were wicked,cruel, and idolaters, So when Jonah was told
                        to proclaim Gods judgement, instead of being obedient, he was disobedient, why?
                        The answer may surprise many people who see God in the OT as a tyrant, In chap 4
                        we see a man who knew his God ,' He prayed to the Lord,''O Lord, is this not what I
                        said when I was still at home? That is why I was quick to flee  to Tarshish . I knew
                        that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love
                        a God who relents from sending calamity''. Is  he describing a tyrant ?.

                                                           There's a wideness in God's mercy
                                                            Like the wideness of the sea; 
                                                           There's a kindness in his justice
                                                            Which is more than liberty



Saturday, 28 October 2017

Gods timetable ( Acts 1 v 7 - 8 )

                       Did you know that God has a timetable?,we need to be reminded of this,unlike
                       trains and planes ,He is never late ,nor ever early,no ,whatever God has planned
                       will happen when He says it will happen. In Galatians 4 v 4 ,the writer ,writing
                       of the coming of Christ, tells us,''But when the time arrived that was set by God
                       the Father, God sent his Son,born  among us of a woman ''. It is something we
                       need to be reminded of ,especially in relation to prayer. lets be honest we all
                       want answers to our prayers immediately, and while God does answer a degree
                       quickly,other times he does not, we have to wait,for God to answer according to
                       His timetable. Now one of  the major things that some Christians struggle with is
                       the Lords coming again,it is the apostle Peter in 2 Peter 3 v ,who  reminds his
                       readers and us, that God is outside of time, and that there is a reason why he has
                       not come. The disciples were wondering when the fullness of Gods kingdom would
                       come into being ,so they asked Jesus,and this is what He told them,'' It is not for
                       you to know times or seasons ,that the Father has fixed by  His own authority''.
                       He followed up this statement by telling them that their task was to go into all the
                       world and be a witness for Him.

                                           Stop wondering and worrying as to Gods timetable

Friday, 27 October 2017

Have Thine own way Lord. ( Isaiah 64 v 8 )

                      I did not choose the body I have , God did, (  Isaiah 44 v 2 ),I did not choose the
                      parents ,I had ,God  did, I did not choose the land I was born in, God did.You  may
                      look at what I am declaring,and  find it hard to accept. I do not have all the answers
                      as to Gods ways,I cannot answer all the whys in your life and mine. But what I am
                      called to do is to understand ,that we are not Gods plaything , He knows what
                      He is doing , I am 73 and as I look back  I know God  is silent about many things,
                      yet I can see by faith Gods providence. And the safest attitude is that of trust and
                      confidence , people are challenged  to believe in God ,what does that mean to you.
                      It is more than words or intellectual ascent. It implies wholehearted trust ,that steps
                      into the unknown , and follows Him who said follow Me. We used to play a little
                      game called follow the leader , our leader is Jesus that is whom I am following .He
                      brought into being with my own peculiar  personality ,  to fulfil His will through
                      me. we  may think that we are of no  consequence, but we are to Him, and that is
                      what counts.Whatever God has placed in your heart ,seek to fulfil it ,and do it.
                      Adelade  Pollard an American lady was feeling  very discouraged,and she attended
                      a prayer meeting,and heard a lady pray,''Lord , it really does not matter what you do
                      with us,just have your own way''.She went on to write the following.

                                                  Have Thine own way Lord,have Thine
                                                  Thou art the potter, I am the clay;
                                                   Thou art the potter, I am the clay;
                                                   mould me and make me after Thine will
                                                   while I am waiting yielded and still.


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Reincarnation ( John 3 v16 ]

                             There are millions of people who  believe in reincarnation, in the west
                              it is not taken to serious, but as I said millions do,one of the bases of
                              Hinduism .Let us consider it, I heard someone say it trivialises   death,
                              in one sense death is not real ,an allusion. Why because it just simply
                              means one is just changing bodies ,like the fictitious Dr Who. Well as I
                              said millions believe it , but it is not true ,the word of God clearly teaches
                              that it is appointed unto men once to die. That each individual when born
                              is someone who never existed ,they are a brand new individuals,with no
                              past history.They do not come back into an earthly existence as another
                               human being or animal. Hinduism proclaims not only do you come back
                              as you once where ,but depending how you live, you will exist as in inferior
                              human, or a superior human being. Many millions are treated like dirt
                              because they are considered inferior, no kindness should be  shown them.
                              I once went for an interview for a job ,and was asked what would be important
                              to me in the service I would offer others the old, poor, mentally ill. My reply
                              was, I considered every human being was created in the image of God,and
                              so I would treat them as equally important .

                                                            God loves everyone
                                                                 John 3 v16


Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Idols ( Exodus 20 v 3 ]

                 T.Keller in his book ,'How to find your rival gods',,writes the following.
                 ''Many a person thinks he has God and everything he needs when he has
                 money  and property , in them he trusts and of them he boasts so stubbornly
                 and securely that he cares for no one. Surely such a man also has a god -
                 mammon by name, that is , money and possessions - on which he fixes his
                 hole heart. It  is the most common idol on earth. He who has money and
                 property feels secure , happy , fearless , as if were sitting in the midst of
                 paradise. On  the other hand,  he who has nothing doubts and despairs as if
                 had never heard of God. Very few there are who are cheerful , who do not
                fret and complain ,if they do not have mammon. This desire for wealth clings
                and cleaves to our nature all the way to the grave.''

                                       But God said to him, 'You fool, you will die
                                       this night. Then who will get everything
                                      you worked for?. Yes a person is a fool to
                                      store up earthly wealth, but not have a rich
                                      relationship with God.
                                               ( Luke 12 v 20 - 21 )

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24/7 ( Genesis 5 v 24 )

                    John W. Olley  writes..''Faith cannot be separated from public life and decision
                    making''. Some people think you have to go church to pray ,some peoples
                   religion is only on a Sunday,some people think that because they were baptised as
                   a child, that's enough. There are others who only attend a church service at Christmas
                   or for wedding's,or for the funeral of a relative or a friend.Others who see religion
                   only for old people. There is an old gospel hymn which reads,

                                                   I go to church on Sunday,
                                                   The vows that I make I break
                                                   them on Monday
                                                   But come Sunday morning i'm
                                                   down on my knee's.

                                                 Enoch walked with God, 24/7


Monday, 23 October 2017

Fear affects....... ( Numbers 13 v 30 )

                          J.H.Olley writes , ''Fear affects what we see''.There comes to mind a
                          little child's chorus, about the 12 spies,who were sent to spy out  the land of
                         Canaan ,
                                                Twelve spies went to spy
                                                Ten were bad ,two were good.
                                                Some saw the giants tough and tall
                                                Some saw that God was in it all.
                         We can read about this in Numbers 13-14 .it was crucial point in the nations
                         history. God  was with them ,they had witnessed His power in Egypt, and when
                         they left  Egypt ,so what had they to fear ?. Yet in spite of what they witnessed
                         and experienced ,fear affected  them,the ten only saw the giants ,how strong and
                         powerful they were.Fear took over and faith was non existent. The result was that
                         generation did not enter  the promise land with the exception of the two who
                        who brought back a good report, there names were Caleb and Joshua..The ten
                        heard God 's   word but refused to believe ,so the forfeited a great blessing. Fear
                        affected what the ten spies saw, and fear  likewise affected the nation by what
                        they heard ,fear give way to unbelief.
                            Many missionaries were  in danger during the Boxer rebellion in China ,
                            Hudson Taylor  the head of the 'China inland mission', was receiving
                            reports about the dangerous situation, was heard to sing.

                                                    Jesus , I am resting, resting,
                                                    In the joy of what Thou art;
                                                    I am finding out the greatness,
                                                    Of  Thy loving heart.

                                                      ( Words by J.S.Piggit  )


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Providence ( Revelation 1 v 18 )

                                  A man who survived an ordeal in the Amazon  rainforest  said ,''Every
                                  day I could have died; That I lived wasn't prowess, it was simply
                                  Providence''. Now I am not sure what he meant by this, Hitler used
                                  term Providence,but again what did he mean by that?. When I think of
                                  Providence I am speaking about Gods ruling over all the affairs of life..
                                  Louis Berkhof wrote, ''This may be defined as that work of God in which
                                  He preserves all His creatures, is active in  all that happens in the world
                                  and directs all things to their appointed end ''. Psalm 36 v6b , reads
                                   ''O Jehovah , thou preservest man and be . Someone I know who is  sixty
                                 said she did not think she would live until she was 20th, but she did ,by
                                 Gods Providence,not by her prowess,meaning not by her courage, guts ,
                                 ability,etc .
                                                                    A Prayer
                                          Dear God we rejoice that in your providence
                                          you have preserved us,and will continue to
                                          watch over us ,until that moment comes for us
                                         your children ,to be called home in Jesus name
                                         we thank you and praise you .


Saturday, 21 October 2017

My holiday ( 1 Timothy 3 v 16 )

                              We where visiting the capitol of Malta, Valletta,and I spied
                              four people standing at a little stand ,with letters JW's on it. So I
                              decided to go and speak to them ,I am not good at conversing
                              with them.But  I have been thinking about them ,and how I can
                              speak more effectively to them. So I approached them ,and asked them
                              what did they think of the scripture ,''Great is the mystery of
                              godliness?''.They did not answer, and then I spoke another scripture
                              from Proverbs 3 v 5 ,''Trust in the Lord and lean not upon your
                              understanding''. Then I followed it up with a question,as to the meaning
                              of  John 1 v 1  ,''The Word was God'',What I was seeking to do was to
                              challenge them, to see when we come to God it is by faith, without faith we
                              can never know Him.To know Him, we start at the cross ,and put our faith
                              in the Christ of the Bible,the one who is God and man. And when we
                              follow Him, it is by faith ,remembering that He moves in mysterious

                                                              Abraham believed God.
                                                                   ( Romans 4 v 3 )


Friday, 20 October 2017

My holiday. ( Matthew 7 v 16 )

                    One of the things that pleased me on holiday, I had
                    opportunity to speak to people about Christ . First there was
                    the man who picked us up from the airport ,he really was
                    not interested. Next was a lady in a shop that was a mission
                    full of Roman Catholic  religious items .I heard Christian
                    songs being sung, one of my favourite was being played,
                    called, 'I can only imagine ', it is about heaven ,and arriving
                     there. It gave me an opportunity to talk about going to heaven
                    I asked was she going ?,which led on ,to making it clear that
                    it is the work of Christ that saves, and that alone. I explained
                    that works are a very important evidence that we are saved.
                    It is only Christ and His sacrificial death, that ,and that alone
                    that saves .

                                      Not the labours of my hands
                                      Can fulfil Thy laws demands;
                                      Could my zeal no respite know
                                      Could  my tears for ever flow,
                                      All for sin could not atone;
                                      Thou must save , and Thou alone.
                                           ( Words.. A. M. Toplady )


Thursday, 19 October 2017

My holiday.. ( John 10 v 28 )

                         During my holiday in Malta ,I witnessed to a number
                         of people ,a man who said he had religion stuffed down
                         his throat, and so rejected it, he was willing to converse
                         with me, but it  appeared obvious that he did not want to
                         hear . One of the things I said to him was,'' If you reject
                         life , you choose death''. He also said how he wanted to
                         go his own way, and  I reminded him what the word of
                         God says, ''There is a way that seems right unto a man,
                         but in the end it leads to death .'' ( Proverbs 14 v 12 )

                                           There is always an alternative,
                                            which one will you choose?

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My holiday [ Nehemiah 5 v 14 - 19 )

                  Continuing events on my holiday in Malta , we were in
                  the capital, Valletta, I noticed a plaque on a wall with the
                  following words on it, 'Integrity  generates confidence, '
                  This is the motto of  Malta's stock exchange, if only that
                  was true in many countries of their stock exchanges and
                  banks, if only. But alas it is not so ,evidenced by the last
                  recession, we have passed through. If only it was the motto
                  of all of us, what does integrity mean ?. Here are some
                  definitions, 'honesty, on holiday I bought something, and
                  gave the assistant what I thought was 10 euros,  he pointed
                  out that I had given him 50,he was being honest. Another
                  meaning for integrity is, 'good character', am I known as
                  person of good character ?.Here are a list of other meanings
                  'Moral , virtuous , decent , fair, sincere, truthful, trust-
                  worthy'. May that motto of Malta's stock exchange, be our

                                  Jesus said without me you can
                                  do nothing.
                                          ( John 15 v 5 )

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My holiday. ( John 13 v1 - 17 )

                One of the things that impressed me as to our holiday was,
                the service one received. The care and courtesy  was  very
                nice, ten out of ten ,it really did enrich our holiday. Of course
                one the very important things as to being a Christian , is to be
                 a servant. Jesus declared , ''The  greatest among you will be your
                servant '' (  Matthew  23 v  11), He who spoke these words,was
                a servant , and He says to all who follow Him ,serve.

                                   ''Your attitude should be the same
                                    as that of  Christ Jesus.
                                    Who being in the very nature God,
                                    did not consider equality with God
                                    something to be grasped,
                                    but made Himself  nothing, taking
                                    the very nature of  a servant''.
                                       (  Philippians 2 v 5- 7 )