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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Our greatest need. (Luke 5 v 1 - 26 )

               As  a minister was boarding a plane, he noticed a lady  who appeared to have a
              problem with one of her legs,it was partially sticking out in isle.He thought
              should he pray for her, but he didn't. Yet  when the plane took off,he felt he
              would,so he went down the isle, and asked her could he pray for her.
              She agreed ,so he prayed,when he asked her if things where better,no she replied
              it still hurt.. So he prayed again, a bit louder ,but the lady said no change. So
              he prayed again much louder, people began to look down the isle,when he
              finished praying, still no change, her leg still hurt, so back to his seat he went
              feeling  embarrassed,  After the plane landed he went to collect his luggage
              and the lady was there smiling,she beckoned him to come over,oh he thought
              she was healed. But no it had not happened  instead she said '' I would love to
              have your faith,so he had joy of telling her about Jesus,and leading her to the
              Lord. Remember the man a paralytic , was lowered down through a hole in the
              roof,the first thing Jesus said to him was,''Friend ,your sins are forgiven''.That
              took priority over his sickness.,for our greatest need,let me repeat this ,our greatest,
              need, is  to have our sins forgiven,no matter what the sickness is.

                                                  Only Jesus can meet your
                                                  deepest need.

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