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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Against You ...... ( Psalm 51 )

                   Humanity is  made up of nice people, not so nice people,cruel people ,kind people,
                   rich people, poor people ,white people,black people.So we could on describing the
                   contrasting differences of the human race,but every human being has one thing in
                   common ,we all without exception are sinners. That will never change ,never,no
                   matter how much we try, sooner or later , it manifests itself. Be it a king or a queen,
                   a minister,Sunday school teacher ,boy scout,girl guide,doctor ,nurse. We casually say
                   no one is perfect ,yes we would all agree on that, but God goes further,He says we are
                   all sinners,that means, we cannot relate our wrong doings,wrong attitudes, wrong words,
                   as something between us humans,no sin in the final analysis , involves us and a
                   holy God.When King David committed adultery, followed by murder , he prayed this
                   to God,  ''Against you, you only have I sinned , and done what is evil in your sight.
                   (Psalm 51 v 4 ).A person may murder or rob someone,and do time in prison,when
                   released, they may say I have paid my debt to society.But their sinful actions remains
                   unforgiven   ,and if there is no repentance,no seeking forgiveness, then there is still a
                   price to pay, That price involves judgement by God ,heaven is shut, and Hell beckons.

                                              For the wages of sin is death, but the gift
                                              of God  is eternal life ,in Christ Jesus our
                                                             ( Romans 6 v 23 )

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