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Monday, 6 November 2017

Do not forget your roots. ( 1 John 3 v 1 - 3 )

                 I am reading and studying  Chronicles,  at this time ,one of the things that would
                 put one of reading this book,is the first 9 chapters  are mainly names. One must
                study these two books,and begin to understand why these list of names are there.
                I am using a study guide from one the the Bible speaks today series and am finding
                it helpful.It was written to a people who had been taken into exile in Babylon.Now
                it was Jeremiah the prophet who wrote a letter to those in exile,( Jer 29 )he reminds
                them why they were in exile,also that it was not permeate ,in 70 years God would
                bring them back to their own land.In the mean while they were to settle down and
                lead a normal life, even pray for the  place they were in. The greater part of Israel
                had been taken captive into Assyria, years before.So they were as a people scattered.
                the writer of Chronicles was moved by God to remind them of who they are,a special
                people ,rooted in God,the first 9 chapters remind them of their roots. As with Israel
                of old so it is that many us who are the present Israel,made up of Jew and non- Jews,
                 need to be reminded of our roots, that in Christ we are children of God ,be we refugees
                exiles or whatever ,yes live a normal life pray for where you live, but let us be careful,
                to not forget our roots.

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