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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hell ( Luke 16 v 22 - 23 )

               I received a phone call from a friend ,he is the  brother of  Raymond who was my best
               friend up until I was 20,and then we went our separate ways. I had just come back  to
               Lord, he did not know the Lord, nor wanted to follow Him. It was years later that I
               found out that Raymond's brother had become a Christian, since then we have stayed in
               contact with each other. He is a fine Christian man ,he witnesses to many people ,I
               never thought he would become a Christian ,yet he did,for those who decry the preaching
               of Hell, it was that very thing that caused my friend to trust Jesus. He told me  that it as
               at the funeral of his father, the reality of Hell came upon him .Many ministers will not
                preach on Hell, they must have their reasons,but then we are not to lean upon our own
               understanding.Hell is not an outdated truth,  sadly to say ,untold millions will end up in
                                        On the golden streets of heaven
                                        All men hope to walk some day.
                                        Yet so many are not will to accept
                                        living way.

                                        Some will  tell that God's mercy
                                        is their only hope and plea.
                                        But I read that my dear Saviour
                                        Died for sinners just like me.
                                        Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I'm
                                        depending on the blood.
                                           ( Words by John Oatman.Jr.  )


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