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Friday, 10 November 2017

''Cutting off'' ( Romans 13 v 14 )

                              In  Matthew 18 v 1 - 9, Jesus speaks very sternly  to those who cause
                              others to sin ,we can think of many who do that,they come under great
                              condemnation,and will suffer severe judgement.Child abusers will suffer
                              those who trap people into prostitution,.Many dear people have been lured
                              into evil practise's,those who do will suffer, for God is just. .He goes unto
                              speak , to 'cutting  off' a member of the body, rather than giving into sin.
                              Origen  took these words literally, and was castrated.This is what John Stott
                              ''The command to get rid of troublesome eyes,hands and feet is an example
                                of our Lord's use of dramatic figures of speech. What He was advocating
                               was not a literal self maiming, but  a ruthless moral self denial. Not
                               mutilation but mortification was the path to holiness He taught.  If  your eye
                               causes  you to sin because temptation comes  to you through  the eyes( objects
                               you see), then pluck out your eyes. That is, don' t look, Behave as though
                               you had actually plucked out your eyes and flung them away and were now
                               blind and could not see the objects which previously caused you to sin''

                                                        ''Let us stop pampering ourselves''

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