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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Change. ( Malachi 3 v 6 )

                               I  am looking at a photo of a young man in a magazine ,he is dressed in
                               casual clothes,I think I will send him a few pound to buy a pair of  trousers
                              for the poor lad's trousers are torn in both knees. Yes ,although I am 73 ,I
                              know that this is the fashion,when I was young it was a sign of poverty.
                              How things change ,the newspapers are no longer large, and unmanageable,
                              I know some still are, I wonder why.?. The thing is,things change,somethings
                              don't, we change physically, my hair has turned blond,although my wife keeps
                              telling me its grey, what does she know.?. I used to be a sweet lovely young
                              man but now I  am a member of the old men's grumpy club.The fact is we are
                             finite beings, that means we will change,it is inevitable, but here is an important
                             thing ,God does not change, in His being,and in his attributes.people do try to
                             change him, even Christians,they find it hard to accept aspects of  God ,like
                             the fact that He judges people,and will judge all mankind,oh no they say, we
                             do not want that sort of God.Then  others who think it is wrong to say there
                             is only one God, and only one way to God,so they try to change it.Then there
                             are other people like the Jews who refuse their Messiah,because of what it
                             would mean, change.
                                                         We cannot change God,but He can
                                                                           change us.

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