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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

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Back again, thoughts on preaching, did i ever want to give up?, I am not sure, would I ever decide I have had enough, again I am not sure , its not an easy calling, the one thing a preacher wants is a goodly number of people to preach to ,yet most of my ministry has been to small numbers. Does this really matter? well all I can say is I would rather preach to a few, than not preach at all, consider our Saviour He often spoke to individuals, one of his greatest messages was to Nicodemus, John.3. So small can be beautiful,and have eternal importance

Monday, 28 May 2007


Here goes . my blog is called Bill the preacher, simply because preaching is so much part of my life, it has an inner compulsion about it , that never seems to go away. There are many calls in life in general , acting, writing,etc ,they are all important , yet the call to preach is different, those other calls are valid but preaching is concerned with Gods word which gives to it a special uniqueness .It gives unto the preacher a very special responsiblility, faithfulness to that word, subjects , like,sin,hell,creation, miracles, may not go down well in these times, nevertheless, one must speak on them,it is an interesting translation of , Matthew . 22v37. where we are told about loving God it mentions the mind/ intellect , this is not saying we should not use are intellect , of course we should, the problem is our minds have been affected by sin , our minds need renewed .We often look through a distorted vision ,the unsaved person cannot understand , spiritual truths, they lean on there own understanding,we who are saved , must not fall into the same trap. This is all for now.