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Friday, 28 February 2014

Addiction. [ John 8 v 36 ]

The nature of man is such that he can become addicted to anything,I mean anything,and these addictions can so easily destroy the addict and those who love them. Lets mention a few of the things ,that many are addicted to,we are familiar with,food,drugs,cigarette's, clothes,gambling,sex,and many others.Alcohol is enjoyed by many,but millions of people are addicted to it, millions,I  just read this about the land of Mongolia that alcohol abuse is one that countries biggest stumbling block ,to economic and social progress.Russia is another country where alcohol abuse is ramped. I remember hearing on the Radio how a wife of a famous politician in  Russia was asked why she married her husband,she replied /,he did not drink, and he did not beat her./ Now I mention those two countries ,but many countries are  plagued with alcoholic problems.The problem with addicts is  they will not admit they have a problem,if one attends  an AA meeting they stand up and say,I am so and so ,and I am an alcoholic.If we are not prepared to admit that we have a problem,then we are not prepared to overcome our addiction, I believe if we are prepared to admit that we have an addiction ,then there is hope ,no matter what we are addicted to.  I believe  God through His son can deliver us,for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.When Christ comes into our lives we are forgiven, but we can also be set free  [Romans 1 v16]
A  prayer....../ Dear God forgive us our sins and set us free through Jesus Your son. Amen/

Thursday, 27 February 2014

The gospel of Christ [Romans 1 v16 ]

The apostle Paul declared that he was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ[Romans 1 v16],consider there are many so called gospels,there are many so called Christ's,believe them not.They are based upon satanic ,sinful influences,and ideas,they promise much,like the supposed pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They are fools gold,so do not be fooled,I remember standing at the graveside of my cousin,he and his family where Mormons,they lowered the coffin into the ground and that was it,there was no ,I am the resurrection and the life says Jesus,that was my lasting memory of that funeral. God has brought into being salvation,a sure and certain hope,that goes beyond the grave,through His son Jesus,apart from Him there is no sure and certain hope.The gospel is good news to all who accept what God  freely gives ,let me stress, to all, who trust Jesus as Saviour.As the words of the hymn declares,/I have no other argument ,I have no other plea it is enough that Jesus died , and that He died for me./
A  prayer..../ Dear God thank you that in a world of uncertainties ,You have provided a sure an certain hope through Jesus your Son, Amen /

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. [Romans 1 v16]

Continuing on from yesterday of our responsibility to proclaim the gospel of Christ, Paul in Romans 1 v16 ,declares,/ For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ/.In telling the good news,we must be prepared to tell bad news,and that can be a stumbling block,a minister got up to speak,he said he was not there to tell them that they where sinners,but that they were not quite right and God wants to help get on the right road. There are many who do not want to offend others,by mentioning sin, Satan, and Hell,unlike the prophets and the apostles,who made these things very clear. William Gadspy wrote,/what worthless worms are we/.John Newton wrote amazing grace how sweet the sound that saves a wretch like me.Worthless worm, wretch,not very complimentary,but utterly true,if we do not proclaim these things, then people will never realise why they need to be saved,when is the last time you have heard the word sin,hell mentioned?, especially on the media?.Christ came into the world to save sinners,that has not changed nor will it ever change,I was witnessing to a man recently,who when asked how he would get to heaven?,he answered ,live a good life,of course that is his measure,not Gods.
A  prayer....../ Dear God open our blind eyes, to our condition,open our hearts to receive the only remedy for that condition is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen /

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The dead and the living.[ Acts 20 v26-27]

In the book of Numbers 16 we have recorded an occasion when a man called Korah and others challenged Moses's and Aaron's leadership. Now these two men had been chosen by God,they did not take the role of leadership on themselves,in fact  Moses had been very reluctant to respond to God's call [Exodus 3-4],he did not take this honour upon himself.We must be careful that we do not seek to overthrow Gods appointed leaders,as Korah and others would soon discover. Well God dealt with the rebels,they all perished,but things did not stop there ,we read how the people took exception to what had happened ,to such an extent that God,spoke about consuming them. A plague broke out killing many of them,it would appear that God was going to destroy them all. It is then that Moses told Aaron to take a censer and fire from of the altar and go into the midst of the people.In v48 we read, /He stood between the dead and the living, and the plague stayed/.As I read this I considered my calling and responsibility to stand between the dead and the living with the golden censer of the gospel,there is a plague upon mankind ,death, eternal death.The only answer is the gospel of our Lord Jesus,it is the ministers of Christ ,who must not shirk their solemn responsibility to  stand between the dead and the living with the message of the gospel.
A  prayer......./Dear God  help us all, who know Jesus ,to not to be ashamed of the gospel ,and to not be ashamed to proclaim it. Amen/

Monday, 24 February 2014

Pray believing. [ James 4 v 2]

Mankind are creatures of pride,especially when it comes to God,they live,act,speak and think as if there is no God.When it comes to witnessing there is a definite barrier ,a built in resistance,I remember offering a lady in work a Christian booklet,and it appears she was deeply offended,why?pride.I would dearly love to witness to some people,but they would not receive my witness. It appears in so many cases we are left with prayer, yes I said prayer,it is only prayer that can open the way to witness,it is only the power of prayer,that can grant us the way forward,in our witnessing.Let us put it to the test,think of someone,anyone ,who is on your heart,ask God to give you opportunities to witness effectively to them. Write the persons name down,they may be the most unlikely person you know who would listen,or want Jesus,pray for that person continually. Let us then see what God will do, He may want us to speak to that person, He may not,we may suddenly see that person come to the Lord, God loves to surprise us. I am asking that you and I,have faith in God to move in the most proud sinful heart, it can happen,have faith in God.
A prayer...../ Dear God,help us to see that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much[James 5 v16] in Jesus name Amen/

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Marriage [ Ephesians 5 v 24 -25 ]

A young married couple where having difficulties in their relationship,the husband loved his wife,but they both were struggling with each other. The day of their anniversary arrived,he didn't feel like celebrating it,he had said to himself,that he was not going to send an anniversary card. Later on in the day ,he was in a local supermarket and was drawn to the section where the cards where,as he looked at them,he spied one,which touched his heart,it read,/I'm not the perfect husband,you must agree that's true/. So he bought the card and later he wrote the following words on it before giving it to his wife,/From one imperfect human being,to another imperfect human being/. Marriage is not the coming together of two perfect human beings,but it opens the opportunity for us to grow,we may not live happily ever after,but we can by Gods grace learn to accept each other,and especially love each other.
A  prayer..../Dear God help us in our marriages,to grow and to love in Jesus name Amen/

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mary. [Luke 1 v 26-45]

We move from Elisabeth to the other young lady called Mary,to a Roman Catholic it appears that we as evangelicals are anti Mary ,not so.We honour her as the mother of our Lord in His humanity,but not as the mother of God,we honour her as a godly person ,but not as a sinless person,she called Jesus her Saviour [Luke 1v47],only sinners need a Saviour. She is not a mediator between God and man, for there is only one mediator between God and man, Jesus[ 1 Timothy 2 v5]. When we stray from the Biblical revelation, we go astray,both in relation to truth,and the worship of God,let us stick to the scriptures,and not be swayed by our deceitful hearts.Now let us consider our introduction to Mary from Lukes gospel,first of all we see,she was a virgin betrothed to a man called Joseph. She was a virgin and it means just that,and so fulfilling the words of the prophet Isaiah 7v14,let us always remember that the coming of Christ is clearly foretold in the Old Testament,from His birth to His death and resurrection. I suppose the angel coming, took her by surprise,and in her innocence's she could not take it in what was being told her ,but the angel tells her that what is impossible with man is possible with God.Let us not limit God,He is not a man. Mary unlike Zechariah, believed what the angel has told her,here is a woman of faith, a woman of obedience,her cousin Elisabeth declared about Mary,/Blessed is she,that believed [Luke 1 v45]/. Let us learn from this godly person,to believe what Gods word says,and to obey it, and we also like Mary will be blessed.
A prayer.../ Dear God we thank You for Mary your child,for her godliness,faith and obedience in Jesus name Amen /

Friday, 21 February 2014

Your prayer has been heard.[ Habakkuk 2 v 3]

In Luke 1v37,we read,/For with God nothing shall be impossible/,I wonder what you think about  these words?.In this chapter we read of two childless women,one married,the other nearly married. An angel visits the husband of the married one his name was Zechariah,and told him his prayers had been answered,now it may have been that he had stopped praying,because he felt that he and his wife Elisabeth were passed the age of childbearing.There may have come a moment when he thought it was not Gods will,he had resigned himself to never having a child.Yes sometimes we have to do this,painful though it may be,and we have to stop pursuing our desire,however noble it may be.It is then we have to bow to Gods will, and accept that our Heavenly Father knows best, remember whither it is yea or nay ,Gods will is best. In this case it was a delayed yea,again remember God works to His own timetable,and in that waiting time,He is accomplishing His perfect will in our lives. So a  day came  when Zechariah the priest was performing his religious duty,and a angel appeared unto him,and told him that his prayer had been heard,maybe Zechariah said to himself ,what prayer?.The angel continued, his wife Elisebth was going to have a child and he was to be called John,now you would have thought that Zechariah would have been jumping around with joy. Instead he is full of unbelief, and is rebuked by the angel,Zechariah was a Godly man,but he was not perfect,God still granted his request,but chastised him,it was not permanent,we are told,/He will not always chide,neither will He keep His anger for ever [Psalm 103 v9]
A  prayer...../ Dear God help us to accept Your perfect will for our lives,whither it be yea or nay,in Jesus Name Amem/

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The mystery of His wisdom. [ 1 Corinthians 13 v12]

There are so many things we don't understand,one is the wonder of salvation,and the wonder of  Gods providence in bringing us to Himself. William Gurnall wrote the following,/The plan of reconciliation excels the creation of heaven and earth./.to such an extent,/to cause both angels and saints to admire the mystery of His wisdom,power, and love in it-from now through eternity/.It is the apostle who writes,then shall I know[1 Corinthians 13v 12]. Again let me quote W. Gurnall,writing of that time when in heaven all Gods children will be gathered,he writes,/At that time we shall see how the seas of unbelief were dried up and what rocks of impossibilities were cut through by the omnipotent grace of God, before a sinner's peace could be secured.We shall learn how the Father worked,to bring it all to completion. Surely we will be swallowed up in adoring the abyss of His wisdom,who laid the foundation of all this peace according to the eternal counsel oh His own will. As the sun exceeds the strength of our natural vision, the glory of Gods peace will stretch beyond our capacity to understand it/
A prayer...../Dear God we bow in humility at the mystery and wonder of Your providence,in bringing us to Yourself, through Jesus Thou Son .Amen /

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

If we dont? [ Revelation 3 v 14-22]

We would all agree that no one is perfect ,and that is why there are no perfect churches,recently our Pastor ,asked us during the morning gathering,to tell him the good things in relation to our church.the folk responded in a positive way,we are a friendly church,I would say we are a generous church,someone mentioned the food,we have a fellowship meal once a month.In the book of Revelation our Saviour speaks to seven churches,He mentions the good things,but for a number He points out the bad things,lack of love,error,deadness,lukewarmness,and materialism.These things where not written to cause trouble in His church, we have to much of that ,the result is ,we are left with empty buildings. First of all our Saviour loves His church,His words were not meant to destroy these churches,is, it not true,where there are differences,love often is left outside the church.Next our Lord speaks openly to the churches,again how many devious things are hatched in secret by church members ,and then they strike.Next our Saviour wants the church to reflect  Him,His  desire for every church , that they may listen and respond to what He has to say,we all need to be listening to what our Saviour has to say,even if  it is a challenge ,to change,if we do, then we will be blessed ,if we don't.
A  prayer..../Dear God bless our local church,grant that we may not cause trouble,grant that our leaders,within the church,may be lead and guided by Your Spirit,and together may we walk in Your perfect will,in Jesus name Amen /

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Safe and secure from all alarms.[ Psalm 46 ]

Proverbs 18 v10 reads,/The name of the Lord is a strong tower,the righteous runneth into it and are safe/A name is more than a means of identity,when those who know me think of me they remember who I am,I remember being asked to do a task by my manager,it was important,she said she asked me because I was dependable.So when we think of the name of the Lord we are reminded of who He is,but also His character,and all that His name stands for. Here we are being told that His name is a strong tower in other words ,in Him we will find security,and a place of safety. Consider what that means for you as a child of God ,though the earth be removed,you shall not be moved,you shall be safe,why?,because the Lord of hosts is with you,the God of Jacob is your refuge[our fortress and High Tower] Selah[pause ,and calmly think of that/AV] Proverbs 18v10,is an exhortation to the righteous those who are not depending on their righteousness but the righteousness of Christ[ 1 Corinthians 1 v30],for all those who are not saved there is no strong tower,especially in the day of judgement.If you are a child of God,you can lean on the everlasting arms, safe and secure from all alarms.
A  prayer..../Dear God help us to always see that in You and in you alone we are safe for time and eternity,through Jesus Your Son Amen/

Monday, 17 February 2014

There arose a great storm. [Mark 4 v35ff]

I have mentioned before about the severe weather our country is experiencing,last night and this morning the wind is howling outside,the forces of nature can be very powerful and fearful.As the disciples found out when they where in a boat,we read,/there arose a great storm[Mark 4 v37],the result was the boat filled with water.They thought they were all going to perish,with one exception,Jesus,He was with them,and he was asleep,in their panic they woke Him,they judged Him,accusing Him of not caring. They appeared to have forgotten what Jesus said as they set out on their journey,/Let us pass over unto the other side [v35]/.Remember difficulties,storms will not hinder, Gods word to us,it will be fulfilled,let faith focus on His word .Also let us not think that our Saviour does not care about our difficulties,not so,He is always focused on all that concerns us.I look back on so many situations,one time comes to mind,it was when our car got a puncture,and I had no means of changing the wheel,it was in the country,in the dark of night,my wife and four children were in the car.A man drew up from nowhere and loaned me the tool to change the wheel. Another time, again at night, our car broke down , a man stopped and took us home in his car,in those days there were no mobile phones,but there was prayer,and there was Jesus,looking after us,as He is looking after you,so fear not the storm,He will not fail you.
A  prayer..../ Dear God help us when we are in the storms, not to fear,because You are with us, and will not fail us, in Jesus name Amen /

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Scapegoat.[ Leviticus 16 v 15-22 ]

The term scapegoat is taken from the Bible,it relates to the day of atonement when sacrifices would be made for the sin of the nation,a number of animals would be sacrificed.Now of course the sacrificial system was never meant to be permanent,cp Psalm 40v6-8.  The sacrificial system was a type of Christ,who would be sacrificed,and it his sacrifice that dealt with sin once and for all.cp Hebrews 10.When animal sacrifices where being made ,Israel would be pointed to the coming of the Messiah, the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world cp John 1 v29. Now on the day of atonement two goats would be brought,one would be slain as a sin offering,its blood with the blood of a bull would be taken into the holy of holies and sprinkled on the mercy seat or the atonement cover.Then Aaron would go to the other goat,lay both hands upon the goats head, and confess all the sins of the nation,then the goat would be taken, and released into the wilderness. The actions on the two goats remind us of two aspects of Christs sacrifice, the first goat in its death reminds of our sins being forgiven for without the shedding of blood,there is no forgiveness of  sins.Next the second goat that carried the sins of the people into the wilderness , reminds us of the removal of sin,and  that when our sins are forgiven through Christ, they are gone, never to be remembered against us anymore.
A  prayer......./Dear God we humbly thank You for Jesus,who through His death on the cross,effectively, dealt with sin. Amen/

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Lost her soul [Matthew 16 v26 ]

A young woman was arrested for murdering a number of people,the report on the TV showed her as a lovely child  but she became involved in drugs,and it was down hill after that. A photo of her  showed a young woman who looked scary,her sister who was interviewed ,said her sister had turned into a monster. One person who had known her, said ,she had lost her soul,those words struck a cord with me,she had lost her soul.Our Saviour reminds us that our souls are the most valuable thing we have,worth more than all the world.[Matthew 16 v26]. Lenski in his commentary writes the following on this verse,/The Jews are keen in regard to finance,well here is the whole matter reduced to a simple question of profit and loss. Write on the credit side of the ledger, the whole world,and then on the debit side,the life,the man himself,and the profit is nothing. Yet Satan needs no such price to buy men's souls,all he needs is a little piece of this world/ There is an old hymn which reads ,have you counted the cost if your soul should be lost ?well have you?
A  prayer  ..../ Dear God we pray for that young woman ,have mercy upon her,we ask that you would help us, not to be blinded to the cost of loosing our souls, in Jesus name Amen /

Friday, 14 February 2014

Help our unbelief. [Mark 9 v 20ff]

Sometimes I feel like that man in Mark9v20ff who had a child who was demon possessed,who when challenged by Jesus as regards faith,cried out, and said with tears,/Lord, I believe help Thou mine unbelief/.Now earlier this man had brought his child to the disciples, they could not do anything,they had failed,possible because of a lack of spiritual preparedness,could it be that they had grown careless, after all they where Jesus disciples.Let us remember that we must whoever we are,continually rely on the Lord,and continually seek the Lord,let us remember the days of self reliance are gone,and if we turn again to those days we will fail. As to the man he was learning an important lesson,the followers of Jesus will fail us,will not at times be able to help us.,people look to Popes, Archbishops,ministers, but sometimes they disappoint us, W Barclay writes,/The Church may at times disappoint us,and Gods servants on earth may at times disappoint us. But when we battle our way face to face with Jesus Christ,He never disappoints us/ When he came to Jesus he was faced with a challenge ,did he have faith,his response was two fold,he had faith but it was not perfect,but here is the important thing Christ granted his request.
A  prayer...../Dear Saviour help us not to give up in despair when Your servants fail us,forgive our weakness in so many areas,especially in relation to faith Amen/

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Holiness [Psalm 51]

In Leviticus 10v10 ,we read, / And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy,and between unclean and clean/.now we no longer have a sacrificial system, or food laws,but the principal for the child of God has not changed. In chapter 11, we have the words,/Ye shall be holy,for I am holy/,these word are repeated twice [v44-45 ] What does it mean to be holy? what do you think it means?,it has nothing whatsoever to do with what we eat,let us go to the heart of the matter,,Jesus said,/out of the heart of men,proceed evil thoughts,adulteries,fornication,murders,thefts,covetous,wickedness,
deceit,lasciviousness,an evil eye, blasphemy,pride,foolishness. All these evil things come from within,and defile a man[ Mark 7 v21-23] So today let us watch our hearts,for holiness starts in our hearts.
A  prayer....../Dear God create in me a clean heart,and renew a right spirit within me in Jesus name Amen /

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The God of all comfort. [ Isaiah 40]

The words of Isaiah 40 are spoken to Israel,they where words of  comfort,they where prophetic words,to a people who would endure much in a coming day.During Isaiah's time they experienced war,and in a coming days,destruction and exile. The words spoken have a twofold application, for present trouble and future trouble,it appears to me that we need both. One of the great ministries intrusted to any minister of the word is a ministry of comfort, God tells Isaiah to comfort His people. The word spoken would be the word of God,so it was a special word,nothing comforts the child of God like the word of God. Isaiah contrasts the things of creation,such as grass and humanity,here today,gone tomorrow,but says Isaiah, the word of the Lord shall stand for ever[v8].Let us stand on the word of the Lord for ever,it is sad when we read of ministers who no longer stand on the word of the Lord.There is so much in Isaiah 40,spoken to a people who would go through so much,they are pointed to the greatness of there God,all things are as nothing  compared to Him.,all things.The chapter ends on such a comforting note.The everlasting God,He is not a time lord,no He is the everlasting Lord, He neither faints ,nor grows weary,His understanding is infinite. Yet for all His greatness, he has a kindness about Him,He giveth power to the faint,and to them that have no might, He increaseth strength. If we wait on Him , like eagles we shall mount up, He shall renew our strength,so that we shall run and not be weary,walk and not faint.
A  prayer..../ Dear God we thank You for the wonderful comfort you gave us from Your word,and for the promise of renewed strength in Jesus Name Amen /

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Glory land. [ Revelation 21 v1-5]

Laurie Stockwell was a sensitive young  Englishman, who flew with bomber command  in the 2nd world war,at one time he had been a conscientious objector.In writing a letter to his mum he raised the question as what had changed him?talk of brutality,human suffering,atrocities, had not had any great effect on him.He confessed that he realised that all human beings where capable of committing ,such evil. The reason for fighting was that the dark threat, bearing down upon Western civilisation might be defeated.He went on to say that he was fighting that one day happiness may again rule the world[I am quoting from Max Hastings book ,/All hell let loose/.] There are somethings I can identify with in what Laurie said, his insight into human nature ,none of us are without sin,and all of us are capable of sinning in the the crossest manner, read Romans 3. Laurie said he was fighting to return happiness to this world,now of course we live in a fallen world,and so we can be robbed so quickly of the happiness we desire.So it is as a Christian soldier, I am in a war to defeat sin and Satan,that men and women may be brought into Gods Kingdom,those who are in that kingdom have a wonderful future . The words of an old hymn tells us,/There's a land beyond the stars,Glory land ,bright Glory land. Beyond the sunset's crimson bars,A land of peace without alloy, of  joy beyond all earthly joy. And nought its calm can ee'r destroy,Glory land, bright Glory land./
A  prayer..../ Dear God we thank You for Jesus the Saviour of sinners, and the hope of Glory which He has placed in our hearts, Amen /

Monday, 10 February 2014

God tapping us on the shoulder. [ Job 42 v1-6]

It has been a very wet winter here,not particularly cold,we have also experienced very strong winds,and in some parts of the country, severe flooding. This sort of weather pattern appears to be coming more regular,the government are coming under attack for not doing more preventive measures. It goes without saying for all our advances in so many fields of life we cannot control climate,storms will always come,I do not like wet and windy weather,or snow,but that wont stop  these things happening, This reminds us , human beings,of our limitations, not only as regards the weather,but in relation to our health,wealth,our authority,our possessions,and so on.We are not sovereign beings, Napoleon supposedly said to his generals,let me deal with the weather,as if he could, like so many despots,he discovered as Hitler found out,God is sovereign. Mankind in their pride live as if there is no  God ,and that somehow governments,scientists,will solve everything,they wont,nor can we, the more we know the less we appear to know.Storms,uncontrollable events,personal difficulties,it appears to me that it is like God tapping us on the shoulder. 
A prayer.../ Dear God forgive us for our pride,and sinful independence,it is sad that we need storms and uncontrollable events ,to humble us and reminds us of Your presence and Sovereignty, in Jesus Name. Amen /

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Vengance. [ Romans 12 v 19-21]

Sometimes I feel anger as regards the suffering inflicted upon Christians, as I sometimes feels anger at evil being carried out on children,or on women. One can never be happy as regards evil,the anger is not a dam them to hell anger, that the disciples expressed, to our Saviour,[ Luke 9 v51ff],but hopefully a righteous anger.As I read of the suffering being afflicted on Gods children, I cast the booklet I was reading ,down in anger, not so much at the people who perpetrate such things,but at systems that people are in.I cried out in anger that God would pull those systems down.I did not cry for vengeance, that is Gods criteria. CP.../Romans 12v19/.which will take place in a coming day. .../2 Thessalonians1 v8-9/We must not let our unbridled passion take over at any time,never once did King David take vengeance on King Saul,although he had his chance [1 Samuel 24],likewise Joseph never took vengeance on his wicked brothers,for all the wickedness they had done to him[ CP Genesis 50 v 15ff]. Of course the greatest example of not taking vengeance was manifested by our Saviour,at those who hurt Him,and rejected Him,He did inform His disciples that he had but to call on His Father, who would send an heavenly army to rescue Him. CP[ Matthew 26 v53],but He didn't.
A  prayer...../Dear Father in Heaven ,forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, in Jesus Name Amen /

Saturday, 8 February 2014

One at a time.[ Matthew 6 v 34 ]

How does one attempt to walk a thousand miles? was the question asked, and the answer came back,one step at a time.How does one write over two thousand ,thoughts for the day,which I have done?,the same answer,one at a time,on the whole that's the way it is. Our Saviour taught us a very important lesson,take one day at a time,[Matthew 6 v34],many people live very busy lives,on top of that ,pressure is put on people,to do even more,and we are not  meant or able to bear even more.It is remarkable what some people can bear,but that's only some people.A colleague was completing a task  for me on the computer,and I started a conversation up with him,or tried to, and he politely told me,that he could only do one thing at a time.It is surprising what we can accomplish if we simply live one day at a time,and do one task a time, if you are facing an exam,then it is one question at a time,if a lot of housework then one task at a time.
A  Prayer..../ Dear God help us by Your grace to carry out that simple principal, of one day at a time,one task at a time,and to trust You to help us complete the whole, in Jesus name Amen

Friday, 7 February 2014

Law of Love.[ James 2 v8]

I have not been feeling very well recently,chest infection,head cold, and it is easy to focus on that, but we must consider the mercies of God in all things.As I considered Gods mercies,I considered my nice modern home,I even have a summer house,I have a missionary magazine and there is a photo of slums,my heart goes out to such people.Yet in Gods mercy I am blest with so much,I have a lovely job,working with mentally ill people,a nice manager,nice colleagues,so I could go on and on as regards Gods mercy to me.I am no better than so many dear people who have so little.I can only thank God. I am reminded we receive mercy that we may show mercy,we forgive because we have been forgiven, we give out of a heart of gratefulness for all we have been given ,by our loving Heavenly Father.Our giving is never a legalistic thing,we are not under law,but we are continually challenged to live out the law of love.
A  prayer...../ Dear Saviour as we consider  Your death on Calvary,we are overwhelmed by Your love,help us ,who continually receive expressions of  Your love,to love, Amen/

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Change [ 1 Corinthians 6 v 9-11]

Sometimes things of my past come into my mind ,like when I was a boy soldier,and a corporal who was over us ,with a real Irish sounding name,told a number of us young boy soldiers,how he had raped two women,when he was on duty in Germany,and Kenya. Our distorted  view of sex divorced us from the actual people who had being violated, it was as if we where blind  to the evil  that had being done,and most of all the sinfulness of that mans actions. So it was with  that man,and us young lads, it is a very sad memory,sad that I did not see the wrong that had been done,but then I was not following the Lord,as I should . Now as one who is following the Lord,I am humbly grateful that I look at things differently,God has changed me,for the better.I am not the man I would like to be, but praise God,by His love ,mercy and grace, I am not the man I once was.
A prayer../ Dear God all we can do is fall before You in thankfulness for saving us and changing us through Jesus Your son Amen /

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I am part of the problem.[ Colossians 1 v 12- 21]

I am reading a history of the 2nd world war,it is not nice reading,and I was in conversation with a person,I expressed my concern as to the awful things that happened.Now this person is not a Christian but he pointed out that in our modern society,individuals commit awful things,in other words there is always within every human being a potential to commit the most gross sins. Our Saviour continually had to remind his hearers of their fallenness,/CP  John 8 v 1-11/ Luke 13v 1-5/. We are all sinners,born with a fallen nature that is capable of the most awful things,we do not like to hear that,but to ignore it ,deny it, can have terrible consequences. I am not feeling well at this time,I don't deny that,or ignore it, I seek to treat it, by going to my GP,so it is with sin,we need to acknowledge our condition,to seek Christ, that the problem may be dealt with. Consider this old hymn by William Cowper,it reminds us clearly of how sin is dealt with,/ There is a fountain filled with blood,drawn from Immanuel's veins. And sinners plunged beneath that flood ,lose all their guilty stains./
A  prayer..../Dear God we praise that is a place of forgiveness,through Your Son Jesus Amen ./

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Your will be done. [ Luke 22 v 42 ]

George Orwell wrote a book called 1984,it is about a super state ,that sought to control it citizens,in all aspects of their lives,even their thoughts,it is from this novel we have the term ,/Big brother is watching you/.I think when he wrote this article he had communists states in mind,religious states seek also to govern like this. As  one reads the gospels we see a big brother state,and we see how our Saviour sought to challenge it. In Mark 3 v2, we read,/And they watched  Him/, they did this continually,watching His every move,listening to His every word. Those in power did not like being challenged, they wanted God like power,to be obeyed with an unquestioned obedience.
Our dear Saviour could have chosen the road of being popular,all He had to do was to avoid certain things,a let sleeping dogs lie policy.He knew they where watching,He knew what they where thinking, He knew what they where planning, it made no difference to Him,He had only one objective in mind,the will of God. It is one thing to pray Thy will be done,and another thing doing it.
A  prayer..../Dear God help to follow our Saviour ,by putting Your will first,at  all times, in all places,and in all things Amen/


Monday, 3 February 2014

Almost. [Acts 26 v 27- 29]

If you are a sports fan as I am, the saying it is not over until  the fat lady stops singing is so appropriate to many sporting events.How often I have watched two teams playing and one team appears to have wrapped it up,there is only minutes to go,and the apparent underdogs score and win the event.The word almost comes to mind,the loosing team,almost won,which reminds me of a man in [ Acts 26v28], who said to the apostle Paul,/Almost thou persuades me to be a Christian/.These are the saddest of saddest words,and yet it could be applied to so many.I remember a elderly man who often heard Mr Paisley preach the gospel,with tears in his eyes,and yet never accepted Christ,he almost became a Christian. There is an old Gospel hymn which we never hear sung these days,I wonder why?,it is by P.P.Bliss, it is about being almost persuaded to become a Christian, the last verse ends like this,/Almost persuaded,harvest is past. Almost persuaded, doom comes at last,almost cannot avail,almost is but to fail. Sad ,sad that bitter wail,almost but lost/.
A   prayer ......Dear God,grant that those who read this blog will not be an almost persuaded people,in Jesus name Amen/

Sunday, 2 February 2014

What we dont know. [ Acts 16 30-31]

In my daily readings I read something that I found difficult to get an answer to,and it made me uneasy,so I  got  some of my commentaries out,but I did not receive any light. I prayed that God would grant me an answer,as it was upsetting me,as I looked at my shelves of books ,I spied an old commentary I had not used for years,and from it I received an explanation which made sense. It made me realise that it is often what we don't know or understand that can cause us problems,a loved one dying,an apparent unanswered prayer,evil, loss of various kinds.Those things we don't appear to have an answer to,why did that happen to such a good person?the why we have ,is never far below the surface of our minds.Let me tell you a story, a man was speaking at speakers corner a famous place in London,where anyone can go and speak on anything,it was while this man was speaking,someone shouted out,[ If one speaks at speakers corner one has to  accept being heckled] where did Cain get his wife from?. The preacher looked the person straight in the eye and replied, the more important question by far ,that you should be asking is this what must I do to be saved.?.There will always be questions that we want answers to,and yet often they are but a smoke screen,and behind that smoke screen ,there lies a lost bewildered soul,who needs to be saved,
A  prayer....../ Dear God  help us to see what is most important,and help us to nail our whys to the cross, in Jesus name Amen/

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Our Christianty being tested. [ Matthew 6 v 9-13 ]

I was on a visit to a place called Wells in the county of Somerset ,a nice place that has a 13th century cathedral, but on the streets I saw two homeless men both with dogs ,plus other people looking for money. At one point I said, this really tests your Christianity,I find it very hard to refrain from giving. Yes when we see others in need we really are being tested,will we help?let us not be driven by guilt,but be led by the Spirit. As we follow Christ I believe we will find our Christianity tested,sexually, materially,and so on,I was challenged by words written by William Gurnall,/ In heaven you will realize the same pleasures Adam enjoyed in paradise, but many weary steps through obstacles of lust,temptation, and sin lie between you and the top of that hill/In other words our Christianity will be tested,I only hope and pray that we will all who know Jesus pass that test.
A  prayer..../ Dear God grant unto us the grace that we need, to not fail the tests that we are encountering,and will encounter on our way to  glory in Jesus name Amen /