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Monday, 24 February 2014

Pray believing. [ James 4 v 2]

Mankind are creatures of pride,especially when it comes to God,they live,act,speak and think as if there is no God.When it comes to witnessing there is a definite barrier ,a built in resistance,I remember offering a lady in work a Christian booklet,and it appears she was deeply offended,why?pride.I would dearly love to witness to some people,but they would not receive my witness. It appears in so many cases we are left with prayer, yes I said prayer,it is only prayer that can open the way to witness,it is only the power of prayer,that can grant us the way forward,in our witnessing.Let us put it to the test,think of someone,anyone ,who is on your heart,ask God to give you opportunities to witness effectively to them. Write the persons name down,they may be the most unlikely person you know who would listen,or want Jesus,pray for that person continually. Let us then see what God will do, He may want us to speak to that person, He may not,we may suddenly see that person come to the Lord, God loves to surprise us. I am asking that you and I,have faith in God to move in the most proud sinful heart, it can happen,have faith in God.
A prayer...../ Dear God,help us to see that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much[James 5 v16] in Jesus name Amen/

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