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Friday, 21 February 2014

Your prayer has been heard.[ Habakkuk 2 v 3]

In Luke 1v37,we read,/For with God nothing shall be impossible/,I wonder what you think about  these words?.In this chapter we read of two childless women,one married,the other nearly married. An angel visits the husband of the married one his name was Zechariah,and told him his prayers had been answered,now it may have been that he had stopped praying,because he felt that he and his wife Elisabeth were passed the age of childbearing.There may have come a moment when he thought it was not Gods will,he had resigned himself to never having a child.Yes sometimes we have to do this,painful though it may be,and we have to stop pursuing our desire,however noble it may be.It is then we have to bow to Gods will, and accept that our Heavenly Father knows best, remember whither it is yea or nay ,Gods will is best. In this case it was a delayed yea,again remember God works to His own timetable,and in that waiting time,He is accomplishing His perfect will in our lives. So a  day came  when Zechariah the priest was performing his religious duty,and a angel appeared unto him,and told him that his prayer had been heard,maybe Zechariah said to himself ,what prayer?.The angel continued, his wife Elisebth was going to have a child and he was to be called John,now you would have thought that Zechariah would have been jumping around with joy. Instead he is full of unbelief, and is rebuked by the angel,Zechariah was a Godly man,but he was not perfect,God still granted his request,but chastised him,it was not permanent,we are told,/He will not always chide,neither will He keep His anger for ever [Psalm 103 v9]
A  prayer...../ Dear God help us to accept Your perfect will for our lives,whither it be yea or nay,in Jesus Name Amem/

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