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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mary. [Luke 1 v 26-45]

We move from Elisabeth to the other young lady called Mary,to a Roman Catholic it appears that we as evangelicals are anti Mary ,not so.We honour her as the mother of our Lord in His humanity,but not as the mother of God,we honour her as a godly person ,but not as a sinless person,she called Jesus her Saviour [Luke 1v47],only sinners need a Saviour. She is not a mediator between God and man, for there is only one mediator between God and man, Jesus[ 1 Timothy 2 v5]. When we stray from the Biblical revelation, we go astray,both in relation to truth,and the worship of God,let us stick to the scriptures,and not be swayed by our deceitful hearts.Now let us consider our introduction to Mary from Lukes gospel,first of all we see,she was a virgin betrothed to a man called Joseph. She was a virgin and it means just that,and so fulfilling the words of the prophet Isaiah 7v14,let us always remember that the coming of Christ is clearly foretold in the Old Testament,from His birth to His death and resurrection. I suppose the angel coming, took her by surprise,and in her innocence's she could not take it in what was being told her ,but the angel tells her that what is impossible with man is possible with God.Let us not limit God,He is not a man. Mary unlike Zechariah, believed what the angel has told her,here is a woman of faith, a woman of obedience,her cousin Elisabeth declared about Mary,/Blessed is she,that believed [Luke 1 v45]/. Let us learn from this godly person,to believe what Gods word says,and to obey it, and we also like Mary will be blessed.
A prayer.../ Dear God we thank You for Mary your child,for her godliness,faith and obedience in Jesus name Amen /

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