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Friday, 28 February 2014

Addiction. [ John 8 v 36 ]

The nature of man is such that he can become addicted to anything,I mean anything,and these addictions can so easily destroy the addict and those who love them. Lets mention a few of the things ,that many are addicted to,we are familiar with,food,drugs,cigarette's, clothes,gambling,sex,and many others.Alcohol is enjoyed by many,but millions of people are addicted to it, millions,I  just read this about the land of Mongolia that alcohol abuse is one that countries biggest stumbling block ,to economic and social progress.Russia is another country where alcohol abuse is ramped. I remember hearing on the Radio how a wife of a famous politician in  Russia was asked why she married her husband,she replied /,he did not drink, and he did not beat her./ Now I mention those two countries ,but many countries are  plagued with alcoholic problems.The problem with addicts is  they will not admit they have a problem,if one attends  an AA meeting they stand up and say,I am so and so ,and I am an alcoholic.If we are not prepared to admit that we have a problem,then we are not prepared to overcome our addiction, I believe if we are prepared to admit that we have an addiction ,then there is hope ,no matter what we are addicted to.  I believe  God through His son can deliver us,for the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.When Christ comes into our lives we are forgiven, but we can also be set free  [Romans 1 v16]
A  prayer....../ Dear God forgive us our sins and set us free through Jesus Your son. Amen/

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