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Saturday, 1 March 2014

His presence [ Matthew 28 v20]

There are times in which we are reminded of Gods mercies,of His  power,protection,preserving,provision,and presence,think on those things today.Through His power we are saved,and set free from Hell,set free from sin, and Satans power. His protection ,there are dangers everywhere,God in His mercy has protected us,read Psalm91,written by Moses,a man who was protected and wonderfully preserved.Only the other day while driving  a lady with a child,not looking nearly stepped out unto the road,I could so easily have knocked her down,but I didn't, God preserves us being hurt,and hurting others. His provision,in about a months time my mortage will be paid off,and the house I live in will be mine,to God be the glory. Then we have the most important thing, His presence,Moses said to God,/If thy presence go not with me,carry us not up hence [Exodus 33v15].As we face life with all its uncertaines,as we step out into each new day,the one thing that encourages us, is the fact of our Saviours presence with us[Matthew 28 v 20].Wherever you are going ,remember you are not on your own, Jesus is with you, remember Jesus never fails.
A  prayer...../ Dear God we thank and praise You , for all the wonderful blessing you have granted us,we thank You that the greatest of these mercies is your presence being with us every moment of each day,we thank You in Jesus name Amen /

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