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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

More than enough [ Matthew 22 37-39]

There are always reasons to be annoyed at people,be it your wife ,husband,children neighbours,we have a neighbour who lives near us,and  he is noisy.I did think of having it recorded and played back to him. There used be little bracelets with the letters WWJD,which stands for what would Jesus do?,it is a good question,what would He do with a noisy neighbour?,or a violent neighbour.?.The challenge for all Christians,is to live out a Christlike life in the nitty gritty of life,not necessary to go and live a sacrificial life on the mission field . The life we are called to live starts where we are,in our home,with our spouses,our children,our work colleagues,and not forgetting those within our local church fellowships.Is this not enough to go on with?,I would think so,more than enough,
A  prayer....../Dear Lord help me where I am to do,what You would do, at all time Amen/

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