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Friday, 28 March 2014

24/7 [Proverbs 3 v5-6 ]

I have stared to read again a book by George Muller,called ,/Answers to  prayer,/,for you ,who don't know about George, in the 19th century he started an orphanage work up in Bristol,which continued to expand during his life.He did not receive any financial assistance,but simply trusted God to supply the needs of the children,himself and fellow workers.Money came in , in ,various ways,by prayer and faith he looked to God to supply the money that was needed. Yet he also stressed the importance of trusting God in everything,and seeking His will in everything.The scripture tells us,that in all our ways we are to acknowledge God [Proverbs 3v6],in other words to bring Him into everything,cooking a meal,driving ,friendships,buying ,giving,everything.When we do this God is honoured,when our plans our falling apart,He can guide us through,let us see that our relationship with God is just that,which means every moment of everyday ,can be filled with His presence.We need  to seek God continually,not just in moments of crisis,not just in the major things,but also in the minor things.In the Bible we have the major and minor prophets,they are all part of the whole,let not despise the day of small things,but let make our walk with God all inclusive.
A  prayer....../Dear God forgive our sinful independence,and grant that we may invite You into every aspect of our lives,in Jesus name Amen/

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