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Sunday, 9 March 2014

No looking back [ Luke 9 v51]

Let us now consider the last of the three men,[Luke 9 v61-62],He declares  boldly to  Jesus, I will follow thee,now that sounds good,you remember what James and Peter did in  [Matthew 4 v22],they immediately left the ship,and their father,and followed Him.this man in Luke 9v61-62,did not do this,he added let me first go,bid them farewell,which are at home at my house.Instead of looking forward he was looking back,the very thing we must not do,it would appear that to linger over the past,could disqualify us from Gods kingdom.I wonder do you think that what Jesus said was a bit extreme?.many people live in the past,are stuck in the past,and unwilling to move forward.W  Barclay, writes,/The Christian marches on, not to the sunset,but to the dawn. The watchword of the kingdom is not backward,but forward/.When God called me to England I did not spend my days moping about Ireland,no I am here,and here I will stay,if God wants me to move on I will move on. Lots wife looked back and lost all,Paul the apostle looked forward, and gained all.We read how our Saviour,steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem[Luke 9 v 51],and what awaited Him there?, suffering,and what awaited Him beyond the suffering?, Glory.[Hebrews 12 v2]
A   prayer / Dear Saviour help us not to waste our lives looking back, but to be like You,to steadfastly look forward, to  the joy of an eternal kingdom. Amen /

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