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Sunday, 30 March 2014

He is unchanging. [Malachi 3 v6]

This Thursday I will be seventy,I was born in 1944,and it really amazes me how in my short life,so many changes have taken place.Materially things have change,for the better,I live in England not Ireland,when I was very young horses where still being used,to some extent.One could not have envisaged the changes that has taken place,people have changed in some ways,but our fallen nature will never change. Then there are changes that we experience,that unnerve us,and maybe frighten us,and even frustrate us,yes we live in a world of change.Here is the good news He who made this world, does not change,in the book of Malachi [3 v6],we read,/For I am the Lord, I change not/.,and then we read,/therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed/.The first thing is Gods unchangableness ,that is a great comfort,He will continue to be faithful,yes even to this world for He is a faithful creator[1 Peter 4 v19] To his children He will remain faithful,loving and caring,that will not change.Then we read,therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed,as children of God,the fact of the matter is ,we are far from being perfect children,but God being is unchanging in His mercy,that will never change,to an unfaithful, disobedient people He declared I have loved you with an everlasting love.[ Jeremiah 31 v3 ]
A  prayer..../Dear God we praise You for Your faithfulness,,for the fact that your love for us will never, never change, in Jesus name Amen /

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