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Friday, 7 March 2014

A reality check. [Luke 9 v 57-58]

In  Luke 9v57-62 ,we read of three people ,who are challenged as regards following Jesus, the first says to Jesus./I will follow Thee,whithersoever Thou goest/. We applaud his enthusiasm,but it is obvious that he did not appreciate what  that would mean.Enthusiasm can blind us to the reality,of what a commitment means,when a young couple stand before God on their wedding day,a wedding day that can be divorced from reality,they look at each other,all  made up in glorious technicolour,they do not think of the future realities,that he or she may snore,that the wedding has to be paid for,that she may have children,but she will have to keep working,look after the kids,and run a home. Shakespeare,wrote,/The course of true love,never did run smooth/.they take their vows,but when it comes to the reality to fulfil those vows,that's another story. The man said Lord ,I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest,then Jesus cuts in and says ,listen to what it means to follow Me,Jesus tells him how it is for Him,it is sacrificial,not many if any home comforts,and as it is for Him so it will be   for those who choose to follow Him. This challenges the so called prosperity gospel,and rightly so,it is the  way of the cross that leads the saint home,was this man willing to accept this ,and to follow Jesus,the question is, are we?.
A  prayer...../ Dear God help us to be willing,  to be willing,in our commitment to Thy son Jesus Amen /

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