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Friday, 14 March 2014

Let go . [ James 4 v 1-3]

I read an amusing story recently,it is about a man who was climbing a mountain,and he slipped ,so he grabbed hold of  a plant growing out of crevice in the rock,as he hung there, he look up and he prayed,if there is anybody up there, help me. Well a voice replied,yes there is,and I want to help you, so simply let go of that plant. Well the man looked down to the rocks below,and thought,and then cried out,is there anybody else up there,that can help me?There is a saying which goes,be careful what you pray for,you may get it. I wonder,when we pray,are we prepared to accept Gods answer?God may say something that appears to be painful,to be risky,or to be challenging,and so we end up not only not responding.,but seeking an answer somewhere else.Balak king of Moab,sought out a prophet called Balaam,he wanted this prophet to call down a curse on Israel,but God refused to do it,but time after time he would not accept Gods answer. You see it is not what he wanted to hear,when we come to God with our requests,in all likelihood God may say something we do not want to hear,but if we accept what He says,bow to his will,we will discover Gods will is always best.
A  prayer....../ Dear God,help us when we pray,to pray according to Thy will,and help us to accept the answer You give, in Jesus name Amen/

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