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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Maturity. [2 Peter 3 v18]

I read a hymn by F.Pratt Green and it deals with the important aspect of maturing,when we become a Christian we are called babes in Christ.We are at the beginning of a process that should mean growth,the Bible speaks of growing in grace ,and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ[2 Peter 3v18].I was thinking this morning, how many years ago as a young Christian,I acted in an immature manner, and hurt a dear friend,and how I wish she could have made allowances for my immaturity.
Growing in our faith, is linked with our relationship with our Lord,and applying His truth into our lives. When we are hurt we are called on to forgive,how many dear Christians have stopped growing,because they have not learnt to forgive. This is one aspect of growing,but there are many other aspects of our lives, that need the transforming power of the Holy Spirit,there is so much dross, that needs dwelt with. Now the Christian life is a life of faith,and that is continually under attack,we must not be surprised at this,consider our Lords life,which ended on a cross. Again think how this affected the disciples,F.P. Green ,wrote,/When our confidence is shaken,in beliefs we thought secure/,for them it was a devastating experience,but it would be part of faith maturing.
Let me finish with the last verse of F.P.Greens hymn,.
                                God is love,and He redeems us,in the Christ we crucify.
                                 This is God's eternal answer ,to the worlds eternal why,
                                  May we in this faith maturing,be content to live and die....Amen/

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