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Thursday, 6 March 2014

It is agressive.[Hebrews 4 v 13-15 ]

One of the consequences of our Lord becoming a human being was ,we are given the assurance that He knows and understands how we feel when we suffer.We are told that He was tempted in all points like we are ,yet without sin[Hebrews 4v15],because of his personal knowledge of suffer,He knows how we feel when we go to him in all our need,and pain.Last night I phoned a friend who has endured a great deal of suffering,to be told by his wife,that he has a cancer that is aggressive,the dear lady was crying. It took me back to the time when my first wife was diagnosed as having cancer and being told those self same words,it was aggressive.Because of this I understand what that meant and understood the pain she was feeling,that is one the consequences of the suffering  we experience ,we no longer are spectators,but we become fellow companions of those who suffer.We who have walked the path of suffering and experienced Gods comfort,can help others who are suffering. Going beyond the comfort we can give, we can point people to Jesus who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities,in the words of a hymn no one understands like Jesus,again as the poet puts it , with every pang that rends the heart the man of sorrows has a part/
A  prayer..../ Dear Lord Jesus you who were no stranger to suffering, we bring our pain to You,and ask for mercy and grace. Amen /

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