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Friday, 31 July 2015

Training for the ministry.[ Amos 7 v 14-15 ]

I was privileged to attend Bible college, I needed that training,but not everyone does,now there are those who look down upon those who have
attended Bible college.Likewise there are those who look down upon those
who not have attended Bible college.The fact is bible colleges serve a good purpose,but they are not essential for everyone.The fact is we all need training if we are going to serve God,and we should do all we can to equip ourselves.John Calvin, C.H.Spurgeon, D.L.Moody,had this in common they never had any formal biblical training,but no one can say they where not equipped to serve God in the ministry.It has been rightly said whom God calls,He equips,part of that  may be Bible college training,but it is not necessary so.John Owen was born in1637 and went to Queen's college
Oxford,he rose to become Vice-Chancellor of that college.he is best remembered for his Death of Death in the Death of Christ.He was one of the most learned men of his time, he was asked by Charles 11 ,why he listened
to an uneducated tinker,he replied,could I possess the tinker's abilities for preaching,please your majesty,I would glady relinquish all my learning.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God we ask that You would raise up anointed and equipped people
for service in your kingdom in Jesus name Amen.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Most persecuted [ John 16 v33 ]

I have just read that Christian are the most persecuted minority group in the world.Someone has asked the question why?,well there are reason,now I know there are places that religion and politics,and tribal conflict can cause those who are Christians to suffer.Yet this does not fully answer the why by
any means,why did the religious leaders persecute Jesus,and have Him brutally put to death?,after all He went about doing good,why do many Christians who are law abiding citizens,pay their taxes,and generally make a positive contribution to their communities are persecuted?.There are reasons, Christians are called to be holy,we are told that men love darkness rather than the light,because their deeds are evil[John 3 v19],further it goes unto to say,that everyone that doeth evil hates the light[3v20].Yesterday I met a person I used to work with,I  remember offering her a daily reading,I was not offensive,she refused it,that was it,no offence meant,but she went and reported me to the manager.A simple thing like that,why?,yes why do Christians suffer?,because we live in a world in rebellion against God,the word of God,tells us that the whole world is under the control of the evil one[1  John 5 v19],and so it is, that our Saviour said,in the world ye shall have tribulation.It appears  a very depressing thing to say,but that is the
reality,but for the Christian there is a greater reality.No Christian is alone,
Jesus is with them,he gives peace,and power to endure and to be more than conquerors,and a promise of eternal glory.
                                                A prayer
Dear God in the name of Jesus we ask for mercy on those Christians who are suffering  .Amen.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Careless. [ Isaiah 45v22]

I am very conscious of the dangers on the road,not just for me but others,pedestrians,motor cyclists,and cyclists.Many years ago I witnessed
a man on a bike involved in an accident,later he died of his injuries.Just recently while driving hope I saw a cyclist on the road ahead,he was wearing a bright jacket,as I came near to him,he suddenly singled his intention of turning right.He  did this without looking,I managed to change lanes,thankfully there was no one coming towards me in that lane. Such are the dangers of those who use the roads,that man did everything right,with one exception,he did not look,Now let us apply this spiritually,in this road of life that we are on ,we may be religious ,read our Bibles,pray ,go to church,and yet never have looked unto Jesus to save us. The world is full of religious people,who are not saved,who have not been born again.That man
on his bike was careless,he never looked,it could have cost him his life,
so it is,there are many careless as regards their soul,they think it does not matter ,but of course it does,to die without Christ is to commit spiritually
                                        A prayer.
Dear God we ask that  You in mercy may awake sinners to their need of Christ. Amen.

Cannot be thwarted.. [ Job 42 v 2 ]

Let us continue on in the theme of the providence of God, sometimes Gods
providence is hid from us.There are times we are held up,delayed,we miss an appointment,we do not get the job,or that promotion we desired.The natural way of reacting would be to become annoyed,angry,or bitter,but
 Gods hidden providential purposes are at work, although we cannot see it
at the time.Next let us trust in Gods providence to undertake even at the last moment,when the enemy is at the gate.When it seemed that all was lost for
Mordecai,and the wicked Haman was going to have him executed,we read
on that night could not the king sleep [Ester 6v1].The result was, Haman the executor would eventually be executed,and Mordecia was not only spared,
but promoted.When I applied for my position of support worker,I did not know that the manager was a Christian who knew me,and I got the job.In our country one was forced to retire when one reached the age of 65[60 for women],but the law was changed just before my retirement age,and so I was able to continue to work on indefinitely,deferring my state pension,and adding to my works pension. This did not happen by chance, it was all in Gods providential care for me. In Gods providence is, promotion,provision,
and all things that concern , His children's lives.
                                       A prayer.
Dear God we thank you for working continually on our behalf,help us to see that your timing is perfect,and that your purposes for your children cannot be  thwarted,for You are our a sovereign God,in Jesus name we pray this Amen.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

The whys of life. [ Isaiah 55 v8-9]

One of my favourite books is the ,/Mystery of Providence/, by John Flavel,the word mystery is very important when considering the subject of
providence.One of William Cowpers most famous hymns ,commences with the words ,God moves in mysterious ways.The question is asked on the back cover of Flavels book,/Do we believe that everything in the world, and in our own lives down to the minutest detail is ordered by the providence of God?/. Now this raises many questions that one cannot answer,it comes under mystery.Yet even though we cannot understand ,it appears unfair and
unjust ,faith trusts in the God of love,mercy and grace.Job who experienced
dreadful,awful things, had a choice to curse God,or to trust Him,he chose the latter.We look at tragedies even in the Christians life and we can so easily become bitter,and disillusioned.Much of the Bible is taken up with suffering,and up to this day many are suffering,for being Christians,we say
just for being Christians. Of course like those who know not God Christians
become ill,have accidents,go bankrupt,die,and this is where the doctrine of
providence is vital,and vital to believe.To believe that God is in control,that
He is still on the throne ,working out all things after the counsel of His will.
[Ephesians 1v11].Romans 8 v28 tells us a very important truth,that the
sovereign God is working all things for the good of  His children, [Romans
8 v28] in His providence.
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God we ask that you would help us to trust in you,even when we do
not understand the whys of life ,in Jesus name Amen.
        [ I will return to my blog Tuesday,every blessing ]

Friday, 24 July 2015

I wonder? [ Acts 16 v31 ]

I was speaking recently to children in a particular church,and I told them that I was saved twice. When I was very young I went to the local swimming pool.As I stood on the edge of the pool someone pushed me in
the deep end.This was my first time at the swimmers,that's what we called them I could not swim,and I remember being under the water,and I was drowning.I remember someone swimming towards me getting a hold of me and getting me out of the pool,that person had saved my life. I do not know who saved me but of course I am very grateful to him.Not long after that I attended a children's meeting,the speaker illustrated how serious sin was,and so I waited behind and trusted Jesus to save me,not from death but from my sin and its consequences,yes I have been saved twice,from physical death and eternal death.I wonder even at that young age when I was saved from drowning if I had drowned where would I have gone? Let me ask you the question if you were to die right now where would you go to?,would it be heaven or would it be Hell?
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God help us to give serious consideration as to where we will spend Jesus name Amen.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A present help [Psalm 46 v1 ]

Psalm 119v83 reads,/Though I am  like a wineskin in the smoke,I do not forget your decrees/. Here the writer is describing his state ,how he felt,this has come about because he is under attack,as M . Wilcock writes,/he is still being molested by the arrogant,and still there are no grounds for their attack.He is saying,literally,Lord,I'm finished,he is at the end of his tether. A dried, cracked wineskin,past the end of its useful life/-that is what he
feels like.I found myself singing words I sort of remember,/I'm the weakest of your Children,how I need Thee,...Lord keep a hold,a hold on me/I can identify with the Psalmist ,at times,as I am sure you can.Consider a lady I
know ,her husband has Parkinson disease,her daughter has cancer,and she has now been diagnosed with cancer.It is often in the Psalms the writers bear their hearts,express their pain,are honest. While we are encouraged to
bear one an others burdens,we are also told to cast our burden upon the Lord and He will sustain us[ Psalm 55 v22]The wonderful thing is we can be honest with God,tell Him how we feel,and be assured that He fully understands,and will undertake .I leave the following words with you,/God
is our refuge and strength,an ever present help in trouble[Psalm 46 v1]
                                         A prayer.
Dear God we acknowledge our weakness,our fears,our difficulties, and ask that You would come to our aid in Jesus name Amen /

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Helps [ Ephesians 4 v 7 - 16]

I continue to read through the Psalms, I have reached the longest  Psalm. 119,the writer is under attack.I have been using Michael Wilcocks book on the Psalms as a help in understanding the Psalms.I have found help it is
relativity brief but informative,don't fall into the trap that one should only read the bible,with out any aids,such  as godly men's writings. Of course we must rely on the Holy Spirit that goes without saying ,but Godly men have
been gifted by the Holy Spirit whither in their preaching,or writings to build
Gods people up spiritually.[ Ephesians 4 v7 -16 ]. I have been helped so much by the writings of men of God, I do not know a minster who has not used the writings of godly men,the great C.H.Spurgeon had a vast library. If you are not sure what books to purchase ask your ministers advice,or some godly preacher.If you are an aspiring preacher then over time build up a
a library,good commentaries,but also books that give an overall quick  view
,I have found my recent purchase of the series of the Bible speaks today
reasonably helpful,and are not expensive.Be discerning in what you read,ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth,we are told He will. [John 14 v26]
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God help us in our desire to know and understand Your word in Jesus name Amen.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Beware. [2 Samuel 11 v27 ]

I am a child of God,I am forgiven,have eternal  life,because Christ is my Saviour,and I rejoice in my personal relationship with God my Father.My
thoughts turn to a wonderful man of God, who also had a wonderful relationship with God. This man was called David,the Bible tells us that he was a man after Gods own heart.He wrote that wonderful 23rd Psalm, with its wonderful opening words,the Lord is my shepherd.The Lord wonderfully
protected him,provided for him,and promoted him to be king,from being a
nobody to being a somebody.The Lord blessed Him with wealth and power
he truly was blessed of God,now I did say,he was a man,and lust took over
and deceit took over,and murder took over,and spiritual blindness took over.
Did this man think that God would overlook what he had done,did he think that God was an indulgent father?.Did he think at all ,about a God who is
holy, that his relationship with God made him immune from Gods judgement?. He was soon jerked into reality,by a faithful prophet,and  the
word from God,/Thou art the man /,yes the man who committed those heinous sins,and God was not pleased. David paid a price for his sin,
because God is not an indulgent father ,let us learn from this,that even though we may like David,have been blessed,we cannot presume on Gods mercy.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God help every day,and every moment of every day to walk worthy of our calling in Christ Jesus ,help us not to presume on Your mercy. Amen

Monday, 20 July 2015

The water feature. [ Hebrews 12 v1-2]

We have a water feature in our garden,it is a large silver ball sitting on a
container ,which has a pump,which pumps water up the centre of that silver ball.I noticed that there was not much water coming out of the opening at the top of the feature.I turned off the electric which powers the pump, I  then emptied  the water out which was full of sediment,cleared the pipe,put
together,filled the container with fresh water,turned the electric on,and it
functioned perfectly. The scriptures exhort us to be filled with the Holy
Spirit,[Ephesians 5 v18], this is to be a daily experience. The Christian
life can only be lived  by the power of Gods Spirit,we need to be reminded
of this truth.The challenges that face us,of being Holy,of witnessing of serving,of loving,cannot be achieved,other than by the Spirit of God. Like that little water feature in my garden our Christian walk can deteriorate,we
find that we are struggling because of the clutter we have accumulated.That little water feature needs the power of electric to work,but because of the clutter it could not.What is hindering our Christian life ,read the book of
Ephesians,take up the challenge ,confess your sins,and forsake them, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh.
                                             A  prayer.
Dear God forgive us for our carelessness,when let so many things in,and keep You out,help us,fill us with Your Spirit afresh in Jesus name Amen.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gods word. [ Hebrews 4 v 12-13 ]

As I went to the bank recently, I noticed that the JW'S were  very active, I do not hate those people,but I do hate what they stand for,falsehood
, lies and distortion, as regards Gods word.  Am I just being being
stupid, surely is it not enough that they believe in a god?, and that  their teaching is at odds with what the Bible teaches.John 1 v 1-2,/ 20v28/
Hebrews 1 v2-12. now what do these and many other scriptures,teach
as to the person  Jesus .That Jesus is God the Son and that he is the creator of the universe .Now the JW's do not believe these scriptures,they also take
take exception to many other biblical truths. The reformation was based on Gods word,if we are to be saved then,we cannot ignore this,nor can we pick and choose what we find acceptable.A belief in a god is not enough,God has revealed Himself clearly in His word,who are we to ignore this,if we do ,it will be to our cost.Whats the point of a so called bible that has been tailored
to suit our likes,A bible like that, is a dangerous bible,and cannot help us
in finding or knowing God. Gods word is truth,when we tamper with it ,it becomes error.
                                   A  prayer.
Dear God we thank You for Your word,that makes us wise unto salvation
through Faith in Your Son Jesus. Amen.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

At their wits end. [Psalm 107 ]

Psalm 107 deals with the Lords unfailing love,it commences by saying,Give thanks to the Lord,for He is good.It deals with the difficulties the children of Israel experienced,here are some things mentioned. The were hungry,
thirsty,experienced times of darkness,and deepest gloom,subject to bitter labour,afflicted.This blessed people experienced these things because they
walked contrary to Gods will,v27in NIV tells us,/They reeled and staggered like drunken men,they were at their wits end/.Of course we may be experiencing difficulties as many of Gods people do,not because we have done things wrong.But if we are suffering and at our wits end,we can do what the Israelites did,they cried to the Lord in their trouble,if we are walking in rebellion,then it must be a cry of repentance,if we like Job are experiencing trials not because of any wrong we have done,then we can also cry unto the Lord,who in His mercy will deliver,and save us in our distress.If you are at your wits end,here is a wonderful promise for you,/ Call upon Me in the day of trouble,I will deliver thee,and thou shalt glorify me[Psalm 50 v15]/
                                          A prayer
Dear God , You know why we experience troubles,,sometimes because of our rebelliousness or whatever,have mercy upon us and deliver us in Jesus name Amen

Monday, 13 July 2015

Mistakes [ Paslm 103 v 13-14 ]

My son John said he made a mistake at his  work,the fact is we all make mistakes, now of course that is obvious,and possible it does not help to hear this. It is important we do not punish ourselves ,as it were, to death, when
we make mistakes, we are also not to be hard on others who make mistakes there are different aspects in relation to making mistakes. We may be tired
we may be rash,hurried,we may forget,we may be careless,we may be ill informed.Not so long ago I was going to buy a car,I  did my best,in finding out all I could about the particular make I was going to purchase.I bought
the car,but I made a mistake of not having a drive in it before I bought it. When my son told me of the mistake he had made ,I said to him,lets pray
about it,so we prayed,we cant change the fact that he made a mistake,but we can look to God to overrule,as He has promised in Romans 8 v28,it may be
no good crying over spilt milk,but it is good to cry to God when we do.
                                            A   prayer. 
Dear God You know how fallible we are,we make mistakes,so we leave them with You,to overrule for our good,and all that means,in Jesus name Amen/
[I will return to my devotional Saturday the 18th,everyblessing ]

Sunday, 12 July 2015

No way. [ 1 Samuel 17 v 41- 54 ]

Murry the giant slayer,well not quite,I was watching tennis on TV as I do every year,Murry was playing Karlovic,now Murry is not a small person,
but  Karlovic is tall, 6feet 11 inches tall.When they had finished their match which Murry won,as they walked off the court,Karlovic appeared like a giant.Now it was only a game of tennis,the looser will dust himself down,
and go unto his next game of tennis.But there is a story in the Bible about a
little chap,facing a big giant,and it was not a tennis match,it was a war zone,that would be decided by a small lad and a giant of a man.The Lads name was David,the giants name was Goliath,the young lad had risen to the giants challenge,of fighting him in combat. All Israel were quaking with fear,even big Saul, the enemies of Israel were licking their lips,assured  that their champion would win,there is a saying in boxing a big one will always beat a little one.The giant thought that,the Philistines thought that,and possible all Israel thought that also.Feather weights do not beat heavy weights,how on earth could David win?,well the answer is very simple,faith in his God,and so it came to pass.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God you know the giants we have to face,and You know how small and inadequate we are,so by faith we look to You to give us the victory,in Jesus
name Amen.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Only You [ Psalm 94 v 17-19]

The words of a popular song  came to mind, only you,and it reminded me not so much of the song, the words came from,but  my relationship with
my loving heavenly Father.I started singing a song putting my own words
in,oh it will never make the top of the charts,nor will I sing it in public,but the theme of it was,the fact that God my Father and Him alone has brought
me through .Not having a father around ,I was comforted by the wonderful truth that God was my Father.The Psalmist declared,/Unless the Lord had given me help[94 v17] yes  that sums it up,unless the Lord had stood by me watched over me,what would have been my fate,?.It does not bear thinking about,for one  thing I would have had no hope for eternity,I just do not think I could have made it through,He has watched over me and my family,
putting food on the table,clothes on our backs,great has been His faithfulness, though I am old, His care for me will not cease.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear loving Heavenly Father,thank You for Your faithfulness, truly only
You and You alone have cared for me and mine,and for this I gave You thanks, in Jesus my Saviours name Amen

Friday, 10 July 2015

There is a God reason. [ Psalm 119 v67 ]

Sometimes things crowd in upon us,we become unsettled,our little world
appears to be threatened,the words of Deuteronomy 32 v11-12,come to mind,it is dealing with Israel in the wilderness./Like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young,that spreads its wings over them and carries them on its pinions.The Lord alone did lead them;no foreign god was with them/  Why the eagle stirs up its young I am not sure,but why does the Lord stir us up?,to stir us up out of our complacency?,Bunyan wrote of the slough of despond.the dictionary tells me the word slough means,a situation in which there is no progress or activity. Now that's not a good place for the
Christian  to be in,there is always work for us to do in Gods kingdom.The Christian life is ongoing in serving,and following in the footsteps of our master.Is the Lord stirring you up? to pray,to go forth ?, we must look beyond the stirring up,and ask our Saviour why. The Lord says, he who has an ear , let him hear what the Spirit says.[Revelation 2v7],today let us listen to the Holy Spirit
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God when You stir us up help us to hear your still small voice,in Jesus name Amen.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The little mouse [ Genesis 50 v 20]

D.R. Davis writes of /Gods calendar,and how even chaotic time is appointed time/ It is clear throughout scripture that God has His time in which things will happen,and in spite of awful chaotic times God is in control.It was R.Burns while ploughing up rooted a mouse .From that simple experience he wrote a poem,The words are in the Scottish dialect it reads,/ But mousie,thou art no thy-lane.In proving foresight may be in vain. The best laid schemes o' mice and men,gang aft agley. An leave us naught but grief and pain,for promised joy/.The way I would see this is simple ,in spite of all our planning , and efforts to make things go a certain way,things can so soon collapse around us.Yes , we rule but God overrules,sometimes bringing the house down upon our heads.We will never fully understand this ,may be resent it,because our house comes down upon us. This can not only apply to as it were bad things ,but to good things,let us never forget that all things are working out for our good,all things[Romans8 v28]
                                     A   prayer.
Dear God help us not to loose our heads,no matter how chaotic things appear to be in Jesus name Amen.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Not just history[ Hebrews 3 v 7 - 19]

The book of Hebrews is a wonderful book that exalts our Saviour over all things in heaven and upon earth,reminding us that the servant is the Saviour
 and Divine.The people to whom the book is written were struggling spiritually.And so throughout this epistle we have encouragements but
also warnings as regards turning back,they are reminded what happened to the Israelites when they turned back, so the writer declares,/Today if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts.[3v8] ,the key word is today,God may have been speaking,way back then,but as M Wilcock writes ,/God is is speaking to you now,today,as really as He was then. You are as likely as your forefathers were to harden your hearts and to refuse to listen.It is entirely possible for God to be as disgusted with you as He was with them/
So today if we hear His voice let us not harden our hearts
                                        A  prayer.
Dear God forgive us our backsliding,our spiritual deafness,and our hard hearts,in Jesus name Amen.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Greatness. [Philippians 2 v5-11]

We where handing out leaflets at a local supermarket,encouraging people to
help those who are in need. One of the folk involved in this had brought a little child along,and she participated in the giving out of the leaflets.I noticed how people gladly took them of this little child,readily,more so that us grown ups.I am not sure why,but it was an interesting observation.A little
child says Isaiah [11 v 6]shall lead them.It was Jesus who called a little child, stood him in the midst and said, unless you change and become like little children,you will never enter the kingdom of heaven[ Matthew 18 v1-4].it is interesting that many people become Christians when they are children.the context in which Jesus said these words,came as a response to
a question by his disciples,/Who is the greatest in the kingdom heaven/,This was a question the disciples  were concerned a number of times  cp  Mark 9 v34 /Luke 9v46./ The mother of James and John came to Jesus to ask that her sons should sit in the place of honour in heaven.I am not to concerned as
to where I sit or stand when I get to heaven,I will be so glad that I have got there. Jesus stresses the importance of humility, and serving others,even as a slave.Those who truly do this will be greatest in Gods Kingdom.
                                  A  prayer.
 Dear God fill our lives with true humility,and grant unto us that we may all have a willingness to serve other in Jesus name Amen.    

Monday, 6 July 2015

Change. [ Isaiah 41 v10]

Things can change so quickly in life,just recently the residential home that my wife works in ,is closing. She has worked in it for 13 years so suddenly, change  has been thrust upon her,and of course on the both of us as
we consider the financial consequences.  The first thing I did was to seek
a word from God which I received,reassuring us that God has not changed,
I was reminded again of the importance of trusting God,to not panic,that God is faithful,the word Ebenezer ,was given,which means,/hitherto hath the Lord helped us..I was also told to pray and to let my requests be made
known unto God. The result would be peace,and so it goes on,this walk
of faith,trusting  our loving heavenly Father.As I was praying this morning
the words of a song I knew came to me,it goes like this.
                         All your anxiety's ,all your cares ,
                          Bring to the mercy seat ,leave them there,
                         Never a burden that He cant bear,
                          Never a friend like Jesus.
                                   A  prayer.
 Dear loving heavenly Father,we bring all our cares to you,knowing that you care for us,all the time,so we leave with you all our needs,and ask that you will meet our needs in the name of Jesus Amen.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

All I have to do is follow. [ Psalm 23 ]

In Deuteronomy 32 v 12 we read ,/The Lord alone led them/,the old hymn
reads,/All the way my Saviour leads me,/it is important to grasp this reality.
As I consider my life I can see so clearly God leading me,not always at the time,but in retrospect,we can say an amen to those words,that God alone led them. Again the words of a hymn come to mind,My Lord knows the way through the wilderness,all I have to do is follow.All I have to do is follow
they are challenging words,for so often like Israel through out their entire history, we find it so difficult  to follow. There are different reasons we
think we know best,but we don't,we lack faith ,forgetting that the Christian
life is a life of faith.We are just downright disobedient at times,and so God
has to discipline us,to bring us back into line. We learn many things when the Lord leads ,the importance of trust,in God our Father, who will always
lead us aright.Yes all I have to do is follow,consider the alternative,it bears not thinking about,consider the difficulties Israel got into ,by rejecting Gods.It will be the same for all of us,but it does not have to be,grant that it wont be.
                                              A  prayer.
 Dear God we thank You, that You have  promised to lead us all our lives
grant that we will rejoice in the knowledge that all we have to do is follow
grant us grace to do just that,in Jesus name Amen .

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Restore. [Romans 9 v 15- 16 ]

I have a photo in my home, of me and two of my brothers,one is deceased,
we are all very young in it.It reminds me of so much,of junior school,of the friends I had,of my two older brothers.One early in life joined the merchant navy,the other joined the army,I myself was a boy soldier.We all had part
time jobs before we left school,none of us did all that well at school,we left school without any qualifications.We all married and had children,we all made decisions for Christ,but we all turned away,yes I turned away. Yet God in His mercy restored me to himself ,that was just over 50 years ago.He forgave me and the more I think about it, the more I think about my brothers
and pray that God in His mercy would restore that remaining brother to Him
self, I have another brother who is not in that photo,he likewise had a salvation experience when he was young,but unfortunately he turned away
I pray also for him that he would return to Christ. Is there hope? only God knows,He declares I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy [ Romans 9 v 15]
                                         A prayer
Dear God in Your mercy restore those who once walked with You,grant them another chance in Jesus name Amen.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Be on your guard. [ Ephesians 6 v13- 18]

Shakespeare's Merchant says,' the Devil can cite scriptures for his purpose'.It is important to realise that  there is a being called the Devil,who
will do all he can to undermine ,and pervert the scriptures.When he tempted Jesus [ Matthew 4],he quoted scripture [v6],but Jesus withstood him quoting scriptures ,correctly and effectively.The cults also can quote scripture,also
many people can, aided by the Devil ,Muslims believe in a prophet Jesus  they do not accept that He died on the cross,for our sins. So they are enemies of the cross, enemies of Christ,and enemies of His Church.These
false teachers says W Barclay/,bear upon their consciences the very brand of Satan,they are marked as his property,as belonging to him./It is vital
that we do not give way to seducing spirits, [1 Timothy 4v1]we need more than ever to hold fast to the word of God,in a world that is captivated by Satan at his will[ 2 Timothy 2 v26]. Satan is called a liar by our Lord,and spoke of those who apposed Him as being children of the devil [ John 8 v44] Strong words but they are  true the situation is serious,for the unsaved,
but also for us who are Christians, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against wickedness in high places [Ephesians 6 v12]
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God help us to not be seduced ,by Satan,and his willing followers,
in Jesus name Amen.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Give . [Psalm 87 v11 ]

I am continually asking God for so many things,legitimate things,but as I read Psalm 87v 11, I read,/Give me an undivided heart/.Now that is something I have never asked God for,this is a request from King David.
Surely this man after Gods own heart would not need to pray that prayer,
but seemingly He did.There is a saying which goes,divide and conquer,it was Elijah the prophet who said to Israel, /How long will you waver between two opinions [1 Kings 18 v 21],If the Lord is God ,follow Him, but if Bale is God,follow him/. [ 1 Kings 18 v 21].James writes of a double minded Man, who is unstable in all he does . [James 1 v 8.] In Matthew 6 v42, our Lord speaks of a singleness of vision. Two folk  I know,who
are employed to care for their employers home and property, live in a
home provided by their employer.They felt they should buy a property of their own,for when they retire,they spoke to their employer about it,he told
that it would be best if they did not buy that property,as it would distract them,from giving their full attention to what he is employing them to do. In other words he wants them to serve him with and undivided heart, they had to make that decision.
                                     A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus we acknowledge that often we do not love You,or serve
You with that singleness of vision or of heart,forgive us,and help us change