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Sunday, 28 August 2016

How big is your God.? [ Psalm 121 ]

Selwyn Hughes on his  devotional on the book of Amos ,write,''The prophet never lets the people off the 'theological hook' for one moment. He will not
allow them for a second to domesticate God by reducing Him to human dimensions''Now Israel lived among nations who had their own gods.many worshipped local deities.As we read the scriptures we are continually reminded of the greatness of God,in Genesis we are told the He created all
things,one of the most wonderful chapters is Isaiah 40,written to His people
who were feeling weak and insignificant,The Psalmist prays to the Lord who made heaven and earth[Psalm 121v1],and Job is silenced when he is reminded that he is speaking to the one who is almighty[Job 40 v1]We are earth bound creatures,but we have a God who is bigger than planet earth.
Most nights I go into my garden and look up into the heavens,although I can only see a few stars I am reminded afresh of the greatness and glory of God,who is my God and yours.His wisdom is infinite,his knowledge is
total,His power is awesome,His ways are unfathomable.
                                      A  prayer.
Dear God we worship You,we who are finite worship you our infinite God ,and rejoice in your mercy and love in Jesus Amen

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Accepting Gods will. [Romans 12v1 - 2 ]

Accepting the will of God, our Saviour prayed,Father,if you are willing take
this cup from me,yet not my will,but yours be done.[Luke 22 42]There are times in which we like Jesus will be faced with experiences we would rather not go through.No matter what it may be ,Jesus was not refusing Gods will
,but He was finding it hard ,and who can blame  Him . Only He knew the full extent of  what  He was going to face , and knew  just how much his death meant .Jesus had to die , if He  didn't die then  we would all suffer eternal death.Can we pray what Jesus prayed? , yes we can , but if we do , will we be willing  to accept Gods answer? , Jesus did , Are we prepared for the answer He gives ,are we prepared to accept God's will ? . He may heal
but  He may not ,He may deliver but  He may not ,Are we unreservedly 
willing to accept Gods will ? , you may be reading this at a  time of crises
well it is only acceptance of Gods will ,that will bring peace . and blessing .
                                          A  prayer .
Dear God help us accept your will , even it is a no,or a yes , a go or a stay
in Jesus name Amen                                                                                                                        

Friday, 26 August 2016

No adding on[ John 14 v6 ]

Yesterday we looked at as Bishop Handley writes,''That there is no separable ''Gospel of the Spirit''.Not for a moment are we to advance, as it were, from the Lord Jesus Christ to a higher or deeper region,ruled by the Holy Ghost''.There are those who teach this,that we have to go beyond Christ to be fully a Christian,not so,I have Christ what want I more?,what need I more?.Stephen Neil writes about those false teachers in the early church would in essence worm their way ,and tell those early Christians, what you have is quite all right,and a good foundation for faith.Now let us finish it off for you,and you really would be  Christians''Beware of any body who wants to add on anything to our faith in Christ ,You may feel that you are lacking as a Christian,you feel if only I had more power,we have all felt this,but the fact of the matter is we all who are Christ's have the power of God within us,the Holy Spirit, who will and does  equip us for Christian living
                                          A prayer.
Dear God grant unto us all discernment, and help us not to be tossed back and forth by the waves,and blown here and there by every wind of teaching,
and by the cunning and graftiness of men in their deceitful scheming,in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A single experience. [ Romans 8 v 15 ]

When I was young Christian a man said to me,''have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?''.Now these words are taken from Acts 19v1ff,
spoken by Paul to,two disciples of John,they new nothing about the Holy Spirit,they were not Christians,but eventually Paul the apostle explained to them about Christ they believed and were baptised,and when he laid his hands on them they did receive  the Holy Spirit.John Stott writes,''The laying on of hands by the apostles ,followed by tongue speaking and
prophesying were special to Ephesus,as to Samaria,demonstrated visibly that they had become become Christians;the NT does not universalise this''
Roman 8 v 9 tells us clearly that,'' if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ,he does not belong to Christ''.in the same verse we have the Spirit of  God,Stott says,''This is not confusing the persons of the Trinity,but to stress that while they are eternally distinct in their personal modes of being,they also share the same divine essence and will.What the Father does
he does through the Son,and what the son does he does through the Spirit.
Indeed,wherever each is,there are the others also''.
Tomorrow we will follow on with this to show that receiving Christ is not a two  tier experience.
                                          A prayer.
Dear God we thank you that when Christ became our Saviour the Holy Spirit came to dwell in our lives, Amen.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

God looks.[ 1 Samuel 16 v7 ]

I found myself praying,that God would help me glorify Him outwardly and inwardly.Samuel the great prophet was told to go and anoint another king,as
he viewed the possible candidates ,he was taught a valuable lesson which we all need to learn,and most of all remember.''The Lord does not look at things man looks at.Man looks at the outward appearance,but the Lord looks at the heart''[1 Samuel 16 v7 ].Consider how much humanity looks on
the outward appearance,buy the Hello magazine,there you have dressed in all there finery,in their beautiful homes,with their beautiful children,and their beautiful cars.There is nothing wrong with valuing beauty,but that is not what should be the touchstone of our lives,for as we know beauty is only skin deep.David saw a beautiful woman and what followed was far from beautiful,Samson likewise ,and the result was he lost his strength,his sight and his freedom.[Judges 16 ].The apostle Paul valued so much that was outward,his religion,his nationality,his religious standing,but none of those things were of value in Gods eyes.It was only when he found Christ
as his Saviour that he discovered what was of most value in Gods eyes.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God open the eyes of our understanding at all times ,to what is of value in your eyes,in Jesus name Amen.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

If only. [ Acts 7 v51-60]

I read this recently by Selwyn Hughes,''Without the moral compass of Gods 
Word our lives are cast adrift on a sea of uncertain opinions. All sense of direction will be lost''.As one reads the history of Israel which was more tragic than glorious ,yes there were times when as nation they followed
God,in that they obeyed His words and sought to bring their lives into conformity to His word.But sad to say they never got out of the habit of doing what was right in their own eyes,never ,God who would have been their Saviour became their Judge.Time after time God pleaded with them through the word spoken by the prophets,but they remained a stiff-necked ,rebellious,people.It need not have been that way,if only they had obeyed Gods word,if only,is the words that sums up Israel ,if only,and when their Messiah came they treasured the word,but not the Saviour of the word,and so it remains to this day,if only,if only.
                                              A prayer.
Dear God help us to see how vital it is to hold fast to your word,and to obey it,may it never be said of us,if only,in Jesus name we ask this Amen. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

My Friend [ Psalm 119 v129-136]

I  have a friend who is a converted Roman Catholic,he was a very devout
Roman Catholic ,as was his family,his elder brother became a priest.He
himself had entered a time of training for the priesthood,but  in the end he left it,feeling it was not for him.As you could expect he knows a lot about
RC teaching and practises.One thing that was absent was the scriptures, other than a few verses from the gospels during the mass.Now my friend was very active in opposing those who were  Protestants,and in order to answer questions,that they raised when speaking to them,he asked his priest for a New Testament.When his mother saw him reading the Bible she was upset and told him off,and said she would tell the priest,she was a bit knocked back,when he told her that the priest had given him the NT.When he asked his priest why RC's did not read the scriptures,he was told,it was because  when people read the Bible they become Protestants.And so it came to pass, for through reading the scriptures my friend did became a protestant.
                                     A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you for your word,help us to hold fast to your word,
and to proclaim it faithfully,and with confidence in its power,in Jesus name Amen.