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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My holiday. ( John 13 v1 - 17 )

                One of the things that impressed me as to our holiday was,
                the service one received. The care and courtesy  was  very
                nice, ten out of ten ,it really did enrich our holiday. Of course
                one the very important things as to being a Christian , is to be
                 a servant. Jesus declared , ''The  greatest among you will be your
                servant '' (  Matthew  23 v  11), He who spoke these words,was
                a servant , and He says to all who follow Him ,serve.

                                   ''Your attitude should be the same
                                    as that of  Christ Jesus.
                                    Who being in the very nature God,
                                    did not consider equality with God
                                    something to be grasped,
                                    but made Himself  nothing, taking
                                    the very nature of  a servant''.
                                       (  Philippians 2 v 5- 7 )

Monday, 16 October 2017

My holiday. ( Romans 8 v28 )

                        I want to share with you my recent holiday in the
                        lovely Island of  Malta. Last  year while visiting Malta
                        my wife and I where offered a holiday in a five star
                        holiday, at a reduced rate, which we accepted, so we
                        paid our money, and signed, on the dotted line, this
                        holiday coincided with my wife's 60th birthday. Later,
                        that day I had misgivings, but we had signed on the dotted
                        line, my misgivings continued ,but in the end we went, my
                        worries and misgivings ,give way to peace as we enjoyed
                        the weather, the hotel ,and Malta, and in looking back I
                        can trace the goodness of God, in all that took place.

                                        Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take,
                                         The clouds ye so much dread,
                                        Are big with mercy, and shall break
                                         In blessings on your head.
                                           (Words by William Cowper )

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The mystery of Godliness. ( 1 Timothy 3 v 16 )

             A.W.Tozer, wrote a wonderful little book called,' The knowledge
             of the Holy,.In   it he wrote , ''What is God like?', if by that
             question ,''What is God like Himself''  ? there is no answer.  If
             we mean'' What has God disclosed about Himself ?'', there is an
              answer  both full and satisfying, For while   the name of God is
              secret and  His  essential nature incomprehensible, He in .....
              condescending  love has  by revelation declared certain  things
              to be true of  Himself. These we call attributes.''
              Yes there is and always will be a mystery about God ,as to His
               essential nature, and also as to His ways ,our relationship with
               God is brought about by faith ,a faith in a God who is .............
                incomprehensible , in His fullness, whose ways are past finding
               out. It was Job that wonderful man of God, who suffered so
               much , declared ,'' Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him''
               That is a man of faith talking.

                                    Jesus these eyes have never seen
                                    That radiant form of Thine;
                                    The veil of sense hangs between   
                                     Thy blessed face and mine.

                                     I  see Thee not, I hear Thee not,
                                     Yet art Thou oft with me;
                                     And earth hath ne'er so dear a spot
                                     As where I meet with Thee.

                                     Yet though  I have not seen and still
                                      Must rest in faith alone,
                                      I love Thee, dearest Lord and will,
                                      Unseen , but not unknown.

                                      When death  these mortal eyes shall  seal
                                      And still this throbbing heart,
                                      The rending veil shall Thee reveal,
                                      All glorious as Thou art.

                                               ( Words Ray Palmer )

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Get understanding. ( Luke 24 v13- 27 )

                   John W. Olley writing about  Satan's  use of scripture 
                   when tempting Jesus,  writes,  ''The mere  quoting of
                   Scripture  does not guarantee correct application, ''I was
                   talking to a friend ,who said he found it hard to retain
                   scripture ,even though he had memorized it. memorizing s
                   scripture is beneficial, the Bible tells about hiding Gods
                   word in our heart  ,that we may not sin against  Him. ( Psalm-
                   119 v 11) It is like buried treasure that will enrich our lives,
                   and when shared can enrich other peoples lives. It may be
                   hidden in our hearts that does not mean that we should hoard
                   it, we are meant to share the word of God. But it is important
                   that we grow in our understanding of Gods word. The
                   Psalmist prays ,''give me discernment that I may understand
                   your statutes''( Psalm 119 v 125)

                                                    A prayer

                        Dear God help us treat your word as the most precious
                        thing we have, to not neglect it, but to treasure it, that we
                        may be blessed, and we may bless Jesus name


Thursday, 5 October 2017

William Carey. ( John 3 v 27 - 30 )

           It is many years since I read the life of William Carey, so I
           looked briefly at his life on Internet. I would encourage you
           to read his life, his achievements were extraordinary,
                          Translated the Bible into 34 Asian language
                           Started a College,
                           Compiled dictionaries in different  languages.
                           Started first  Indian newspaper.                           
                           Started 100 rural schools. 
                           Encouraged the education of girls.
            He established many Christian churches ,and mission stations.
            During his final illness, he had a visit from a young Scottish
            missionary. He said this to him, Mr. Duff, you have been
            speaking about Dr . Carey. When I am gone, say nothing about
            Dr. Carey- speak about Dr. Carey's  Saviour.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Perseverance ( 2 Corinthians 4 v 7 - 18 )

                     William Carey  served God in India ( 1793 - 1834 ) ,his
                      wonderful challenging motto which reads, ''Expect great
                      things from God, attempt great things for God''. He was a
                      godly man, during his time in India he translated the
                      scriptures ,he had just about finished a translation when a
                      fire destroyed it, this was a great disappointment, but he
                      did not give up .In spite of difficulties he persevered, this
                      must be characteristic of every child of God .

                                        O for a faith that will not shrink,    
                                        Though pressed by many a foe;
                                        That will not tremble on the brink,
                                        Of poverty and woe.

                                        That will not murmur or complain
                                        Beneath the chastening rod;
                                        But in the hour of  grief or pain
                                        Can  lean upon its God.

                                        A faith that shines more bright
                                        and clear
                                        When tempests rage without 
                                        That when in danger knows no fear,
                                        in darkness feels no doubt;

                                        A faith that keeps the narrow way
                                        Till life's  last spark is fled
                                        And with a  pure and heavenly ray
                                        lights up the dying bed.

                                        Lord give me such a faith as this
                                        And  then, whate'er may come,
                                        I taste even now the hallowed  bliss
                                        Of an eternal home.
                                               (  Words by W H. Bathurst )




Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Choose . ( John 14 v6 )

               It was Elijah the prophet, who challenged the backsliding
               nation of Israel with the following words, ''How long will you
               waver between two opinions? If  the Lord is God follow Him,
               but if Baal is God, follow him''. God demands an exclusive
               relationship,  Jesus stressed that He was only way
               to God (John 14v 6]. We cannot serve to masters, the people
               of Israel where trying to give their allegiance to a Canaanite
               god called Baal and the Lord, so they were challenged to make
               a choice. A lady said to me recently that no one would convert
               her, she had made a choice, unfortunately the wrong choice ,
               There is a verse in Revelation 3 v20 which reads .

                        Here I am , I stand at the door and knock
                        if anyone hears my voice and opens the
                        door, I will come in.