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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

He will make it plain. [ 1 Peter 1 v 6-9 ]

In  Isaiah 42v 18ff ,the Lord rebukes Israel,they were described as deaf and blind, of paying no attention,it wasn't that they could not hear,they just refused to listen.The result was, God dealt with them ,in severe ways,but as you move into chapter 43,God speaks comforting words of assurance,He reminds them that in spite of everything they have done and gone through
they were precious and honoured in His sight,and that He loved them.there is so much in that chapter that is positive.v2 reads,''When you pass through the waters I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire,you will not be
burned; the flames will not set you abaze'' Yes God loved them but they would still experience trials,but they would be preserved.So why the trials?
well as we read on in that chapter there was much in Israel that needed refined,such will always be the case.Not only for Israel of old but we who
now the Israel of God, children of the new covenant.
                             Just trust Me when through paths unknown,
                                             I lead-perchance with pain.
                              Lean hard,my child,take thou My hand;
                                      Someday I'll make it plain.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Our greatest need. [ John 6 v 66 - 69 ]

In Madagascar the majority of people are very poor,it is described as
desperate poverty and misery,so  reports  the Barnabas aid agency,a Christian organisation.They report, that many people are turning to Islam,
Muslim missionaries hand out portions of the Quran,with bank notes slipped between the pages.They tell the people many of them professing Christians,''When you go to church you are asked to give money,when you
come to our mosque,you will be given money''.When our Lord performed the miracle of feeding five thousand [John 6 ],many followed Him because they felt that Jesus would be like Moses whom they credited with feeding the Israelites in the wilderness.There are no guarantees if one becomes a Christian that one will not experience poverty,sickness,and whatever. There
are many Christian organisations,working in poor countries,helping people, but they are not in the business of bribing people in order for them to become Christians.They are helping, simple out of love,yes we hope and pray that what we do will be a testimony to Gods glory,To seek to bribe people to become Christians,can never be right,nor should never be practised,when people fix their eyes totally on physical needs,we point them
beyond their limited vision ,to Christ.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus help us in whatever difficulties we are facing,to see that our deepest need is you Amen.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Living Word. [ Luke 24 v 25-27 ]

In recent times I have been seeking to study every book in the Bible,I have
used a particular study guide,which I have found very helpful.I am about to study that wonderful book of Hebrews.People have different opinion's as
to who wrote this book,the writers name is not mentioned,I personally think Paul wrote it,the great John Calvin did not,the most important thing is not to get to worked up about this,for it in no way,effects  its message .The most important thing for you and me is to read and to understand it,it is Gods word,like the manna of old it is has come down from heaven,to feed our souls,likewise every book in the Bible.I would encourage you to not only read the Bible but to understand it,don't just depend on your minister,let
us all ,''Study to shew ourselves approved unto God,a workmen that needeth
not to be ashamed,rightly dividing the word of truth''[2 Timothy 2 v15].
                                 Break Thou the bread of life,
                                 Dear Lord to me,
                                 As Thou didst break the loaves
                                 Beside the sea;
                                 Beyond the sacred page
                                 I seek Thee ,Lord,
                                 My spirit pants for Thee,
                                 O Living Word.
                                  [Words by Mary  A. Lathbury]

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Are you a lemon?. [Matthew 5 v 43-48/ Hebrews 12v15]

My wife likes drinking,no not wiskey,or rum,or beer,but she likes a lemon drink,but it has such a bitter taste to it .Now of course it is all a matter of taste,nothing wrong with that,but there is another aspect in relation to that word bitterness,that is very serious,it is when people hurt us.It is impossible to go through life without being hurt by someone,and here is another aspect of it, is impossible for us not to hurt someone.The problem is when someone hurts us ,bitterness enters in ,and it blinds us to the challenge that all Christians must face up to,that is to have a loving and forgiving spirit. In spite of what we read in Gods word,about forgiveness,and loving yes even our enemies,we are inclined to let our hurtful feelings take over.Again the challenge is to not be ruled by our feelings,but by that love which loves unconditional,that God has for us,even though we grieve Him so many times.Love for others is not an optional extra,it is not something we can pick and choose,it is expected of us by our loving Saviour.So lets stop copying the lemon,by being bitter,remember it is not just about taste,it is vital to grasp the truth that the way of the cross is a road of love.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God we thank and praise you for loving and forgiving us through
Jesus,help us to have a loving and forgiving spirit to all for Jesus sake Amen.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Risk takers.[ 1 Corinthians 4 v 10 ]

Kipling tells how,on a certain world tour,General Booth boarded the ship at a certain port.He was seen off by a horde of tambourine-beating Salvationists.The whole thing revolted Kipling's fastidious soul.Later he got to know the general and told him how much he disapproved of  this kind of
thing. ''Young man'', said Booth,''if I thought that I could win one more soul for Christ by standing on my hands and beating a tambourine with my feet I
would learn to do it.'' There is something in what Booth said, which we who
follow Christ need to hear,yes we need to be guided by the Holy Spirit,and
indeed empowered by Him.We often have to break convention as our Saviour did,the result was thousands came to hear Him.The brothers Charles and John Wesley did the unthinkable,by preaching in the open air,Hudson Taylor likewise broke convention,when He and his fellow missionaries,dressed in the same way as the Chinese,most missionaries at that time were situated in the coastline of China,but Hudson started ,what became known as the 'China Inland Mission'. Sometimes we feel like doing something different,and we draw back,let us be very clear ,vast amounts of people are going to Hell,the need is great,what are we willing to do ,in order to bring Christ to them?
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God ,help us to do whatever it takes to tell others of Jesus,Amen

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Meaning [ Psalm 73 ]

Michael Wilcock writes the following,''The first step towards salvation is to see that life does make sense,and it is the teaching of Jesus which enables men to see this''.I remember as a young man wondering what is life about,it just  did not make any sense,I am convinced that many people feel this way.
It is easy to give into despair,for we all desire meaning in our lives,some try to find it in politics,pleasure, and a multitude of other things,but in doing so they are just papering over the cracks,In the Bible we have a book called
Ecclesiastes,it is about a man who had power,and riches,this enabled him to
have everything his heart desired.Yet he came to this conclusion,it was meaningless like chasing after the wind,nothing appeared to make sense.In a sense this book emphasises this fact life is meaningless,but throughout the Bible we have men and women who found meaning,and it transformed their lives.Returning to myself I found meaning when I found Jesus as my Saviour,when I prayed and asked Him into my life,all things were changed.I found out that life had a meaning, that meaning was Christ.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God we praise you ,and that in knowing Jesus as our Saviour,we find meaning to our existence,Amen.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A call to preach. [ 2 Timothy 4 v 1-5 ]

I suppose one  thing that would frustrate me is not preaching,when I stood down as a minister,the desire to preach remained.Yet it is very challenging thing to do,I am my own worse critic,I am continually trying to improve,yet I sometimes wonder is there any improvement?.It seems in looking back over my ministry,I usually minister to small groups,yet I do not mind as long as I am preaching,if that's the way God wants it,so be it,People apologise to me that the numbers are down,so what,the few as well as the many need to hear Gods word.I am called to be faithful that's what matters,not just to my preaching,but as to what I preach.I have not only to be true to myself,but to my Saviour.Today a man said to me that he had to make a decision,whither to have breakfast,or go to the chapel,he choose chapel.He made the right decision,like Mary of old,he choose that better part,what is that to do with preaching?.Well it means ,that he had a hunger for Gods word,and it was my responsibility to feed him,hopefully I did.
                                      A prayer.
Dear God grant grace to those who feel called to preach,help them to be faithful,in fulfilling their ministry,and all that means, in Jesus name Amen