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Monday, 16 July 2007

God speaking

I preach on regular bases, it never ceases to amaze me how God helps in giving me words to preach,I wonder just how many times I have preached? many, many times . Preaching is many things, an adventure into the unknown, with hopefully God guiding, There are three stages , first , discovering what to preach, secondly, studying it, thirdly preaching it. I preached a word yesterday on Psalm 14, I had three points, [1] The unbeliever. [2]The unbelievable statement. [3]The ultimate security. There is benefit in having points , a local minister I know is being criticised , because he does not always use three points,to that I would say, the problem is not the minister . Moving on ,I was driving in my car recently, and I was feeling hard done by,I turned on the radio ,BBC, 4, and I heard someone singing an old hymn ,by John Bunyan, just the first verse, it goes like this,{ He who would valiant be, gainst all disaster, let him in constancy ,follow the Master,Theres no discouragement shall make him once relent, His first avowed intent, to be a pilgrim} God had spoken to me.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

God leading

It does appear in the bible that God leads, and yet at times to actually know the way to go ,appears difficult, to say the least, even when we pray about it, yet for all that I believe God does lead us.I wonder would you agree, that for many of the O.T saints,leading was very clear, they knew what to do,and where to go, the problem was they often did not want to go and do what God told them to do. Jonah is the most obvious example. In Acts 16v6-8 ,Paul and Silas where twice prevented going in a certain way by God [two terms are used there the Holy Spirit ,and the Spirit of Jesus] could it be that God simply shut the door, let me say this shut doors,are just as important in GOD leading us , as open doors are, it is simply God leading us in another direction in order for us to get where He is taking us to.In Psalm 107v7 we read ,He[God] led them forth by the right way,I believe with all my heart that God leads us in the right way , He makes no mistakes, trust Him.