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Thursday, 16 November 2017

His name not mentioned ( John 4 v 21 - 24 )

                       When you come to read the Bible, in every book, you would expect Gods name to
                       be mentioned ,but  it is absent in the book of Esther. Yet it is pointed out by M.
                       Wilcock, ''Esther's  story shows His hand unmistakably at work behind the scenes''
                       This is one of the major aspects of God and  His kingdom ,just before our Saviour
                       died ,He said something that many Christians have not grasped ,'' My Kingdom is
                       not of this world.If it were ,my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews.
                       but now my Kingdom is from another place''.During the Commonwealth under Olive
                       Cromwell there were those who felt ,that Gods earthly kingdom was being set up.
                       But they were wrong ,many of the Jews even among  Christ's follower's expected
                       Him be the Messiah ,who would overthrow all the powers of earth and rule over
                       them,but they were wrong.The Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom,totally
                       different from the kingdoms of this would.Davids kingdom is gone ,the Holy Roman
                       Empire is gone.So it will always be , when we pray Thy kingdom come, what do we
                       expect? for the Christians to take power, it will not happen.But Christs Kingdom
                       will continue and continue to grow in the hearts men and women .Nobody and
                       nothing can stop the growth of Gods kingdom ,many have tried,many are still trying
                       but they cannot stop it, for the one who said My kingdom is not of this world also
                       said, ''I will build my Church,,and that nothing can stop it happening ( Matthew 16 v
                       18 )

                                                        My thoughts are not  your thoughts
                                                        neither are your ways my ways,
                                                        says the Lord..
                                                                    ( Isaiah 55 v 8 )

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