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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Intolerance ( Luke 9 v 49 - 56 )

       December is a bit dark and dreary, yet it is this  month  in  which we celebrate   the coming
       of  Christ. Most people do not fully understand or take into account what that means.Some
       historians are changing,the general accepted terms,''BC/AD'',possible they want to write out
      the Christ event altogether.I am reading a novel called ,'Conclave', by Robert deals
      with the election of a new Pope. The main character is Lomeli  who is overseeing the affair,
      he is has to preach during this process, and one of the things he said was this,''the one sin I have
      come to fear more than any other is certainty . Certainty is the great enemy of  unity. Certainty
      is the deadly enemy of tolerance, ''I wonder what you think of these words ?,now of course
       the Bible teaches us truths that are certain, the Christ event is an historical fact, and as
      one reads the OT we see plenty of references as regards a Messiah coming, the purpose of His
      coming is clearly shown.,to die as a sacrifice for sin.These and many other things we believe
      are clearly shown and declared as a certainty. Jesus Himself declared that he is the only way to
      God (  John 14 v 6 ) .The word hope as is used in parts of the NT is a sure and certain hope,so
      much so that many have been prepared to die for their faith.What about intolerance ?,well
      those who profess to be Christians at times have shown an intolerance ,that is unbiblical.
      We are meant to hold on and proclaim the truths  we believe,but we are never meant to
      harm or,hurt anyone,  we go forth, not with sword or gun ,but with the greatest power in
      world, the love of God.

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