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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Trust wholly in God. ( Ephesians 3 v 20 -21 )

            We read about King Asa in 1 Kings 15, and in 2 Chronicles 14-16 who was king of Judah,
             for most of  his reign he acted in a godly manner, for most of his reign. He received
             encouraging words from God,and sought Him and trusted him ,when faced with an enemy
             who had a vast army,he prayed a wonderful prayer.'' Lord,there is no one like you to help
             powerless against the mighty.Help us , O Lord our  God, for we rely on you, and in your
             name we come against this vast army.O Lord, you are our God; do not let man prevail
            against  you.'' What a wonderful prayer, those words ,''we rely on you'',are key words
            he could run away,but no, he stands by faith, depending upon his God,and so faith was
            rewarded,and God granted him the victory. Later on a prophet goes to him , with  words
            of encouragement, God would continue to bless him if he continued to seek God.

                                            Trust wholly in your God ,no matter
                                             how great the difficulties are.

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