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Friday, 1 December 2017

An old Bible. ( John 5 v 39 )

        What does one do with old  Bible's ?, I have a number of Bible's different translations, but
        one I use everyday, and for preaching, is beginning  to show serious  deterioration.So I have
        ordered a new one.,what does one do with the old one? ,after all it is the word of God. I
        remember a lady visitor , voicing concern because people placed their Bible's on the floor.
       I appreciate people treating the Bible with respect ,yet I know we are not meant to worship
       the Bible, we are meant to worship the God of the Bible.The Jews of our Lords time held the
       the scriptures as being very important as they do today. The Jews are the people of the Book,
       in every synagogue  it holds an honoured place. The Jew has only what Christians call the Old
       Testament ,this holds 39 books., today it is commonly called the Tanakh..One thing Jews will
       not call it,is the Old Testament. Such a label  to them implies the Hebrew Bible has been  been
       superseded  by its Christian successor.To the Jew it was everything ,to acquaint yourself  with
       it brought  great blessings from God. Yet it is W. Barclay who points out ,''The best Bible
       students in the world,the people with the greatest reverence for the scriptures ,fail to see
       Jesus in their  Scriptures.So it is ,that no matter how knowledgeable one is as regards the
       scriptures, without a true saving knowledge of the Christ of the whole Bible ,one will never
       be saved.

                          I still have no answer to my question, what do I do with
                          my old Bibles? .



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