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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Disobedience is serious. ( Numbers 20 v 12 )

Yesterday we considered how Adam and Eve by their disobedience lost paradise,Alec Motyer writes ''Their disobedience lost the garden for themselves and their human posterity,and lost the manifold  perfections of the garden for the whole of creation. Disobedience is as serious as that. Moses'  obedience  brought Israel out of Egypt, as we might say, against all the odds and in the face of the then world's superpower; his disobedience lost him the promised land. The terms in which this  is expressed are telling; disobedience as Numbers 20 v 12/ 27 v 14 reveal, rebels against the divine word, deserts the life of faith, scorns the holiness of the Lord and provokes His anger. ( Deut 1 v 27 ) The Lord sometimes gives a signal demonstration of how He feels and reacts to disobedience, the plagues in Egypt the great flood in Genesis ,(  9 )the destruction of Sodom ( Gen 19 )  the striking down of Ananias and Sapphira  ( Acts 5 ) are all examples of the fact that the Lord sometimes gives a signal  demonstration of how He feels and reacts All these reveal His love of obedience and His revulsion of disobedience''.
                                              To obey God is always,always best.

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