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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Holiness ( Isaiah 53 )

Alec Motyer writes the following about holiness,''it is the essential attribute of the God of the Bible. Indeed ,it is more than an attribute, it is the very thing that constitutes His essential deity. His 'otherness' is His total, perfect,absolute, changeless- and dangerous - moral purity''Tozer writes,''We know nothing like the divine holiness. It stands apart,unique ,unapproachable, incomprehensible and unattainable.We have learned to live with unholiness, and have come to look upon it as natural and expected thing.'' The death of Christ tells us  how Gods holiness is offended by our unholiness, by our sin, unholiness must be punished, it offends Him, and shuts us out from knowing Him, God never has,nor will overlook sin, His eyes are too pure to look on evil,He cannot tolerate wrong, ( Habakkuk 1 v 13 ) . Pusey writing on this says,''All sin is hateful in God's sight,'' God because of His holiness must judge and punish it,we are told that the wrath of God abides upon us ( John 3 v 36 ). But the death of Christ tells us something else, that by His death we can be forgiven,accepted, by a holy God.Christ the righteous one bore the unrighteous ones sins.When we trust Jesus as our Saviour, we are free from all punishment, because Jesus took our punishment,so wrath is removed.
                                                  None of the ransomed ever knew,
                                                  How deep were the waters crossed;
                                                  Nor how dark was the night that
                                                  the Lord passed through,
                                                  Ere He found His sheep that was lost;
                                                       (Words  E.C. Clephane )

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