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Monday, 29 January 2018

Down memory lane. ( Luke 15 v 11 - 31 )

I am just in from my garden, and I can hear in the distance children at a local school playing ,and my mind is taken down memory lane, to my early childhood,when like those dear children we played in the playground,running here there and everywhere,burning of energy,that I wish I had now. The years have flown, I am grateful to those teachers who taught us the 3 Rs, but I also remember another school I went to, Sunday school, and the different Sunday school teachers I had ,were I learnt  about Jesus ,I will be eternally grateful to those dear people. Today the great stress is upon education ,  and rightly so, but more and more the spiritual realities are being pushed out. But it could be that what I am writing stirs a memory in your heart,of many years ago when you like me went to Sunday school and you heard about Jesus, but for whatever reason, you left it all behind.  Education,work,friends,      so many things can crowd out our souls deepest need, Jesus,remember it is only with Him, is the future brighter. Don't make it just a memory, what you heard about Jesus, make it a reality,ask Him to be your Saviour today
                                                       A prayer.
                                    Come into my heart Lord Jesus, come
                                    into today, come into stay,come into
                                    come into my heart Lord Jesus..

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