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Monday, 8 January 2018

God gives the best. ( 1 Peter 5 v 7 )

    Not so long ago I read an article  by the present Archbishop's daughter,who suffers from
    ongoing mental illness. There are degrees of mental illness , I worked with a mental health
    team for 23 yrs, I loved my job, but often I felt so sad, as I cared for my clients, for most of
    them suffered from long term and enduring mental illness. That means they did not get better they could not work,some coped better than others,most were nice people,not all, but of course hat reflects life for all of us. Mental illness is what it says on the tin, an illness, many people
    don't understand this,  a lady sayed about someone who told her to pull herself together,
    she replied,'' I am not a pair of curtains.''. No she was not a pair of curtain, she was mentally ill.Years ago when talking to someone about mental illness which he did not appear to approve
    of  the medical treatment they received, said there must be some better way. Well there might be,,the Archbishop's  daughter mentioned the difficulties of those who want to pray with for
    healing,as often it just builds up her hopes, and effects her when nothing happens. People
    mean well and I believe God does heal in His will.,that goes for all things. We know without
    a shadow of a doubt ,that with God all things  are possible, but for many people, healing does
    take place. My dear niece wrote the following in a letter to me,I will share it with you.
    ''God gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him, and leave the choice  with Him.
     When I can't see through my dark times, I reach out, and He is always there to catch my
                                                       My times are in Thy hand;
                                                       My God, I wish them there;
                                                       My life, my friends ,my soul I leave
                                                       Entirely to Thy care.

                                                       My times are in Thy hand,
                                                       Whatever they may be;
                                                       Pleasing or painful, dark or bright,
                                                       As best may seem to Thee.

                                                      My times are in Thy hand,
                                                      Why should I doubt or fear?
                                                       A  Father's hand will never cause,
                                                       His child a needless tear.

                                                       My times are in Thy hand.
                                                       Jesus the Crucified;
                                                       The hand my cruel sins have pierced
                                                       Is now my guard and  guide.

                                                                (H. F, Lyte)



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