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Monday, 15 January 2018

Paradise lost. ( Romans 5 v 12 )

In that very old song ,'Sonny boy', sung by Al Jolson, there is a line that goes,''You made for me a heaven right here on earth''. if only that where so. But it will never happen ,no matter how well you are off,no matter how healthy one is,no matter where you reside. The earth is Paradise lost ,what a wonderful place it must have been before that awful day which brought catastrophe upon that paradise called planet earth.Nothing would ever be the same , nature would no longer be in harmony with itself, and as for the jewel in the crown  of Gods creation.They were told what would happen if they sinned, but ignored what God said,instead they not only listened to Gods enemy, they obeyed him  .When asked why they had did it ,they blamed it on each other ,and then on that evil  being, we know as the devil,but it did not only affect them,it had consequences for their children, that is all of  us, for they are ,our first parents. So driven out of  the security ,and well being, of that place known as the garden of Eden,to live at a lesser level,to struggle against disease,dangers,and death.There are foolish people who put the blame on God, why did He not stop it happening?. What I would say to that, I do not know, but I believe the judge of the earth will not to anything evil or wrong. ( Gen 18 v 25) What we know for certain as Alec Motyer puts it, ''Adam and Eve were wilfully disobedient,to them it appeared a comparatively minor matter,......but to the Lord it was not.''Yes sin ,no matter how trivial it may appear, is not trivial to the Lord, and so paradise was lost

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