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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Faith and conflict. ( 2 Corinthians 12 v 10 )

Alec Motyer is writing  about Exodus  about a people who had suffered under the Pharaoh's , when he came to them, he tells them that God is going to deliver them from the slavery of Egypt. They reacted favourable to what they heard, but when Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh requesting that he let Israel go,he acts unfavourably,refuses and punishes Israel ,they turned on Moses ( Ex 5 ) from faith to despair. A/M equates this to what our Saviour taught in Mark 4 v 16-17 .There we are told about those who heard Gods word, received it with joy, and turned away because of trouble and persecution .A/M says the following , ''There is no such thing as untested faith'', he goes on to say, ''When the word of God arrives in our hearts and lives, testings and trials comes to us as God's appointed way for His children to grow spiritually , and to come into the arena of Christlikeness . Even our poor understanding of such things can see that this must be so''.We will leave it there and look at it some more next time, but consider the following scriptures.  (  1  Thess 2  v 13- 14/ 1 Peter 4 v 12 - 13/ 2 v20 - 25/ James 1 v 2 - 4/ 1 Peter 1 v 6 7/ Job 23 v 10)

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