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Sunday, 21 January 2018

He is with us . ( Matthew 28 v 20 )

I was listening to a gospel song, the theme of it was,that God is a God of the mountains,and of the valley's ,of the good and the bad times,of the day and the night.When we are told by our Saviour that He is with us always (Matt 28 v 20 ) He really means that,no matter if our circumstances change, no matter where we are,when we fail,and when we succeed, when we laugh  and when we cry,in captivity,or free.Hear the word of the Lord to you today ,''I am with you always'', when we move home,to another job,or school,Jesus says I am with you.The life of Joseph is very instructive, one moment he is under the care of a father who loved him,the next he is in a pit ,then into slavery,then into prison .but the scripture record these word,''the Lord was with him''.Let us go forward into this day with these words  residing in our minds,''I am with you always.''

                                                        A prayer
                               Lord we thank you for the words ,that You
                               are with us always,come what may,there to
                               help ,sustain us,undertake for us,you are
                              with us,thank you Amen

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