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Saturday, 20 January 2018

There is an answer. ( Luke 7 v 48 - 50 )

The writer Thomas Binney asks the question
                                             O how shall I ,whose native sphere
                                              Is dark, whose mind is dim,
                                              Before the Ineffable appear,
                                              And on my naked spirit bear
                                              The uncreated beam?
In simple terms he is asking how can he a sinner, hope to stand before a holy God?,when he considers his sinful state. People do not take this into account,they do not realise that as sinners we will not be able to stand before Him. The fact is one cant,in our sinful state we will never be accepted by God, our sin offends God, He who is holy cannot have fellowship with that which is unholy.Sin separates us from a holy God ,( Isaiah 59 v 2 ).So that is the dilemma that we all without exception face,is there an answer , a solution that can help us?.The hymn writer goes unto tell us,
                                               There is a way for man to rise
                                                To that sublime abode.
                                                 An offering and a sacrifice,
                                                 A Holy Spirit's energies,
                                                 An Advocate with God.
The answer is Jesus ,through His death on Calvary our sins can be forgiven,the moment we trust Him as our Saviour the barrier is removed,because of  Him we can be fully accepted by a Holy God, let me stress we must ask him to be our Saviour.

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