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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Invictus. ( Psalm 27 )

I  read the following on the bonnet of a car on TV, ' I am the master of my fate,I am captain of my soul' ,these words are taken from the poem by English poet ,William Ernest Henly,( 1849 - 1903 ) It is known  by the title ,'Invictus ',meaning,' unconquered '. It is thought of as Victorian Stoicism, stiff  upper lip attitude, Those last lines where the motto of Nelson Mandela, and of course the poet who wrote this poem suffered a leg being amputated ,so out of that experience and other difficulties, he penned those words.  Are these  words  appropriate for a Christian to use,I do not think so, they indicate the power and ability for a person to withstand what ever life throws at them.Some people can I know from my experience withstand a lot,but I know that I am weak, and stoicism could not get me through all that life throws at me,what I need is Grace the grace of God. Are we masters of our fate are we captains of our souls, no, the child God bows in humble reverence, and declares to a Sovereign God,'' My times are in Thy hand ; My  God I wish them there'' ( Words/ W. F . Floyd )                                                               
                                                I could not do without Thee
                                                I cannot stand alone ,
                                                I have no strength or goodness,
                                                No wisdom of my own;
                                                But Thou, beloved Saviour,
                                                Art all in all to me,
                                                And weakness will be power
                                                If leaning hard on Thee.
                                                        ( Frances R. Havergal )

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