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Saturday, 6 January 2018

The answer is already on the way. ( Habakkuk 2 v 3 )

                Just continuing on what I wrote about dear Sam. I remember him telling me what
                 his favourite  hymn was, here it  is.

                                                  Many times, I'm bowed beneath a heavy load
                                                  On bended knees To God  I prayed
                                                   As I knelt there on the floor,
                                                   He reminded me once more
                                                   That the answer was already on the way.

                                                   If there's a special need in your life my friend
                                                   And your seeking for an answer every day,
                                                   If by faith you start believing
                                                   Mighty soon you'll be receiving
                                                   For the answer is already on the way.

                                                  O yes the answer 's on the way, this I know,
                                                  Jesus said it, I believe it, and it's so
                                                  Our Heavenly Father, knows our needs before we pray,
                                                  And we can rest assured , the answer's on the way.

                                                              Delay is not denial


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