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Thursday, 18 January 2018

No other gods. ( Exodus 20 v 1 - 6 )

In studying the book of  Exodus it is interesting that one of the things plagues did was to challenge the Egyptian belief system ,They among other things identified their gods with animals,they also identified the river Nile,as divine because it was a source of life. Things have not changed Hinduism has it so called sacred river and their sacred cows plus a multitude more, Consider how dark spiritually the nations are,when they look to the creature rather than the Creator. That was the world that Moses lived ,that was the world that the early church faced, and indeed it is the world that we face,a world of darkness,that concocts religions out of their darkened imaginations.Let us make no mistake,this is not a trivial thing,they are deadly serious in their beliefs,and in many parts of the world they are killing those who would challenge their faith. Let us turn to a cross, there is a man hanging on that cross, what was He  guilty of? Challenging the darkness,for He was the light of the world, He was the Saviour of the world, but the word of God says men love darkness rather than the light, and so they  called Him a fraud , and had  Him crucified. So that was it , no, for that so called fraud, rose from the dead,His name is Jesus, the great 'I AM', who is the way, the truth ,and the life. John 14 v 6.

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