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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Not wasted time. ( John 6 v 12 )

I read this recently , ''God is not in our kind of hurry, this does not indicate any delaying or dithering on Gods part''.There are many reasons why God does not act, or move,we read that Moses at the age of forty ,thought that he was going to rescue Gods people.  (Acts 7 v 25 ) He was right but he had to wait another forty years before this took place. why? well it was not Gods time.But the waiting time was not wasted time,this prince of Egypt had to learn what it meant ,to not be a prince. Alec Motyer writes ,''Did he know that the hand of God was secretly shaping his destiny ? If he did, he does not tell us so, but he certainly had to learn the lesson of being faithful in the ordinary humdrum routine everyday life''.He took on the role of a shepherd,and when it came Gods time, he left of shepherding sheep to shepherding a nation.

                                                            A  prayer.
                      Dear God we ask for patience as you prepare us for the tasks you
                      will entrust us to do, in Jesus name Amen.

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