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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Faith and conflict. ( Revelation 2 v 8 - 11 )

An old Gospel song has the following words,''I go to church on Sunday,the vows that I make I break them  on Monday,the rest of the week I live as I please but come Sunday morning  I'm down on my knees'' . Our Christian life is not just an hour on Sunday it is to be lived out  24/7,most of us know this so what has this to do with ,''Faith and conflict'' ?. Everything ,for the child of God who sincerely  follows  his Master Jesus, is in a battle  ,I do not exaggerate ,that faith will be tested in one way or another , Gods word continually stress'es that there is no such thing as an untested faith .There is no good saying I do not know why these these things are happening to me .Alec Motyer writes ,''Testing has its place and purpose,and this applies not only to the outward trials of adversity and circumstantial difficulties but also to the individual realities of besetting sins, temptation and ceaseless warfare of the spiritual life''. A/M ,goes unto write,'' Israel ,having sheltered beneath the blood  of the Lamb , launched out into a pilgrimage ( Exod 12 v11 ) to face the wilderness ( Deut 8v15) in a divinely planned programme to test obedience, bring loyalty to light and prove the faithfulness of God ( Deut 8 v 1 - 4 ; cf. 1 Cor 10 v 6 - 13 ) Speaking of Israel , A/M, writes as ,''They had no expectation of trouble ahead,yet the word of  God was quite explicit. They believed ( Ex 4 v31) ,but they did not listen ,when God's word warned that there is no such thing as an untested faith. It could be said that the root of all disaster in the Christian life is the failure to hear and believe what the word of God says and to act accordingly''.

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