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Friday, 26 January 2018

The long haul. ( John 6 v 66 )

In his book on Exodus Alec Motyer on writing as regards the Exodus ,he has one section,called, 'God's curious ways,' and underneath theses words he writes,' Walking with God is no primrose path'.Lets mention a few other things he writes, as I feel we can profit from what this godly man has written, on Israels Exodus, and journey to the promised land,''They may have set out 'marching boldly', but soon they complained that Moses had brought them to the desert to die''Our Saviour tells us about the reaction of those who make a decision to follow Him,in Matthew 13 v 3 - 9 . Many years ago I knew a Christian who was  very earnest,he witnessed faithfully,but he fell away, I remember speaking to him,and I started crying. He may have forgotten what I said but I hope he remembers my  tears.People when getting married  stand in church, take a vow before God,'till death do us part'.What they are saying is that they are in it for the long haul, w.hen you trust Christ it is meant to be for the long haul.
                                                  I have decided to follow Jesus
                                                  no turning back, no turning back.

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