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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Helps to understanding Gods word. ( Colossians 1 v 9 )

At the moment I am studying the book of Exodus with the aid of  Alec Motyer's  book from the Bible speaks to day series, I am finding it very profitable.I have a thirst to understand Gods word , I have read the Bible  through many times in different translations, preached from it many times,been to Bible college,but I know that in a sense I have only scratched the surface of Gods word. I am seventy three but I still want to have a greater understanding of Gods. I have commentaries on all the books  of the Bible ,they have served me well,but the Bible speaks today has been a great help, the authors of this series of books, have worked hard to help those who  want to understand the scripture. They are  not expensive can be purchased on Amazon at a very reasonable price,the reason I am telling you this ,is because I believe they will help you grow in your understanding of Gods word.  My next message will be on a passage by A/M  from Exodus called faith and conflict.

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