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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Faith and patience ( Hebrews 10 v 35 - 36 )

It is in Hebrews 6 V 12 , we read how the OT saints through faith and patience inherited the promises, that God had given them.God promised Abraham that his offspring would inherit the promise land  ( Genesis 12 v 7 ), this did not happen for a long,long time..So much had to happen before this would come into being.The promised offspring would come, again this would not happen at once,no Sarah and Abraham had to and wait.Faith and patience was called for in that,the promised Messiah ,Jesus, did not co me, for a long time but He did come,Abraham did have a son,Israel did inherit the promised land.The church of Christ is waiting for the return of Jesus,over 2000 years have taken place, He still has not come, but like all these things promised it will happen,we need to exercise faith and patience.These are very instructive  words for all of us,of course God often answers quickly ( Isa 65 v24 ). But often there is a waiting time, it is then we must hold fast to the promise given, and exercise patience.

                                                                  Psalm 40 v 1 .
                                       I waited patiently for the Lord ,He turned to me
                                       and heard my cry,


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